Thursday, 31 December 2009

Black Horse Westerns - December

Gun Law by Lee Walker
As a boy of fourteen, Jake Chalmers saw his parents callously murdered by two drunken cowboys in the street. Now a young man, he is determined to protect himself, even if he has to use his gun to do so. On the run after killing in self-defence, Jake arrives in Sweetwater, a boomtown growing rich on cattle drives. His plans to keep a low profile soon go awry as he finds himself in the middle of a feud between the ruthless business man, Jordan Carter, and an elderly sheriff, Luke Gardner. Finally, Luke is murdered by one of Carter's henchmen and Jake must choose between the law of the land and the law of the gun.

The Kansas Fast Gun by Arthur Kent
Dave Frome was a man with a secret past, which only a few friends knew. Holding himself responsible for the death of his family, he had vowed never to carry a gun again. He wanted to be left alone to raise cattle on his Broken Arrow spread, but mining interests were in the hills, contaminating the water which brought life to Frome's cattle. Hesta Le Roy, daughter of a neighbouring rancher, was horrified when Frome refused to carry a gun against the miners who had, she thought, killed her own brother. It is not until he sees an innocent man brutally lynched that Frome buckles on his gun to battle with the bad men of both factions and eventually win the hand of the girl he loves.

Dalton's Mission by Ed Law
When Dalton and Loren Steele happen across an ambushed gold shipment, they are too late to help. Everyone dies, attackers and defenders alike. Being honest men they try to return the gold to Perry Haynes of the Durando Mining Company, its rightful owner, but unbeknown to them Perry has been overthrown. With corruption and the law of the gun now ruling in Durando they are slammed into jail on the dubious charge of having stolen the very gold they had rescued! The two men befriend Perry but to help him reclaim his mine, they'll have to strap on their six-shooters and tame the hell-hole that is Durando.

Shoot, Run or Die! by Jake Douglas
They called him 'Catamount' Cody because he had once fought a cougar to a standstill - bare-handed. No man to mess with. But Curtin and Willis tried, robbed him of his cache of furs, left his partner parboiled, the cabin a pile of ash. There was no place for the killers to hide this side of hell. But Cody was ready to follow them to hell - and back, and almost did, earning a reputation that made a whole town want him for their sheriff. But Deputy Blake Ross figured the job was his. He made more trouble for Cody than he had ever seen - enough to plant him on Boot Hill with men he had hunted and killed.

Six for Laramie by Rick Dalmas
Six of them came to Laramie that early summer: six gunfighters all hungry for money and not too fussy about how they earned it. They all had their reasons - greed was not a factor in every case. Bannerman, toughest and fastest, had a special reason: one of the six had backshot a friend, and there was no charge for what he intended to do to that man. Even if it disrupted the plans for the main job for which he had been hired. And that would put him on the wrong end of the gun. Five guns.

The Branded Man by J.D. Ryder
Cordy Lowell lost more than his youth and his horse when they branded him, but the red-hot branding iron did more than just scar his chest, it forged a strong thirst for revenge. Taking sides in a range war, Cordy found himself fighting on the side of a wheelchair bound ranch owner against Bosewell, a greedy man who wasn't satisfied with owning most of the basin, getting rich from his cattle and horse breeding operation. It wasn't long before the fight became personal and Cordy had a chance to find retribution. If he lived long enough.

Long Ride to Yuma by Will Keen
When Clyde Manson, Hoss Kemp and the Mexican, Guerrero, ride from the Mexican border to Sasabe, Arizona, there is much more on Manson's mind than a straightforward bank robbery. Manson is a high-flyer from New York. Why is he involved with outlaws? Why does such a man so desperately need money? Why is he determined to reach Yuma? The bank robbery is successful, but Deputy Marshal Will Hawker is shot dead. Suddenly the outlaws have a posse led by Marshal Slade Hawker hot on their heels as they take flight across the arid Arizona deserts. With the figure of Deputy US Marshal Wyatt Earp proving a sinister presence there is a final, bloody showdown.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Bestsellers on Amazon - 28 December

This week the chart is purely for books published after Januyary 2009

1. A Colt for the Kid by John Saunders (Hardcover - 30 Oct 2009)

2. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

3. Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty (Hardcover - 30 Nov 2009)

4. McRae's Last Trail by Terry Murphy (Hardcover - 30 Nov 2009)

5. A Coffin for Santa Rosa by Steve Hayes (Hardcover - 30 Oct 2009)

6. Gun Fury by Walt Keene (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2009)

7. The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 30 Jun 2009)

8. Packing Iron by Steve Hayes (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2009)

9. The $300 Man by Ross Morton (Hardcover - 29 May 2009)

10. The 45 Goodbye by Dempsey Clay (Hardcover - 30 Jun 2009)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Linford Westerns - December

Too Many Sundowns by Jake Douglas
ISBN: 9781847829245
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 248 Pages

Chance Benbow thought he had found the place - and the woman - which would bring him peace and quiet and a future. But then it all blew up in his face. When he recovered from the bullet wounds, he saw his future clearly, albeit clouded by gunsmoke. He would stride through it with a gun in each hand - and if hell waited on the other side, then he would meet it head-on, taking a lot of dead men with him.

Gun For Revenge by Steve Hayes
ISBN: 9781847829252
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 264 Pages

While Gabriel Moonlight hides out in Mexico, Ellen Kincaide asks him to avenge the death of her sister and Gabriel's former girlfriend, Cally. He refuses, but when Ellen is kidnapped by bandits Gabriel sets out to rescue her. Then he has a change of heart and promises to kill the man who murdered Cally. But he discovers the identity of the murderer and knows that to exact retribution means almost certain death. Even so, a promise is a promise.

The Shadow Riders by Owen G. Irons
ISBN: 9781847829269
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 312 Pages

The Arizona Rangers give Tyrone Cannfield a tall order: he must get himself interned in an army punishment camp with hard labour and escape from the chain gang to track down the murderous Shadow Riders gang. Furthermore, alone he must bring in the gang's leader Mingo, and halt a train robbery. Yet Cannfield will do everything possible to eliminate him and the Shadow Riders - Mingo was the man who murdered his wife back in Texas...but can he survive?

Jason Kilkenny's Gun by Kit Prate
ISBN: 9781847829276
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 312 Pages

Josh Kincaid was too young to be skipping school and daydreaming about dime novel gunfighters. When he found injured bounty hunter Rance Savage and brought him into town, Josh fell under the spell of a real life hero. But Savage, obsessed by an old grudge against the man who'd left him to die, was overwhelmed with bitterness. He wanted retribution. Before he realised what was happening, Josh became the mankiller's unwitting accomplice in a deadly scheme of vengeance...

The Chicanery Of Paco Ibanez by Jack Sheriff
ISBN: 9781847829283
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages

When Marshal Thornton Wilde takes delivery of two prisoners, one of them is the son he hasn't seen for twenty years! Then, there is a jailbreak with Thornton and the town drunk in hot pursuit. Gradually a complicated plot unfolds involving a series of bank robberies and a Mexican peasant with lofty ambitions. Somebody is desperate to keep Wilde and the Texas Rangers away from El Paso, but it's there the amazing truth is revealed and justice meted out.

The Land Grabbers by Logan Winters
ISBN: 9781847829290
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 208 Pages

They wanted to hang Giles Clanahan for a murder committed by Jake Shockley. To clear his name and bring Shockley to justice, Clanahan flees across the Arizona desert and stumbles across a plot. A band of ex-Confederate soldiers, led by Hammond Cole, plans to seize a valley known as Canoga and drive off the new settlers living there. The only man aware of the plot is Clanahan, and he must play out a bloody game on the open range.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Bestsellers on Amazon - 21 December

1. Red Dawning by Vic J. Hanson (Oct 1999)
5 Used & new from £0.01

2. Red River Riot by Clayton Nash (Jan 2002)
3 Used & new from £0.01

3. Massacre in Madison by Daniel Rockfern (Dec 2006)
Buy new: £10.13
15 Used & new from £1.61

4. Shootout at Fischer's Crossing by Daniel Rockfern (Aug 2007)
Buy new: £11.99
10 Used & new from £1.70

5. Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty (Nov 2009)
Buy new: £12.99 £11.69
8 Used & new from £10.14

6. Run for the Money by Clayton Nash (Dec 2003)
2 Used & new from £7.49

7. Mojave Wipeout by Tex Larrigan (Feb 1991)
3 Used & new from £0.34

8. Fever of the Colt by Glenn Morton (Aug 2002)
5 Used & new from £0.06

9. Shoot to Live by Dan Claymaker (Sep 2000)
1 Used & new from £0.37

10. Death's Deputies by Vic J. Hanson (Nov 1993)
7 Used & new from £0.08

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Dales Westerns - December

Shadow Man by Andrew Mcbride
ISBN: 9781842627150
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 192 Pages

His name was Calvin Taylor but the Apaches called him Shadow Man. Now he was the guide for a wagon train of down-on-their-luck farmers following the Trail of Lost Souls, but the trail became a journey of death and Taylor found himself branded a renegade. Only a man with his peculiar talent for making enemies could find himself in the middle of the bitter war between white man and Apache, being hunted by both sides. He was pursued across a savage land by Loco's Mescaleros and by the real renegade whose deadly secret Taylor might reveal.

Livin' Ain't Forever by Ryan Bodie
ISBN: 9781842627167
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 176 Pages

When the iron gates of Sharrastone Prison finally creaked open to release its toughest inmate, Shane Gabriel, every man from the warden down to the lowliest convict heaved a sigh of relief. He'd done his time and his slate was clean. Yet for Gabriel, the real challenge - to clear his name and prove his innocence - was only just beginning...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Bestsellers on - 14 December

Please note this list is from the US Amazon site.

1. Danger in the Desert by Terry Murphy (Oct 31, 1992)
2 used from $2.87

2. A Rider of the High Mesa by Ernest Haycox (Feb 1994)
1 used from $20.84

3. The Border Bunch by Andrew Grey (Jul 31, 2001)
1 new from $70.76
3 used from $42.05

4. Dakota Manhunt by Alan T. Leacroft (Dec 31, 2002)
1 used from $67.53

5. Pirate Pass by Lance Howard (Feb 28, 2002)
4 used from $37.41

6. Casey by Billy Hall (Jun 28, 2002)
3 used from $37.19

7. Castoff Cowhand by Billy Hall (Jan 31, 2002)
5 used from $9.90

8. Battle at Lost Mesa by Terrell L. Bowers (May 31, 2002)
3 used from $2.81

9. The $300 Man by Ross Morton (May 29, 2009)
5 new from $16.44
2 used from $16.43

10. Abilene by Vic Frances (Jun 30, 2003)
1 used from $3.23

Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Author Website

Website of Bill Sheehy, who writes BHWs as Carlton Youngblood can be found at

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bestsellers on Amazon - 7 December

1. Two-gun Trouble by Gillian F. Taylor (29 Sep 2006)

2. Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty (30 Nov 2009)

3. Navajo Rock by Gillian F. Taylor (29 Mar 2002)

4. Bender's Edge by Paul Marsden (28 Feb 2003)

5. Grand Valley Feud by Mark Bannerman (Dec 1995)

6. Lust to Kill by Mark Bannerman (31 Aug 2003)

7. A Coffin for Santa Rosa by Steve Hayes (30 Oct 2009)

8. A Colt for the Kid by John Saunders (30 Oct 2009)

9. Gun Fury by Walt Keene (31 Aug 2009)

10. Black River by Adam Wright (28 Nov 1997)

Friday, 4 December 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bestsellers on Amazon - 1 December

A normal bestseller list this week.

1. Black River by Adam Wright (Hardcover - 28 Nov 1997)

2. Death at Bethesda Falls by Ross Morton (Hardcover - 31 Jul 2007)

3. Death or Bounty by I.J. Parnham (Hardcover - 30 Sep 2002)

4. Missouri Man by Curt Longbow (Hardcover - 29 Mar 2002)

5. The Outlawed Deputy by I.J. Parnham (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2001)

6. Railroad law by Ty Kirwan (Hardcover - 30 Nov 1999)

7. Two-gun Trouble by Gillian F. Taylor (Hardcover - 29 Sep 2006)

8. The Mexican Bandit: A Zococa Novel by Roy Patterson (Hardcover - 30 Jan 2001)

9. Flint's Bounty by Ben Coady (Hardcover - Feb 2004)

10. Valley of Hate by Clay Burnham (Hardcover - Feb 2004)