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Black Horse Westerns - February 2011

Coyote Falls by Colin Bainbridge

When Pat Calhoun rides into town, he steps straight into the line of fire - and from that point onwards things only seem to get worse. Why has a gang of owlhoots gathered to cause trouble? Is there a connection to the Civil War and the man who betrayed him? Pat's only way of finding out is to ride straight into the outlaw nest...Events build to an epic showdown as Calhoun comes face to face with his past above the raging Coyote Falls.

Raking Hell by Lee Clinton

A body is found wrapped in a bloodstained horse-blanket and a farmer admits to the gruesome crime. But this was not an act of brutality - the farmer's motives were pure. Now the sheriff has to decide, does he arrest or protect the guilty man when eight men come looking to settle the score? And how will this impact on the town the sheriff has taken an oath to protect? This is a gritty story of judgment, consequence and the promise of retribution. It is the story of one man - Sheriff Will Price - who is prepared to go raking hell to fulfil his pledge...

Tyrell's Guns by Ben Coady

When Sam Tyrell arrives in the valley with the intention of expanding the boundaries of Circle T ranch, he won't let anyone get in his way. If it comes down to using gunfire to get his way, he won't hesitate - as everyone knows only too well. Then one man, Hank Carty, steps into the breach. He boldly opposes Tyrell's plans and is determined to stand his ground. Is he brave or simply foolish? Only the final showdown in the valley will tell...

Deadly Double-Cross by Kevin McCarthy

On his return home from delivering a herd of mustangs to the army, Carlos Williams is asked to lead a rescue mission. His task is to find the kidnapped wife and children of one of the local ranchers and bring them home safely. This will be no mean feat - especially as the band of Comancheros who have captured them are most likely preparing to sell them in Mexico City, into a life of slavery or worse. But good-hearted Carlos agrees to the mission, knowing nothing of the tragedies that will befall him along the way. He is determined to find his charges, whatever it takes, and as it turns out, this mission is going to take everything he has...

The Vengeance of Boon Helm by Henry Remington

A handsome young Texan, Boon Helm, rides bravely into Mexico's heart of darkness, which is ruled by ruthless killers. He is joined at the border hotel by a voluptuous lady who is looking for an unforgettable night of love. Boon just hopes that her gun toting husband won't turn up! Now Boon must risk being beaten, tortured and imprisoned as he seeks to avenge his best friend's murder. As explosions crash out and the body count spirals, can he fight through? And will he be taking one of his many women along for the ride?

Outlaw Canyon by Jack Sheriff

Going home is not always as easy as it sounds, as Rafe and Seth Laramie discover when they fall foul of an angry posse. Mistaken for a pair of bank robbers, they are forced to flee a hail of bullets and hide out in the town of Greybull. There, they encounter the enigmatic Mort Sangster and use his cunning to slip away from the posse unseen. But all is not as it seems. When the Laramie brothers follow Sangster to his cabin, they find themselves amongst outlaws who are plotting an elaborate crime. The outlaws invite the brothers into the fold...but what bloody battles lie ahead if they choose to go along for the ride?

The Snake River Bounty by Bill Shields

As a young man, Ben Hollinger hunted down and killed the outlaw gang who murdered his family. He now lives a very different life as the marshal of a sleepy cattle town. But his hopes for a peaceful future are shattered when he kills a young troublemaker who has forced him into a gun fight. The boy's father, Nate Thornton, owns the biggest ranch in the territory and he puts a bounty on Hollinger's head. Violence sweeps the town as every local gun-hand tries to hunt Hollinger down to claim Thornton's ransom. His only hope for survival is an alliance with the rancher's daughter, Cordelia, but will she really be prepared to side with the man who killed her brother?

Good Son, Bad Son by Bill Williams

Seth Grainger always hoped that his sons, Scott and Leo would inherit the ranch he dedicated his life to, making it one of the biggest in Wyoming. However, his dreams are shattered when Scott becomes the prime suspect in a murder, following an argument over a beautiful woman. Leo Grainger sets out in search of his brother, but his motives are unclear. Is he really the good son to Scott's bad son, or are things more complicated than they first appear? One thing is for sure - there is drama ahead for the Grainger family. Seth Grainger faces the prospect of a double tragedy and a dilemma of unimaginable consequences as he struggles to keep his family together.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bestsellers on Amazon - 28 February

1. The Black Horse Westerns: Collection No. 1 by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch and Scott Connor (Kindle Edition - 1 Jan 2011) - Kindle eBook
From £7.99

2. Twin Rivers by John D. Nesbitt (Hardcover - 30 Nov 2010)
From £8.82

3. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)
From £6.63

4. Brevet Ridge by Abe Dancer (Hardcover - 28 Feb 2007)
From £0.01

5. The Devil's Left Hand by J.D. Kincaid (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2006)
From £0.01

6. The Secret of Devil Canyon by I. J. Parnham (Hardcover - 28 Feb 2011)
from £12.99

7. Coyote Falls by Colin Bainbridge (Hardcover - 28 Feb 2011)
From £11.93

8. Pack Rat by Colin Bainbridge (Hardcover - 29 Oct 2010)
From £8.25

9. The Ballad of Delta Rose by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 29 Jul 2011)
From £13.25

10. Limos Outlaws by Ron Watkins (Hardcover - 31 May 2005)
From £0.90

Friday, 25 February 2011

Vulture Gold available as ebook

Black Horse Western now available for download. Details at Tokyo West.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The BHWs: Collection No. 1 hits the bestsellers chart

The first collection of 4 Black Horse Westerns to be published as ebooks has now hit the Kindle charts on Amazon. It is currently the 32nd bestselling western Kindle title as well as the 88th bestselling western title in all formats. More details at

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Linford Westerns - February 2011

Confederate Paydirt by Robert Anderson

ISBN: 9781444805482
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Jim Murphy plays high stakes poker - until he hears about the gold; Billy wants to avoid his old comrade, ex-Union Sergeant, Joshua O'Donnel; Seraphim Angel McCall is just greedy - and nobody trusts anybody. The unlikely four band together, searching for lost Confederate bullion. However, when Zachariah Holmes and his murderous band of Comancheros confront them, in the wastes of the sun-blasted desert, bullets fly. The gold may be there, but will anybody live to retrieve it?

The Legend Of Tornado Tess by Terrell L. Bowers

ISBN: 9781444805499
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Author Amy Cole wants more than to write a story - she wants to live one. Her chance comes when she's asked to help to clear a doctor of murder. Amy's investigation takes her to Little Babylon, a bandit stronghold in the wasteland of New Mexico. Meanwhile, Whitney Scott trails a band of killers to Little Babylon and meets Amy. However, working together, Whitney faces an unknown assassin - and Amy's priority, over solving the murder, is to stay alive!

Land Of The Lost by Dean Edwards

ISBN: 9781444805505
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 216 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Young drifter Hal Harper's welcome to the town of Senora is to look down the barrels of the law - little knowing that the outlaw Tate Talbot and his gang are the elected sheriff and deputies. Talbot, with a wanted poster on his head worth a fortune, decides to collect his own bounty by killing the innocent Harper and claiming the drifter is the outlaw known as Diamond Bob Casey. Harper escapes - but only into the Land of the Lost...

The Tombstone Vendetta by Ralph Hayes

ISBN: 9781444805512
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 280 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

When Billy Clanton and his friends are murdered in Tombstone by the town marshal and his deputies, the growing tension between the local authorities and the ranchers spirals out of control. The once sleepy frontier town is mired in hatred, with bad blood and scores to settle on both sides. Families are torn asunder as the violence rages on. Will there ever be peace in Tombstone? Or will peace only come when one side reigns victorious?

Two Gun Marshal by John Saunders

ISBN: 9781444805529
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 280 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Packing two guns, Jeff Bellamy comes to Red Rock to help his father's best friend, but finds Dorlen beyond help, and a town dying because its freight lines are being ruined. Tough man Bellamy dislikes small-timers being pushed around, so he stays. And, when the crooked marshal drops to a well-aimed bullet, takes over his job. But Red Rock comes perilously closer to its demise before its new marshal gets to grips with the instigator of all the trouble.

The Judas Metal by Gillian F. Taylor

ISBN: 9781444805536
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 240 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Pat Williams and Robson Hyde were a successful partnership: they'd gained control of a silver mine down in south-west Texas, but when bandits began to ambush the loads of silver bullion, things changed. It appeared that the bandits had inside information. Who was behind the attacks? A resentful enemy sowed the seeds of doubt in Williams' mind. Did Hyde want all the silver for himself? Suspicion severely tested the pair's friendship, amid several violent deaths at the silver mine.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Bestsellers on Amazon - 21 February

1. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)
From £6.63

2. The Devil's Left Hand by J.D. Kincaid (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2006)
From £0.01

3. The Black Horse Westerns: Collection No. 1 by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch, and Scott Connor (Kindle Edition - 1 Jan 2011)
Buy: £7.99

4 Brevet Ridge by Abe Dancer (Hardcover - 28 Feb 2007)
From £0.01

5. Palomita by Lance Howard (Hardcover - Jan 1999)
From £1.60

6. Pack Rat by Colin Bainbridge (Hardcover - 29 Oct 2010)
From £8.19

7. The Secret of Devil Canyon by I. J. Parnham (Hardcover - 28 Feb 2011)
From £12.99

8. Showdown in Hawkesville by Ron Watkins (Hardcover - 30 Apr 1996)
From £1.04

9. Texan Bounty Hunter by Ron Watkins (Hardcover - Jul 1997)
From £2.75

10. The Ballad of Delta Rose by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 29 Jul 2011)
Buy new: £13.25

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dales Westerns - February 2011

Montana Shootout by Link Hullar

ISBN: 9781842627754
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 11.99

Elijah West was just passing through. A violent showdown in Helena had left the old gunfighter wounded and weary. On his way to Texas to spend the winter, West was only looking for a soft bed and good food when he hit the town of Big Rock. Instead, he found a young girl in danger, and an old friend with an unsolved murder. With two hired guns stirring trouble West knew his twin colt revolvers would see service again before he passed on through to the south. There was a killer loose in Big Rock; a killer destined to meet Elijah West in a final Montana shootout!

Barbed Wire Noose by David Whitehead

ISBN: 9781842627792
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 304 Pages
Published - 01-02-2011
Genre - Western
Price - £ 11.99

Tim Dennison died a slow and agonising death, but because he was a sheepman in a valley that was controlled by two powerful cattle-barons, no one cared if his killers got away with murder - except veteran town-tamer Sam Judge and his gun-swift young partner, Matt Dury. When they tangled with a bunch of masked gunmen in a shooting spree that left another two men dead, it became kind of personal. However, Dennison's death was the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, the Tabosa Valley Sheep War was a powder-keg just waiting to blow.

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Monday, 14 February 2011

Bestsellers on - 14 February

1. The Black Horse Westerns: Collection No. 1 by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch, and Scott Connor (Jan 1, 2011) - Kindle eBook
From $12.78

2. Caleb Blood by P. McCormac (Jan 1, 2011)
From $17.96

3. Shoot-Out at San Lorenzo by Henry Remington (Feb 1, 2010)
From $12.26

4. Bloody Montana by Clay Burnham (Jun 2005)
From $8.96

5. Wind Rider by Thomas McNulty (May 6, 2010)
From $11.99

6. The Killing Trail by Chuck Tyrell (Jun 1, 2010)
From $17.88

7. Mystery at Gold Vista by Terrell L. Bowers (Sep 30, 2002)
From $34.24

8. A Man Called Sundown by Terrell L. Bowers (Jan 31, 2003)
From $8.41

9. A Reckoning at Orphan Creek by Terrell L. Bowers (Feb 29, 2008)
From $19.32

10. Mogollon Rim Rider by Walt Masterson (Jan 31, 2007)
From $0.79

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Black Horse Westerns - January 2011

Ambush at Lakota Crossing - Terrell L. Bowers

Lakota Crossing was manned by two old codgers and was fifty miles from the nearest town. It had always been the perfect place for an ambush. But when Wayland Lott and his gang of killers planned to rob an army payroll at its way station, they had no idea that one of those men had a bounty hunter on his trail. Bounty hunting was not the sort of life Jess Logan had expected after the war. He'd had a bit of luck and even earned a reputation, but his luck ran out in Missouri when he ran into the worst blizzard on record. So Logan took on a job at the stage stop at Lakota Crossing to finish out the winter there...and when the bandit gang began warring, Jess jumped straight into the action, regardless of the consequences...

Bear Creek - Jack Edwardes

Ben Tobin had ridden for Wells Fargo for two hard years. He'd chased after no-goods riding the owl-hoot trail, survived shoot-outs, and slept beneath the stars more times than he cared to remember. But then his partner was badly wounded and Tobin decided to call time on his riding days. However, when his old partner looks him up to ask him for his help, it's a request he can't ignore. Now, he finds himself riding into trouble once again. Short-trigger men stalk the alleyways of Bear Creek. Powerful ranchers are playing a dangerous game, calculating there is big money for the taking. Hired killers target Tobin and he'll need all his old skills with his Navy Colt to survive...

Duel at Del Norte - Ethan Flagg

Russ Wikeley settles in the boom town of Del Norte, South Dakota, hoping to erase the memory of a sordid past, and after foiling a bank robbery he is persuaded to stand for sheriff in the forthcoming elections. However, a scheming gang boss by the name of Diamond Jim Stoner wants his own man to become sheriff and when he discovers Russ' secret he is quick to spill the truth. Stoner's plan backfires but he is not prepared to give up that easily. Not to be thwarted in his plan to take over the town, Stoner hatches a new scheme to frame his adversary for robbery and murder. Will Stoner's dastardly plan succeed? And is Russ prepared to lie down and play dead? Both men are full of determination...but only one can be the victor in the final duel on the streets of Del Norte.

Trail of the Hanged Man - Steve Hayes

Wrangler Ben Lawless knows he was hanged - he has the rope burns around his neck to prove it! But he can't remember who hanged him or why. Nor can he remember how he escaped. Haunted by his missing past, Lawless heads for Arizona to start a new life. On the way, he saves Sheriff Tishman from being hanged by Joey Morgan, provoking Joey's vengeful wrath in the process. Then he helps his attractive neighbour, Ingrid Bjorkman, fight Stillman Stadtlander, a ruthless cattle baron who wants her land. The fight against Stadtlander promises not to be easy, but Lawless will do anything for the beautiful Ingrid. Little does he know that this deadly conflict will begin a series of perilous events that will lead him to the man who hanged him...

Hope's Last Chance - Rob Hill

In a last, desperate bid to save their family farm from repossession, brothers Tom and Jeb Hope head west to California to take a chance on old mining claim. Against all odds, they find gold...but then calamity strikes. When young Jeb heads for the bank with his precious find, he is robbed and wounded. Then, when he tries to recover the gold, he is murdered in cold blood, leaving his loyal brother Tom devastated. Now Tom must follow the trail of his brother's killers and find the gold which can save his family. His search takes him from the docklands of Sacramento, through the lawless mining towns of the Sierra Nevada and on to hostile Indian territory where danger is everywhere. Does he have what it takes to survive?

The Highwaymen - Owen G. Irons

The Chicolote highwayman, notable for his odd habit of returning his ill-gotten gains after terrorising passengers and stagecoach drivers, had long been responsible for disrupting coach travel and gold shipments along the line. Now he was dead, or so the story went, but his body was never found and the stick-ups continued as before. Could there be a second man imitating him? Or perhaps more? The robberies always happened on the same stretch of the same dangerous road, with the same precision. The banks were getting nervous about sending anything of value on the Chicolote and the passengers feared for their safety. Someone had to stop the hold-ups...It was a job for Laredo.

Scar County Showdown - Elliot Long

When town marshal Arthur Curry is gunned down from behind by killers unknown, his brother Sam comes to Columbus to pay his last respects and to seek vengeance against those who have wronged his family so grievously. The mayor of Columbus, Sam's friend from his Kansas trail-town days, has an idea of who is responsible for the murderous crime - but Sam is determined to come to his own conclusions. Now his investigations lead him headfirst into a nightmare to which there is no easy solution. Time is ticking and there is a target on Sam's back...

The Tanglewood Desperadoes - Logan Winters

There was a saying about Southern Colorado's Tanglewood: once you entered you could never find your way out. A savage and broken landscape, Tanglewood was the perfect place to hide from the law since no man carrying a badge ever entered it, preferring the Tanglewood to do his work for him. So when Trace Dawson and his gang rode in, they were men without hope. Crooked land-pirates had taken their land and their homes from them. Now they were planning to fight back, whatever that might involve...