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E-BHWs - July 2012

Meredith's Justice by Philip Harbottle


Raiders who seem intent on destroying every ranch in the valley are terrorizing the district of Mountain Peak in Arizona. When rancher David Meredith becomes their latest victim, it opens a new chapter in the violent and bloody history of the town of Mountain Peak. Caught up in the maelstrom of events is David's troubled younger brother, Bart Meredith. He is aided - and sometimes led - by his heavyweight father, who shows an amazing talent for ingenious stratagems, and Jane Talbot, a courageous young woman who herself becomes a target for the terrorists. Can the unlikely team of father and son avenge David Meredith and unmask his killer, or will they join him in death?

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Blood Gold by Scott Connor


When Patrick Grady and Rusty Anderton ride into Hangman's Gulch with a stash of gold filling their saddlebags the last person they want to see is the notorious bandit Jack Wolf. But their luck doesn't hold, and when Jack ambushes them their only consolation is that he doesn't take their lives too. Patrick and Rusty vow to retrieve the gold or die trying, but the news of their ill-fortune has spread and now every man within a hundred miles wants it for himself. One hell of a fight is coming and whoever survives it sure will have earned a slice of that gold!

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Tennesssee Renegade by Hank J. Kirby


Bucky Enderby was just sixteen when he had to flee his native Tennessee for killing three men. After going to war, he ran with outlaws, but soon he found himself riding the lonely trails again, looking for something he couldn't put a name to. Kim Preece had at least part of that 'something' and he tried to settle down. Then, the newly revived Texas Rangers beckoned and he crossed the Rio to find a wild kid worth thousands in reward money. There were men who aimed to claim that money - but first they would have to get past Enderby's guns.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Town Tamer by Jack Holt


Trouble was brewing from the moment Dan Clancy rode into Watts Bend. His chance meeting and early friendship with Lance Roebuck is threatened by Clancy's instant rapport with Lucy Bracken, commonly seen as Roebuck's future wife. When Lucy rejects Roebuck's marriage proposal, Clancy, by definition a drifter, is warned off and slowly spirals into becoming the town drunk. Meanwhile, Roebuck has become the town hardcase with ambitions to control the entire range with the help of hired outlaws. Wrongly accused of murdering the town marshal and due to be hung, Clancy manages to break out of jail and head for the hills. Now, sober and with a future mapped out with Lucy, he must return to Watts Bend to settle old scores once and for all.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

The Goose Moon by Caleb Rand

Whilst in Canada buying livestock, Will Stryker kills a railroad gambler. The shooting was in self-defence, but fearing reprisal from the Mounties, Will escapes into the border snowline. That's where he finds Linny Jule who's fleeing from her cruel and sadistic father. Deciding that his daughter has been taken from him, Larris Jule trails the pair south to Polson where he settles on Will's small cattle ranch as payback. In an effort to regain his property, Will confronts Jule and his hired gunmen in the midst of a mighty blizzard that engulfs the town. Can Linny rely on Will to do the right thing? And is the deadly pursuit finally over?

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Raven's Feud by Corba Sunman


From Mexico, Raven heard of Beths enquiries, so he travelled to Texas to stop her. He had spent year searching for Stig Ivey before he tired of that life. Now he was back and Stig was soon to be back as well. Now with all his prowess with a gun Raven must face killers, lawmen and rustlers, but above all the outlaws that killed his kin.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Dead Trouble by Jake Douglas


Deke Cutler served ten long, hard, years in the Texas Rangers and looked forward to his retirement. He aimed to join his old pard, Durango Spain, on the Red River ranch they had bought. But, recovering from a near-fatal shot in the back, Deke ran into a new kind of lawlessness along the Red and beyond, in the wild lands known as the Indian Territory. There were more than Indians to contend with: 'dead' men from Rio kept turning up and all of them had him in their sights. With his gunarm crippled, Deke knew he was in bigger trouble than any he had endured in the Rangers.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Longhorn Country by Tyler Hatch

He was a man of two tribes and the Comanche blood that flowed in his veins was that of one of the most savage raiders of the south-west. But a white man had raised him and there was as much hate as duty mixed in with those years. They called him Blaine, a name known far and wide across Texas: a man who said little and who was willing to be judged by his actions. He worked hard and fought hard, essentially a loner with a void in his heart that could never be filled. Unless he killed the man who had raised him - a man to whom he owed everything. And Blaine always paid his debts.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Vengeance Pass by Lance Howard


Johnny Laredo is a myth, a figment of a West hungry for legend, a name whispered around campfires - or so everyone thinks. Everyone but former manhunter Jim Hannigan. Drawn to the peaceful Colorado town of Castigo Pass in search of the outlaw responsible for the murder of a banker's daughter, Hannigan stumbles into an ever-deepening mystery. Promptly jailed as a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman, his troubles don't end there. Concealed shooters, brutal hardcases and constant danger stalk him at every turn - not to mention a fiery young woman bent on revenge.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Darrow's Badge by Gillian F Taylor


Sapphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds: to Sir Hugh Keating, English aristocrat and Govan town deputy, the jewellery is the dowry for his future wife. To Black Elliott and his gang, however, the jewellery means money and prestige. So, when the gems are stolen, it means a lot of trouble for Sheriff Darrow. Somehow he must prevent the jewellery from being smuggled out of Govan and he and his men are stretched to their limits as they guard the trails and search the town. Meanwhile, Black Elliott must stay one jump ahead of the law as he fights to keep his men under control. Darrow's right to wear his badge is under threat and as time runs out for both men, the battle of wits will finish in a cloud of gunsmoke.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

Monday, 30 July 2012

Bestsellers on Amazon - 30 July

1. Darrow's Badge (Black Horse Western) by Gillian F Taylor (31 Jul 2012)

Kindle Edition Available for pre-order £2.74

2. Sabinas Kid (Black Horse Western) by Steve Ritchie (29 Feb 2012)

Hardcover  £9.12

3. Buck and the Widow Rancher by Carlton Youngblood (29 Feb 2012)

Kindle Edition £2.74

4. The Ghosts of Poynter (Black Horse Western) by Amos Carr (30 Jun 2012)

Hardcover £10.25

5. The Prairie Man (Black Horse Western) by I. J. Parnham (31 Aug 2011)

Hardcover £4.99

6. The Devil's Payroll (Black Horse Western) by Paul Green (30 Dec 2011)

Hardcover £8.18

7. Wild Bill Williams (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (31 Oct 2012)

Hardcover Available for pre-order £12.38

8. All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne (30 Dec 2011)

Kindle Edition £3.43

9. Arkansas Smith (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012)

Kindle Edition £3.43

10. Shadow Man by Andrew McBride (30 Dec 2011)

Kindle Edition £3.43

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Mark Bannerman's new website

About Mark Bannerman:

Mark Bannerman is the pseudonym of Anthony C Lewing who was born at Colchester, Essex. He was educated at Kings College School, Wimbledon, and served for 35 years in the British Army. Now retired, he writes full time and teaches creative writing to adult students. He lives with his French-born wife Françoise in Ash Vale, Surrey, and has two grown-up children.

Mark Bannerman has had over thirty novels published. He's traveled the Old West many times soaking up the atmosphere. He has toured indian stongholds and army forts, and has visited the graves of Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Red Cloud, Captain Jack and many more.

Most of his books have real history as their background. He says he thinks up many of his plots while walking his dog Timothy on the Ash Ranges.

He admits that the word "Western" is for some readers an immediate turn-off. The old "B" Hollywood movies, corny as they were, must take much of the blame. He says "Some writers merely follow the hackneyed style of these films, but they do the western no favours.

"The quality of a western story is a reflection of the author's skill. It should be as interesting and intelligent as a story set in any other locality. A good writer will avoid the clichés and stereo-typed characters of old films and write about real life situations where difficulties arise from the people themselves or are inflicted by the harsh environment."

As a complete contrast, Mark has also written a saga entitled the Cornish Woman. This features Rosena Bray who is orphaned by shipwreck in 1890 and is brought up by Cornish fisher-folk. She falls in love with a pious Welshman, but all is not as it seems, the Great War intervenes and she becomes trapped in a whirlpool of murder and duplicity.

Mark has also had some three hundred short stories published in men's and women's magazines, crime anthologies, children's publications, newspapers and so on. Many have been translated into foreign languages.

His books can be bought from the internet site "Amazon" and are availible from public libraries.

Read more at:


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Black Horse Western Series: The Appeal of the Wild West

The Black Horse Western series has provided Robert Hale Ltd readers with drama, action and suspense over the years. Here, Paul Green, Steve Hayes, Terrrell L. Bowers and Chuck Tyrell tell us why they love writing westerns and what it is that they love about the genre....

Read more at Halebooks.wordpress.com

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Black Horse Westerns - July 2012

The Gun Runners by Paul Green

The Civil War over, Captain Sam Curtis just wants to return home, but instead finds himself embroiled in a covert operation to smuggle weapons to Mexican rebels, fighting to rid themselves of Emperor Maximilian I and the French forces who have invaded their country. Betrayed and left for dead, by the ex-Confederate, Henry Fontaine, he faces many obstacles in his quest to recover the weapons and complete his mission. Aided by Sergeant Ben Boyd and the fiery Consuela Martinez, he battles bandits, the French Army and royalist guerrillas, commanded by the ruthless Colonel Dupin, before facing his enemies in a final showdown at the rebel held town of Tacambaro.

Drifter by Steve Hayes

When El Carcinero and his outlaw gang raided the Mercer ranch, they turned life upside-down for young Emily Mercer, who was away at school at the time. The mystery man known as Drifter was an old friend of the Mercers. But much as he wanted to get even with El Carcinero, he just didn't see how it was possible. Aside from the fact that he'd be hopelessly outgunned, the bandits had long-since fled back across the border into Mexico. Still, he hadn't reckoned on Emily. Wise beyond her years, she was determined to get back the horses the outlaws had stolen - especially her beloved stallion, Diablo - and no one was going to stop her. So she and a lawman, well past his prime, rode out after the bandits. Since Drifter couldn't let them go by themselves, he went right along too. And when the gun-swift Mesquite Jennings joined their small army, he almost started to feel sorry for El Carcinero. Almost...

Hour of the Black Wolf by Mark P. Lynch

Sheriff Gus Dudgeon finally has a witness who can identify the masked outlaw Black Wolf, who has terrorized Autumn Jericho for years. Gus must keep the witness safe until a wanted poster artist arrives and a likeness of the outlaw sketched. It should be simple. But Black Wolf has influence across town and Sheriff Dudgeon finds he can trust no one but his closest men. While the sheriff is protecting his witness, Black Wolf sends Big Jim Deal to prevent the artist arriving. But it seems Big Jim is also having trouble trusting his men, and there are people lurking in the shadows and willing to help Dudgeon, too. With tensions rising, time running out, the hour of the Black Wolf is at hand.

Road to Rimrock by Chuck Tyrell

The town of Rimrock lay dying, and its local drunk lay in the gutter, passed out again. As usual, Marshal Matt Stryker put Stan Ruggart in the hoosegow to sleep off the whiskey like a regular lowlife. But Ruggart has a family, and a fortune. When Ruggart's throat is cut and the will turns up in Stryker's pocket there are serious problems on the horizon. The marshal needs to keep ahead of three gunmen looking for vengeance, and stay alive long enough to probate the will. Two women also want him dead, and one wants to go with him on the road to Rimrock...

The Outlaw's Daughter by C. J. Sommers

Matt Holiday was riding a dangerous trail. He had a kidnapped boy and a woman to worry about, a quartet of robbers behind him, $20,000 in missing gold to find and an unwelcoming outlaw town ahead of him. With the gunfighter, Frank Waverly, searching for him it would be a lucky day if that gold was ever returned to the Butterfield Stage Company. And the most dangerous gun on the range belonged to the beautiful Serenity Waverly, Frank's daughter. She rode with Matt, but he suspected that would last only as long as it took them to recover the stolen gold. She had outlaw blood in her and knew only outlaw ways.

The Rose Canyon Gang by Owen G. Irons

Rose Canyon was far more forbidding and desolate than its name implied. A rugged notch carved into the face of Arizona's Yavapai Mountains, it sheltered few living creatures in its depths, other than for Dane Hollister and his small band of men, all recently fired without reason from their jobs on the MM ranch. Dane didn't like the feel of any of it. The MM owner, Madison McGraw lay in his bed dying slowly. His foreman the brutish Frank Baker had taken what seemed a series of high-handed actions, including their firing. Some of Dane's crew were ready to give it up and ride out to new country. Dane was just about to forget the matter himself when young Roberta Madison was driven from her own land by Bruno and his men. Then the Rose Canyon gang - men and women alike - knew that it was time to head into battle.

Tanglefoot by Logan Winters

It was a long way from Kansas to Las Palmas, New Mexico Territory, but Chad Dempster had trouble brewing at home and was hoping the trip would be worth it. He wanted a new town, new ways, and a new name. On emerging from the Overland stage, he got all three at once, but not in the way he could have expected. He stumbled out, hit the ground and became the immediate butt of the local wits who dubbed him 'Tanglefoot'. Fortunately, or so he thought, Glen Walker, one of the town's first citizens came to his aid, dusted him off and offered him work. What Chad could not have known was that Walker had chosen him as the ideal dupe to help him loot the town of Las Palmas, using a badge and a gun.

Invite to a Showdown by Terrell L. Bowers

After a bizarre double killing forces her into exile, Rowena Jansen is living like a hermit in Keylock, Colorado, and concentrating only on survival. Travis Clay went off to war and witnessed the terrible suffering of men and his country. Afterwards, he joined his friend to work on a ranch, but when a deadly ambush costs Clay a herd of cattle and leaves him near death, he sets out to find the men responsible. Inadvertently ending up in Keylock, his fate is joined with that of Rowena. Four men are searching for her, intent on a killing, while Travis is on the trail of five or six murdering rustlers. The only way to win such a war is to invite both sides to a showdown.

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 23 July

1. The Prairie Man (Black Horse Western) by I. J. Parnham (31 Aug 2011)

Hardcover  £11.93
2. Buck and the Widow Rancher by Carlton Youngblood (29 Feb 2012)

Available for download now £2.74

3. The Ghosts of Poynter (Black Horse Western) by Amos Carr (30 Jun 2012)

Hardcover  £10.26
4. The Devil's Payroll (Black Horse Western) by Paul Green (30 Dec 2011)

Hardcover  £9.12

5. Wild Bill Williams (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (31 Oct 2012)

Hardcover Available for pre-order £12.38

6. All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

7. Shadow Man by Andrew McBride (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

8. Arkansas Smith (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012)

Available for download now £3.43

9. Trail to Fort Laramie by Jack Edwardes (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

10. Twilight Trail (Black Horse Western) by Lance Howard (31 May 2012)

Hardcover £12.38

Saturday, 21 July 2012

An extract from Wild Bill Williams by Jack Martin

There was nary a frown when Wild Bill Williams was in town. He had a way about his manner that enabled most folks to forget all their troubles and become positively festive. It was said that Bill could start off a dance at a funeral and carve a grin out of the most granite of faces.

He had been born a Welshman; in a village called Gilfach Goch, a name that was unpronounceable to all but himself. But as a young man of fifteen summers, with no compulsion to go and work in the coalmines, those same mines that had aged his father beyond his years, he had had set out in search of adventure and found himself stowed away on a ship making the Atlantic crossing to the United States. He’d landed in New York and after a few aimless years had started out West in search of the future he had in mind for himself.

“Go West, Young Man, and grow up with the country”, The New York Tribune had advised in striking headlines that had filled men such as Bill Williams with optimism for a future on the rugged frontier. It had seemed Bill’s destiny to follow the westward trail. What that destiny was no one, Bill included, knew.

Indeed if Bill had ever known what he had intended to do with his life then he’d long forgotten. And these days he just walked through life happy-go-lucky and faced whatever fate threw at him.

Fate sure did like to interfere with Wild Bill Williams....

Read more at The Tainted Archive

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Linford Westerns - July 2012

 Shotgun Messenger by Colin Bainbridge

ISBN: 9781444811643
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 232 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

The outlaws' first mistake was to shoot Rhett Coulter's dog. He wasn't a man to mess with, Norman Roberts and his gang of gunslicks discovered. And when Coulter's friend's ranch, the Block H, is burned down, his woman barely escapes with her life - another reason to put Roberts out of business - quite apart from the little matter of his hoard of stolen bullion. Coulter fights overwhelming odds, while events rapidly draw him towards the final, blistering showdown...

Lonesome Range by Tyler Hatch

ISBN: 9781444811650
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 248 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

He had many names. He was the fastest gun in Texas, Colorado, or just about anywhere. When he was recognized, the challengers would come, guns would blaze and he'd ride away from yet another dead man. Then came the day where he'd killed one too many and the fastest gun had to swap his Colt for a sledge on the rockpile - for ten long years. But a chance for freedom came along, and he grabbed it with both hands...

Trail Of The Hanged Man by Steve Hayes

ISBN: 9781444811667
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 328 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Haunted by a missing past, Ben Lawless heads for Arizona to start a new life. On the way he provokes Joey Morgan's wrathful vengeance when he prevents him from hanging Sheriff Tishman. Then he helps his neighbour, Ingrid Bjorkman, to fight Stillman Stadtlander, a ruthless cattle baron who wants her land. Lawless will do anything for the beautiful Ingrid. But this deadly conflict will begin a series of perilous events that will lead him to the man who hanged him...

Wyoming Double-cross by J.D. Kincaid

ISBN: 9781444811674
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

The notorious Blair Wilton and his gang of outlaws plot to raid the bank at Medicine Bow, first sending Chicago confidence trickster Paul Springer to reconnoitre the town. But here, Springer encounters an old acquaintance and suddenly changes his plans. Meanwhile, the outlaws' woes increase when Jack Stone, the famous Kentuckian gunfighter, enters into the fray and goes up against Wilton and his gang. Will it be Stone or Wilton who survives the final, deadly confrontation?

Smoking Barrels by John Ladd

ISBN: 9781444811681
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

Steve Hardie arrives in Cripple Creek and becomes involved in a scuffle with a bunch of drunken cowpokes. Bravely, he saves the life of the local sheriff, but accidentally kills one of the cowboys. Nobody kills one of Hyram Slade's men and lives, so he rides out of town. Only Hardie's death will satisfy Slade and he quickly leads his hired henchmen in pursuit. And, in a close confrontation with Slade, death beckons Steve. Can he survive another day?

Buzzard Point by Caleb Rand
ISBN: 9781444811698
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 216 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 8.99

After a street shooting in a Texas cow town, Jesse Tripp is forced to flee his family home. Two years later, he makes a reluctant return and finds his father dead and his brother Owen in control of the family's Triple T ranch. Suddenly, Jesse needs to consider his situation. Taking to the hills again isn't an option, so should he fight to retain what's rightfully his? Sparks will fly before the dust settles on the Triple T ranch...

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Review of Three Rode Together by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

Steve Hayes and David Whitehead have written a number of other novels together that have been published by Hale, but this is the first western. Both have had westerns published individually under their own names, and in David Whitehead’s case, under a number of pseudonyms too.

The book is well written, as expected, and moves forwards at a great pace. As well as the three main characters, Jesse, Sam, and Geronimo, there are others that are as equally memorable, Morning Star and Cochise being but two of them...

Read more at Western Fiction Review

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bestsellers on Amazon - 16 July

1. Buck and the Widow Rancher by Carlton Youngblood (29 Feb 2012)

Available for download now £2.74

2. Wild Bill Williams (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (31 Oct 2012)

Hardcover Available for pre-order £12.38

3. The Ghosts of Poynter (Black Horse Western) by Amos Carr (30 Jun 2012)

Hardcover  £9.52

4. All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

5. Shadow Man by Andrew McBride (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

6. Trail to Fort Laramie by Jack Edwardes (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

7. Arkansas Smith (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012)

Available for download now £3.43

8. Twilight Trail (Black Horse Western) by Lance Howard (31 May 2012)

Hardcover £12.38

9. Last Man in Lazarus (Black Horse Western) by Bill Shields (30 Mar 2012)

Hardcover  £9.94

10. Colorado Kid (Black Horse Western) by Dale Mike Rogers (29 Feb 2012)

Available for download now £2.74

Friday, 13 July 2012

An Interview with Amos Carr

Q. Jill, great to have you here. I don’t know a lot about the western genre, so why don’t you start by telling us about your writing?

A. Well, I will be having two books published this year by the Black Horse Western imprint of Robert Hale. They are both around 50 – 60,000 words in length and should be a good read for any Western fans, old and new. I don’t have an agent, I simply approached Robert Hale directly and to date, getting a contract for my first and second ‘real’ books is my most memorable writing success, a lifetime’s dream come true....

Read more at Nikki Goodman

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Review of Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty

It's been quite a while since I've read a really good, authentic western. So by the time I finished chapter one of Thomas McNulty's Trail of the Burned Man, I knew I was in for one great ride. And this hardcover edition, a "Black Horse Western" from Robert Hale Ltd of London, is absolutely beautiful. Simply outstanding! I wish the publisher would put out sword and sorcery, and fantasy. These books are so cool...!

Read more at The Dowser's Delusions

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review of Gallows Bound by Ben Coady

From what I can gather this is Ben Coady’s twelfth Black Horse Western and it’s the first I’ve read. For roughly the first half of the book Ben Coady only introduces four characters, two being Ryan and Cuskin, the others being one who staggers in only to die moments later, and the final person who has a major role to play in the plot. During this part of the story Ryan has time to reflect on his life and on his untold love for Kate Collins. A message from Kate further into the tale causing him to have to make a difficult decision that could affect his future relationship with her...

Read more at Western Fiction Review

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dales Westerns - July 2012

Montana, Here I Be! by Dan Cushman

ISBN: 9781842629130
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 256 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 15.99

The brawling gold mining camp of American Flag, Montana is organized and controlled by a showboat trick-shot artist named Captain Brass. Brass and his gang of renegades kept the gold and whatever else was worth anything to themselves and killed anyone who got in their way. The Comanche John, the legendary gunfighter, rode into camp and proceeded to take Brass's comfortable little empire apart...
Loco  by Lee Hoffman

ISBN: 9781842629147
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 240 Pages
Published - 01-07-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 15.99

They called him Loco because he was wild and unpredictable in shootouts on both sides of the Rio Grande. He didn't look for trouble - it found him. This time it found him as he fled from Mexico into Texas. He was caught in the middle of a range war between desperate men - and a strong woman who drove him so crazy she made him sane.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Bestsellers on Amazon - 9 July

1. The Ghosts of Poynter (Black Horse Western) by Amos Carr (30 Jun 2012)

Hardcover £9.58

2. All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £2.74

3. Shadow Man by Andrew McBride (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

4. Buck and the Widow Rancher by Carlton Youngblood (29 Feb 2012)

Available for download now £2.74

5. Wild Bill Williams (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (31 Oct 2012)

Available for pre-order £12.38

6. Trail to Fort Laramie by Jack Edwardes (30 Dec 2011)

Available for download now £3.43

7. Twilight Trail (Black Horse Western) by Lance Howard (31 May 2012)

Hardcover £9.26

8. Arkansas Smith (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012)

Available for download now £3.43

9. Last Man in Lazarus (Black Horse Western) by Bill Shields (30 Mar 2012)

Hardcover  £9.95

10. Colorado Kid (Black Horse Western) by Dale Mike Rogers (29 Feb 2012)

Available for download now £2.74

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Westward Dreams - D M Harrison interview

Author D M Harrison always had the urge to write, but like many of us the duties of a working life tended to cut down on the time devoted to writing, however after taking early retirement Diana, (well what did you think the D stood for? ) found that she now had the time to devote to following her dream. There followed a learning curve which involved various creative writing courses and soon Diana found herself selling short stories to various magazines.

"I've had enough reject slips to paper a whole room (large size) A couple of the books were rejected and I worked on them again and sent the elsewhere and they were accepted. You have to persevere and believe in your own abilities. A writers group is good and reading out loud helps a lot."

Read more at Tainted Archive

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Review of The Bloodstained Crossing by Matt Laidlaw

Right from the opening paragraphs Matt Laidlaw grabs his readers attention with questions about the strange events surrounding the wagon of silver ore, and then continues to sink yet more hooks in as people die for, as yet, unknown reasons.

Matt Laidlaw brings together a group of superb characters, both fictional and real, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, the Clantons and more, who might be behind the silver movements and killings. Probity already knows Earp as they worked together as lawmen for a time...

Read more at Western Fiction Review

Monday, 2 July 2012

Bestsellers on Amazon.com - 2 July

1. Arkansas Smith (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (Apr 30, 2012)

Auto-delivered wirelessly $5.35

2. Comanche's Revenge (Black Horse Western) by D. M. Harrison (Mar 1, 2012)

Hardcover $22.80

3. Bear Creek (Black Horse Western) by Jack Edwardes (Jan 1, 2011)

Hardcover $26.97

4. Hope's Last Chance (Black Horse Western) by Rob Hill (Jan 1, 2011)

Hardcover  $21.96

5. Outlaw Canyon (Black Horse Western) by Jack Sheriff (Feb 1, 2011)

Hardcover $19.94

6. Trail of the Burned Man (Black Horse Western) by Thomas McNulty (Feb 1, 2010)

Hardcover  $0.54

7. Wind Rider (Black Horse Western) by Thomas McNulty (May 6, 2010)

Hardcover  $0.03

8. The Black Mountain Dutchman (Black Horse Western) by Steve Ritchie (Jan 1, 2011)

Hardcover   $19.93

9. Dead Man's Range (A Black Horse Western) by Paul Durst (Oct 31, 2011)

Auto-delivered wirelessly $4.21

10. The Gallows Gang by I.J Parnham (Dec 30, 2011)

Auto-delivered wirelessly $4.46