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Black Horse Westerns - April 2012

No Peace for a Rebel by Peter Wilson


The Civil War had been over for exactly one year when retired soldier Ethan Cole is persuaded to join a group led by his former major, Daniel Reno. Little does he realize that he is being drawn into a plot that could change the course of history. Ethan believes he owes Reno his life and reluctantly agrees to go along with the deluded major's plan to stage a gold bullion robbery to help finance a fresh uprising among some disillusioned Southerners. But the power-crazed Reno has a far more sinister goal in mind, and when Cole learns the terrifying truth behind the raids he finds himself, single-handedly, trying to prevent a war - and a vicious showdown with a former friend.

Blood Trail by Corba Sunman


Greg Bannock raised cattle with his father, Pete, until rustlers stole their herd and then their troubles worsened when an attempt was made on Pete's life. But, hiding behind a mask of respectability, there was a renegade at work. Assisting the rustlers Greg found himself caught up in the plot to kill the rustler gang boss and had to shoot his way out of trouble, still determined to retrieve his herd. When the gun smoke cleared there was a trail of blood through the county.

The Search for the Lone Star by I. J. Parnham


It had long been rumoured that the fabulous diamond known as the Lone Star had been buried somewhere near the town of Diamond Springs. Many men had died trying to claim it, but when Diamond Springs became a ghost town, the men who went there had many different aims. Tex Callahan had been paid to complete a mission, Rafferty Horn wanted to put right a past mistake, George Milligan thought he knew what had happened to the diamond, and Elias Sutherland wanted revenge. All were united by their hatred of Creswell Washington, a man who had cast a dark shadow over all their lives during his search for the diamond. Only after violent retribution will the truth be finally revealed about the Lone Star.

Sundown at Singing River by Ty Kirwan


Recognizing that the era of his profession has ended, gunfighter Jorje Katz rides into the town of Singing River to begin a new life. On arrival he discovers that the partner he had financed is long dead, and with no money to his name, his only option is to become a hired gun, in a war that is raging between two political factions in the town. Dragged back into his old ways but with a woman to remind him just how good life can be, he despairs until he is appointed Sheriff of Singing River. At last it seems that his dreams can finally be realized...

Derailed by Owen G. Irons


In an unimaginable turn of events an outlaw gang had kidnapped the Colorado & Eastern train, leaving the passengers afoot in an early winter blizzard. Tango and Ned Chambers are the men hired to prevent such things from happening. They are left alone on the frozen prairie with the wealthy and attractive widow Lady Simpson and a brother of the vice- president of the United States as their charges. Now all they have to do is recover the train, get through to Denver, and bring to justice those responsible for the outrage, without allowing harm to come to Lady Simpson and the politician.

Rider on the Wind by Vance Tillman


John Hauck and his Nez Perce wife are hired by the proprietor of the Wild West show, in which they have performed, to track down his kidnapped daughter. Their quest to find her takes them across the country from the settled East to the untamed mountains in the West, following a twisted trail of lies and deception, fighting all the way against the sinister Dement and his outlaw gang. On the journey they are joined by Hauck's old friend, the Sioux chief Otoktay, who leaves the Reservation to go on the warpath one last time. How will the old-timers deal with a changing world as they reprise former battles? The days of the Old West are numbered. What will be its legacy?

Old Guns by Ross Morton


July 1892 Whilst still recovering from the death of his old partner, Abner, Sam Ransom learns of a note, left by the dead man, warning that the infamous Meak twins are after Ransom's life after what happened at Bur Oak Springs almost two decades ago. Ransom knows he must alert the rest of his gang who were there. Bur Oak Springs was a ghost-town even then, but now Ransom's family is in jeopardy and their only hope of salvation is the gang's return to confront the Meak brothers in a battle fraught with a sense of deja-vu. It's going to be a bloody showdown: young guns against the old.

Silver Track by Caleb Rand


Having travelled to a wild frontier town, seeking the truth of his brother's death, Ben Jody finds himself in the middle of a bitter conflict between rival railroad companies. On discovering who is responsible for his brother's death, Ben decides to ride right into the face of danger, the work camp of Royston Poole.

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Review of Mystery Herd by Logan Winters

There was big trouble on the Bates Family's Owl Ranch when Trinity reached it. The foreman had been lynched, and Vincent Battles had arrived to take his place along with his rough crew. A cattle drive to nearby Fort Bridger had been contracted but the animals still stood grazing on their home pastures. Russell Bates's sisters, the hot-blooded Holly and the beautiful, dark-haired Millicent had been unable to manage affairs on their own. Cow hands were quitting, men were being shot at - Trinity included. When the tough elder brother, Earl, arrives from Texas, he vows to take charge. When he and Vincent Battles lock horns, there is no way of separating them. And when Trinity manages to fit together the pieces of the puzzle of Owl's problems, the only solution his enemies can see is to try to kill him.

B Western tale of ranchers pitted against each other - great characters, particularly the Bates sisters, and especially Millicent, who certainly has a mind of her own. Thoroughly enjoyable, with authentic and readable dialogue. First class - B westerns were a staple diet for us in the 1960s, and this in no way suggests something inferior - they were absolutely great, and this tale is really, really good too. I loved it.

Review appeared originally in Books Monthly.

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Review of The Search for the Lone Star by I. J. Parnham

Ian Parnham expertly captures the readers imagination with his superbly crafted characters and the fact that their true goals aren’t all revealed at once, thus he succeeds in hooking the reader with the need to discover just what they are all really up to, and if any of them will be alive at the end of the book...
Read more at Western Fiction Review.

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E-BHWs - April 2012

Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin


Arkansas Smith: the name was legend. Once he had been a Texas Ranger, but now he was something else entirely. Some said he was an outlaw, a killer of men and fast draw. Others claimed he was a kind of special lawman, dispensing frontier justice across the West and bringing law to the lawless.

Arkansas Smith arrives in Red Rock looking for those who shot and left his friend for dead. He vows to leave no stone unturned in his quest to bring the gunmen to justice and, soon, those who go against him must face the legendary fast draw that helped tame the West.

Available on and

Chinaman's Gold by Lou Armstrong


Leo Denver is in trouble. There's a sick Chinaman back at his ranch, lovely Rose Prescott has married his rival Jake Brody and when Leo tries to drown his sorrows he ends up in jail with the sheriff promising to hang him.

So, when Leo's offered a half share of the Chinaman's gold, he fights his way through the desert to California.. A man only gets one crack at winning a fortune. But Jake Brody takes the game into a different league when he murders Leo's brother and captures the Chinaman, Charlie Tang.

Leo must rescue Charlie, but how? And can he beat his enemy to the gold?

Available on and

Devil's Range by Skeeter Dodds


Caleb Ross accepts an invitation from his old friend Tom Watson to join him as a ranching partner. Glad to leave his life of drifting, Caleb makes his way to Ghost Creek, full of optimism, only to find he's ridden into big trouble.

He learns that Tom has been gunned down by Jack Sweeney, a hardcase from the Rawl range and mentor in mayhem to Scott Rawl. Enraged, Caleb heads for the ranch seeking vengeance for Tom's humiliation and murder.

Up against a crooked law force and formidable opposistion, he'll have to be quick and clever if he's to survive.

Available on and

Gunsmoke in Vegas by J. William Allen


Discovered centuries before by a Spanish explorer, Vegas Springs had acquired the status of a myth, its very existence questioned and its precise location unknown except to a few Indians and the occasional lucky traveller who stumbled upon it. In the midst of the desert it had one redeeming feature: life-giving water.

Seb Ashton was one of those lucky ones. With hardcases on his tail he had fled into the desert, only finding out too late that wandering in a scorching hellhole with an empty canteen was no escape. Now the fabled watering hole could prove his salvation.

However, his ruthless pursuers had been determined enough to follow him across the desert wastes and Ashton knew he must face a showdown - in the blistering sands of Vegas.

Available on and

Smoky Hill Trail by Mark Falcon


Deputy Marshal Jed Law rode into Buffalo Creek with only the minimum of orders. Rustler troublehad flared up between two ranchers and a man had been killed. It was a simple chore and Law did not expect too much trouble. But from the start - when he first set eyes on Julie Rutherford and her father Ben - it all went wrong.

Knee-deep in hard cases determined to wipe him out, Law had to shoot his way through the opposition before he could even get to work on his case. And with worse to come, he'd need to keep his pistol loaded and use it freely until the last desperate shot.

Available on and

Ride back to Redemption by Eugene Clifton


When ex-outlaw Bobbie Lee sees a rider approaching Beattie's Halt, he knows it means trouble. Hours later, his innocent son is gunned down in the saloon and three more hard-bitten strangers have joined the gunman called Van Gelderen. But who are they? Two days later a second young man dies and the strangers leave town. But murder cannot go unpunished. Bobbie Lee, Will Blunt and his daughter, Cassie, pick up the trail outside Beattie's Halt. In the scorching heat of the desert, old feuds are settled in a six-gun blaze.

Available on and

Marshal Law by Corba Sunman


His name was Sam Harper and the only sure thing he knew about himself was his skill with a gun. His past was a blank, his future unknown. When he met the beautiful and wealthy Viginia Maitland she was a lone woman desperate for his help. With her life under threat from unseen enemies she needed answers.

Together they rode a dangerous trail through the snowstorms, battling the raging elements as well as the men sent out to kill them. And only one thing was written - the crash of gunfire would determine the outcome in a final showdown.

Available on and

The Last Waterhole by Jack Sheriff


Eighteen-year old Jed Stone was a trouble young man. His family's home and land would be repossessed by the Denver Bank unless they made their next mortgage repayment. But there was no way the money could be found, unless by unlawful means.

His neighbours, the four McIver brothers, were in the same position and, against his will, Jed found himself planning a robbery with them. The McIvers got away with the strongbox but Jed was wounded and sentenced under an assumed name to five years in the Kansas Penitentiary.

On his release, two women came into his life as he returned home to get his share of the hold-up money. That was where the trouble would really begin!

Available on and

The Hanging of Charlie Darke by Will DuRey


Annie and Charlie Darke suspect someone is trying to chase them from their Wyoming valley home. Wes Gray, a friend of Annies's Uncle, travels to Beecher's Gulch to investigate and arrives just in time to rescue Charlie from a lynch mob.

Then he's catapulted into a violent struggle to save the Darkes' ranch when the son of their neighbour, Duke Barton, is ambushed and Charlie becomes the main suspect. Wes is determined to discover the truth, but the more he learns the less sure he is of the true motive of the Darkes' enemies.

Up against a sheriff who may be on Duke Barton's payroll and the Cheyenne Indian, Hawk, has Wes met his match?

Available on and

High Mountain Stand-off by John C. Danner


His name was Sam Harper and the only sure thing he knew about himself was his skill with a gun. His past was a blank, his future unknown. When he met the beautiful and wealthy Virginia Maitland, she was a lone woman desperate for his help. With her life under threat from unseen enemies, she needed answers.

Together, they rode a dangerous trail through the snowstorms, battling the raging elements, as well as the men sent out to kill them. And, only one thing was written - the crash of gunfire would determine the outcome in a final showdown.

Available on and

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 23 April

1. The Kansas Fast Gun (Black Horse Western) by Arthur Kent (31 Oct 2011)

Available for download now £2.74

2. Arkansas Smith (Black Horse Western) by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012)

Available for pre-order £2.74

3. Range War Hell (Black Horse Western) by Ryan Bodie (31 Aug 2011)

Hardcover  £9.11

4. Loner with a Gun (Black Horse Western) by Ryan Bodie (30 Jul 2010)

Hardcover £2.66

5. A Colt for the Kid (Black Horse Western) by John Saunders (31 Oct 2011)

Available for download now £5.49

6. Gunhawk (Black Horse Western) by John Long (31 Oct 2011)

Available for download now £2.74

7. The Black Horse Westerns by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch and Scott Connor (1 Jan 2011)

Available for download now £6.86

8. Hour of the Black Wolf (Black Horse Western) by Mark P. Lynch (31 Jul 2012)

Hardcover available for pre-order £13.75

9. Brazos Fugitive (Black Horse Western) by Tyler Hatch (31 Mar 2010)

Hardcover  £1.87

10. Arizona Pay-Off (Black Horse Western) by Duke Patterson (31 Oct 2011)

Available for download now £2.74

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10 recent reviews on Amazon

Reviewers sometimes post reviews of Black Horse Westerns on Here's the reviews for ten recent westerns:

This is a good read for summer holidays. It is a western and has all the murders and beatings-up that one would expect of this genre,but it also about a young man finding out what his "pa" was really like, and in so doing finding out a little more about himself. The author M.M.Rowan creates the atmosphere brilliantly - we can almosy feel the thirsty desert and see the small town with its saloon, "meeting house" and corrupt Sheriff. Even for a non-western aficionado, it is a good yarn.

This is a fast-paced Western that grabs attention from the first page. There is a strong thread of loyalty and pay-back throughout the book, as Carson seeks to avenge the killer of an old-timer who saved his life in the wilderness. Along the road to the climax he encounters others on both sides, or straddling, the thin veneer line of civilisation in a town where law and justice has been displaced by anarchy. Codes of honour in this book clash with those who seek to dispense with these in favour of brutal self-interest - and who will kill anyone who gets in their way. The action sequences are handled well; look out for one involving an induced stampede, where the night adds to the sense of confusion and danger. The dialogue is taut and spare, and serves well to advance the action and to illustrate the traits of each character. If you like your westerns to move at a brisk pace, with a mixture of characters, both traditional and independently quirky, you will enjoy this book.

Laurel Baker's husband is killed in a freak accident and her two sons are burned to death in the blaze that destroys their home by Paradise Creek. Grief and guilt and a deep emptiness engulf her. So when logging magnate Dunn comes by to buy her land, it's an opportunity to sell up and move on. Despite the darkness that has entered her soul, she won't give up. Her men are buried on this land and it's going to stay hers. When fence constructor and widower Finn and his two boys pass through Paradise, Laurel invites them to stay to fence in her land. This new family lightens her darkness.

Dunn is plain stubborn, however, and as his dreams seem to dissipate in the bottom of a whiskey bottle, he determines to be rid of Laurel Baker once and for all.

Tyrell has deftly sewn a tragic and moral tale. Even the bad guys aren't all bad. Dunn keeps taking reluctant steps to his doom, shoved by circumstances and his pride. As ever, the subsidiary characters seem to live - whether that's good neighbour Seth, friendly Apache chief T'Pone, or town marshal Webber.

This is a first for the writer, a female protagonist, and he captures the character well. She's feminine yet tough, gentle yet firm. She's a match for Dunn and his cronies. A match that she lights to blow them to hellfire in Paradise.


This is an enjoyably meaty western..well-written, with some unexpected twists and turns.You sense throughout though, that all is leading, inexorably, towards a traditionally violent showdown.when it comes it doesn't disappoint..there are murderous vilians here..whiskey-swilling, cattle -thieving, double-crossing "jiggers".There are two beautiful and feisty women,the unwitting sources of a lot of the conflict.There's a tough but guilt-ridden hero, trying to fashion a new life for himself and to observe a moral code.there's a bromance of sorts, a lot of action and plenty of blood all hangs together convincingly, and the happy ending feels well-earned.highly recommended.

Grim stuff, this. After more than 20 years away, Delta returns to the ranch he started with Etta James. He upped and left, itchy to make it rich elsewhere. He always planned on coming back - but it took him over two decades to get around to it. The main reason probably had something to do with the bullet lodged in his chest, working its way towards his heart. Delta was on borrowed time.

When he learns that he has a son by Etta, and the boy's running with the wrong crowd, Delta finds a reason for living. If only for a little while longer - so he can seek redemption and turn the boy away from the road of crime.

Jack Martin's third novel is sombre affair about lost chances. There's some good writing in here, too:
"With death peering over a man's shoulder, its icy breath felt on the back of a man's neck, everything was enhanced. The cobalt sky was saturated and the landscape vividly exaggerated."

Etta has problems, it seems, not only from her wayward son. Despotic Maxwell King owns half the town and now wants to own her. Which isn't too surprising, since Etta's "beauty was more than physical. It came from within, a radiance that positively shone in her eyes."

There's also a humorous cross-reference to the earlier novel, Arkansas Smith.

Delta is a man of few words, but, despite his days being numbered, he won't compromise on right and wrong. He'll fight for what is right. Which makes him a dangerous man - since he has nothing to lose.

Jeff Rand, a feared and vengeful gunslinger since his family were murdered, is persuaded by Jim Miller to give up his gunning and join him in peaceful gold mining. All goes well until one day Jeff returns to camp to find Miller murdered and the gold stolen.

Jeff rides off in a black mood of revenge. But after a saloon fracas, he is forced by gunmen to take part in a bank raid. Then the raiders are ambushed, and though Jeff escapes with half the gang, they accuse him of informing and beat him up.

Can Jeff extricate himself? Can he clear his name and can he bring the murderers to justice? Lead must fly before he can find the answers.

The story is full of hard men, many taking another life just to prove they have the ability to draw and kill someone faster than others. The main character, Jeff Rand, fits this mould too, but we also get to share his fear of some of the faster gunmen in the outlaw gang he reluctantly finds himself riding with. The author creates an air of loneliness and despair in Rand extremely well, making the reader care about Rand, want him to succeed in his quest to find out who killed his friend, Jim Miller, and fulfil his need for revenge.

The outlaw gang is full of strong, and memorable, personalities, all seemingly waiting for the simmering mistrusts to explode in violent acts at any moment, which they frequently do, in fast brutal action.

Due to the story's age (it carries the copyright date of 1957) some of the words used by the author would, perhaps, not be used so often today, for instance Rand has many `queer feelings' about many things, and there's some old-time cowboy language used too, but not as much as I was expecting. For a long time I also thought there wouldn't be any female characters turning up in the tale, but a couple did, eventually, but only briefly.

I found Gunhawk to be an entertaining read, full of gritty action that sees much of its story examining the darker side of life, of human nature. So if you enjoy the more hardboiled approach to your reading then this could well be the ideal choice for you.

A gritty, warm-hearted and fiercely loyal hero, a beautiful and vulnerable widow, psychopathic baddies, guns, horses, wild country and a fast moving plot: the perfect ingredients for a page-turning Western. Masero is a master craftsman in keeping up the pace, making you read just one more page to find out how the characters deal with the latest nastiness of the villain - in this case, the Western standard of an evil landowner taking over a town and its law to satisfy his lust for power and the luckless heroine. The eponymous Jake is a very attractive character. Like all memorable Western heroes, he is the understated, tough but deeply moral man most of us everyday suburban males would like to be and we root for him, his sidekick Sam and Kitty the lonely widow throughout the action. Masero also adds in curious notes of authenticity, such as Jake's unusual Mauser pistol and the first appearance of a very early "horseless carriage" shocking a horse-centred world. For all Western fans (and anyone else who likes a good story) this is a great read.

Gillian Taylor's eleventh novel for the Black Horse Western imprint is yet another splendid evocation of the Old West.

Manhunter Jonah Durrell is handsome, dresses well and appears vain but actually he doesn't take himself too seriously. Accomplished with his fists and his two six-guns, he is fair-minded and deadly, but not averse to self-mockery. But he doesn't take kindly to men abusing women - `no man worth his salt lays hands on a woman' - and is determined to bring such bullying low-life to justice.

We first meet Jonah tracking Spencer, who had taken a knife to a prostitute, through the mountains and snow. And we can feel the cold and experience the wide open spaces. Jonah gets his man, but that's just the prelude to more action and danger.

Deciding to rest up at the mining town of Motherlode, Jonah makes the acquaintance of Miss Jenny, the madam who runs the town's `parlour-house'. While getting to know Miss Erica, Jonah is disturbed by a scream. A woman in one of the other rooms is brutally murdered. It seems to be an isolated if rather gruesome incident.

But it isn't long before Miss Jenny and her girls are again in danger. And attempts are made on Jonah's life too. It seems that someone is trying to run Miss Jenny out of town - and it has nothing to do with religion since there isn't a church in this place. The graveyard on the nearby hill starts to fill up. The denouement is fast and furious, an exciting shoot-out which also involves Miss Jenny's girls.

This is a fast read with plenty of action and character development. Jonah Durrell figured in the latter half of Gillian's earlier book, Navajo Rock and looks set to be around for a while yet and I for one welcome the next appearance of this good old-fashioned hero.

There is a sadness about Arkansas Smith that I found unsettling and yet compelling. He has a "void deep inside himself that felt on times like a cavity in his soul. It was a need for identity that would always be there and would never be fulfilled." He's a man of few words and when he smiles, it's a grim smile that hints at a lot of tragedies played out in the past. He is an enigma who keeps his personal history to himself and who doesn't offer up too many explanations. While we are caught up in the dilemma at hand, we are never allowed to forget that we are dealing with a mysterious man here who has a few bones to pick with the world. In the post-modern world, he would be diagnosed as clinically depressed. In the 19th century western, though, he's simply trying to deal with the hand that's been dealt him

The first thing I have to say about this book is that it works on just about every level. Not only is it a fabulous adventure story told with a hint of understated romance, it also happens to be one of the strongest and most enjoyable traditional westerns I've read in quite a while.

Following a shoot-out in which he received a bullet-graze to the skull, Sam Harper lost his memory. Now, some months later, he still doesn't know who he really is, or why he was involved in a shootout. He's pretty handy with a gun, though - and definitely a man to have around in a tight situation, as English heiress Virginia Maitland discovers when she is set upon by a mysterious assailant in the middle of a violent snowstorm.

Rescued by Sam, Virginia reveals that she is en route to Bannock, Montana Territory, where persons unknown have been sabotaging her various business interests. Since it has now become clear that Virginia herself is also a target, she decides to hire Sam to get her safely to her destination.

The bulk of the novel is taken up with their journey through the high country, and it is here that the author really excels, for not only do Sam and Virginia have to contend with the weather (and the storm scenes are beautifully handled), they also find themselves pursued every step of the way by Virginia's enigmatic enemies. And in between dodging bullets - which is something he doesn't always manage to do successfully - Sam's memory finally begins to come back to him.

HIGH MOUNTAIN STAND-OFF is told in a punchy, cinematic style, with great pace and some cracking, hardboiled dialogue. The action scenes - and their aftermath - are handled vividly and with absolute realism. The book's single greatest strength, however, lies in its two attractive principals. They're so well-realised that you really do want them to come through it all in one piece.

As near as I can tell, this is John C Danner's first book - unless of course he's an old hand writing under a new name. As such, it is an extraordinarily assured debut. HIGH MOUNTAIN STAND-OFF reads as if he's been writing westerns - and good ones, at that - for years.

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Linford Westerns - April 2012

Gunslinger Breed by Corba Sunman

ISBN: 9781444810615
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 264 Pages
Price - £ 8.99

Gunslinger Clint Halloran rides into Plainsville to help his pal Jeff Deacon, hoping to end his friend's troubles. But Deacon is on the point of being lynched, so he fires a shot. Now Halloran has a fight on his hands, a situation complicated by the crooked deputy sheriff, Dan Ramsey, who has his own agenda. Halloran, refusing to give up the fight, vows to keep his gun by his side - right until the final shot is fired.

The Killing Kind by Lance Howard

ISBN: 9781444810608
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 232 Pages
Price - £ 8.99

Jim Bartlett thought he could put his past behind him and forge a new life in Texas, as a small ranch owner - but he was wrong...dead wrong. Someone from his past has followed him and is systematically trying to destroy his new life, piece by piece. With his friends and the woman he loves being threatened by a man who knows no remorse, Jim struggles desperately - not only to escape his past - but also to hold onto his life...

Dead-end Trail by Tyler Hatch

ISBN: 9781444810592
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 256 Pages
Price - £ 8.99

Chet Rand is a decent, law-abiding man, but a forest fire wipes out his horse ranch, leaving him with nothing. However, when he comes across the outlaw Feeney - with a $1,100 reward on his head - it seems like a gift from heaven. Unfortunately, there are many shady characters in pursuit of the $12,000 Feeney has stolen - a more pressing matter than the bounty itself. So it's inevitable that when guns are drawn, blood will flow and men will die...

Duel At Del Norte by Ethan Flagg

ISBN: 9781444810585
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 240 Pages
Price - £ 8.99

Russ Wikeley settles in Del Norte, South Dakota, and after foiling a bank robbery he's persuaded to stand for sheriff in the town's elections. However, Diamond Jim Stoner, a gang boss, wants his own man to become sheriff and attempts to undermine Wikeley. When his plan backfires, he tries to frame his adversary for robbery and murder. Both men are determined...only one can be the victor in the final duel on the streets of Del Norte.

Raking Hell by Lee Clinton

ISBN: 9781444810578
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 280 Pages
Price - £ 8.99

A body is wrapped in a bloodstained horse-blanket. A farmer admits to the gruesome crime, but with good reason. So will the sheriff arrest or protect the guilty man when eight men come looking to settle the score? After all, the sheriff has taken an oath to protect the town... This story of judgement, consequence and the promise of retribution, tells of one man - Sheriff Will Price - who is prepared to go raking hell to fulfil his pledge...

Coyote Falls by Colin Bainbridge

ISBN: 9781444810561
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 248 Pages
Price - £ 8.99

Pat Calhoun rides into town and steps straight into the line of fire - and from that point onwards things get worse. Why has a gang of owlhoots gathered to cause trouble? Is there a connection to the Civil War and the man who betrayed him? Pat's only way of finding out is to ride straight into the outlaw nest... Events lead to an epic showdown, as Calhoun confronts his past, high above the raging Coyote Falls.

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 16 April

1. Hour of the Black Wolf by Mark P. Lynch (31 Jul 2012)
Available for pre-order £13.75

2. The Kansas Fast Gun by Arthur Kent (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

3. Gunhawk by John Long (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

4. The Black Horse Westerns by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch and Scott Connor (1 Jan 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £6.86

5. Brazos Fugitive by Tyler Hatch (31 Mar 2010)
From £1.87

6. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012) - Kindle eBook
Available for pre-order. £2.74

7. Arizona Pay-Off by Duke Patterson (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

8. Drummond Takes a Hand by Alan Irwin (30 Dec 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

9. Dead Man's Range by Paul Durst (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

10. Two-Gun Trouble by Gillian F. Taylor (29 Feb 2012) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

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Dales Westerns - April 2012

Code Of The West by Zane Grey

ISBN: 9781842629000
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 416 Pages
Published - 01-04-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 15.99

Georgianna Stockwell, a free-spirited young woman from the East, moves to the wilds of the Tonto Basin in Arizona and she creates a violent culture clash. She revels in a whirlwind of flirtations and coquetry, outraging the proud Western folk and violating their Code of Honour, Her presence is provocative to all young men in the Basin, but to Cal Thurman in particular she is "like a firebrand in prairie grass." Through Cal she finds a love she does not expect - and a heritage of violence she cannot control.

The Moonlighters by Ray Hogan

ISBN: 9781842629055
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 192 Pages
Published - 01-04-2012
Genre - Western
Price - £ 15.99

Kate London's most recent husband had died telling her of a cache of gold hidden in a wild country no ordinary woman could go to. If she were an ordinary woman, that would have been the end of it, but Kate is a tough frontier woman, and she sets out to find the treasure. Suspecting her husband's friends know about the gold, Kate hires a washed-up lawman, a busted army officer and a crippled gunslinger to protect her. In the end she finds not only gold but gripping adventure, a lost daughter and an unlikely lover.

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Review of The Vinegar Peak Wars by Hugh Martin

This is Hugh Martin’s fourth Black Horse Western and the first I’ve read. I found the book to be extremely readable and filled with gunplay. Right from the start when Dannehar and Oskin save their friend, which leads to them being mistakenly taken for hired guns, the action never lets up, from a violent raid on a ranch to a gripping battle in a canyon, and then to the final exciting showdown in a confined space...

Read more at Western Fiction Review.

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 9 April

1. The Kansas Fast Gun by Arthur Kent (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £2.74

2. The Black Horse Westerns by Abe Dancer, Dean Edwards, Tyler Hatch and Scott Connor (1 Jan 2011) - Kindle eBook
Available for download now £6.86

3. Gunhawk by John Long (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
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4. Drummond Takes a Hand by Alan Irwin (30 Dec 2011) - Kindle eBook
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5. Arizona Pay-Off by Duke Patterson (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
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6. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (30 Apr 2012) - Kindle eBook
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7. Dead Man's Range by Paul Durst (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
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8. Two-Gun Trouble by Gillian F. Taylor (29 Feb 2012) - Kindle eBook
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9. A Colt for the Kid by John Saunders (31 Oct 2011) - Kindle eBook
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10. A Man Called Breed by Chuck Tyrell (30 Nov 2011)
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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Review of The Venom of Iron Eyes by Rory Black

Rory Black opens this book with a very visual scene of a stagecoach arriving in Cooperville, a stagecoach filled with the dead and being driven by a skeletal man, and this terrific beginning sets the mood superbly for the story. A tale filled with horror and death...

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