Thursday, 30 April 2009

An Interview with Charles Whipple

The transcript of an interview carried out by members of the Black Horse Western Discussion group along with an extract of forthcoming BHW Guns of Ponderosa can be found at The Black Horse Express

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wild West Round-up

News of guest BHW bloggers and a special interview at Tainted Archive

Monday, 27 April 2009

Bestsellers on - 27 April

In an interesting development, star of Mastermind Gillian F. Taylor now has 2 books in the top 10.

1. Rocking W - Gillian F. Taylor
6 Used: £0.80

2. The Sharpshooter - Daniel Ransom
3 Used: £0.80

3. The Tarnished Star - Jack Martin
New: £9.19

4. Desperate Men - Corba Sunman
New: £12.25
8 Used: £9.49

5. All Guns Blazing - Douglas Thorne

6. Gunfight Too Many - Chap O'Keefe
New: £11.03
13 Used: £6.96

7. Darrow's Word - Gillian F. Taylor
3 Used: £4.85

8. Too Many Sundown - Jack Douglas
New: £11.03
8 Used: £8.27

9. JT's Ladies Ride Again - JT Edson
2 Used: £19.59

10. A Man Called Savage - Sydney J. Bounds
5 Used: £2.29

Friday, 24 April 2009

April's Black Horse Westerns

War Smoke - Michael D. George
Marshal Matt Fallen was faced with a series of horrific murders in the town of War Smoke. Yet these were not like others killings in the history of the remote Nevada settlement. Someone was brutally clubbing innocent men, women and even children to death with their six shooters. With so many strangers in War Smoke it was impossible to find the culprit yet Fallen was determined to get to the bottom of the slayings. Who was the murderer? A body had been discovered each night for two weeks. As the sun set the marshal vowed to get his man. A showdown was brewing. Fallen was ready.

Comanche Country - Greg Mitchell
Joe Kelly has bought a half share in Travis Neal's ranch in an area reputed to be Comanche territory. While searching for his missing partner, Kelly encounters a Comanche war party, three former Confederate soldiers fleeing a killing in Mexico, the Mayne family and a renegade gang. The arrival of a self-promoting US marshal adds to their problems. Kelly and the Maynes must face hostile Indians, white murderers and a fanatical lawman before they can claim their respective ranches. Then, when their troubles appear to be behind them, another problem arises. Suddenly there is the danger that friends will fall out. More lead will fly before the situation is finally resolved...

The Bullion Trail - Ed Hapgood
The mission should have been an easy one: deliver a hundred bars of gold to a bank in the Mexican town of San Caldiz. Sergeant Tom Benson was to lead the mission since he spoke Spanish and his ex-wife was a Mexican.But the gold never arrived. Tom took the blame and was cashiered from the army. In his attempt to prove his innocence he was helped by the Colonel's niece, the attractive Emily.There were to be shoot-outs with Mexican outlaws and Apaches and much blood was to be spilled before Tom could win through.

McGuire Manhunter - Scott Connor
Manhunter Jim McGuire hung up his gun and settled in White Ridge aiming to live a quiet life, but his past profession soon called him back. His young charge Billy Jameson was wrongly accused of murder and the only way to save him from the gallows was to take on an assignment from the corrupt Mayor Jake Nixon. But finding the on-the-run thief Barney Dale wasn't as straightforward as it seemed. Barney was the only witness to a murder committed by Nixon and unbeknown to Jim the mayor has hired ruthless guns to ensure that as soon as he finds Barney both of their lives will be cut short. With the manhunter becoming the hunted man, can Jim defeat the many guns Nixon has lined up against him?

On the Great Plains - Logan Winters
A haunted cabin in the middle of the wild great plains? Not exactly, but that was the way the pretty little slip of a girl, Kate McCallister, characterised it when young Ben Flowers appeared to take possession of the property. When she showed him the hundred or so bullet holes in the cabin walls, he understood what she meant. The place was shadowed by many violent memories, and some of them were to return to haunt it again. It was Ben's first and maybe only chance to build a life of his own, and if it was necessary, he was determined to fight off the spectres of the past with the cold steel of his own guns.

Rawhide Ransom - Tyler Hatch
Cole was a good sheriff, may be a mite too lenient at times, but when the chips were down, the town of Barberry fully appreciated his prowess with guns and fists. But he didn't know there was a tragedy in his past that would affect his actions - until a local boy was kidnapped while Cole was supposed to be guarding him. And the only one who could deliver the ransom was Cole himself.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

April's Linford Westerns

Tom Benson - The Duel At Murphy's Ford
Eli Riley is the marshal of Murphy's Ford, a copper mining town. But when the town's water supply is poisoned, the copper company is blamed. Then trouble starts: two prominent citizens are killed and a stranger arrives looking to avenge their deaths. Murphy's Ford is divided, and a vigilante mob heads for the mine owners. Eli, involved in a shoot-out, as the water poisoners become known, faces a growing demand for their lynching. How would it all end?

Skeeter Dodds - Tough Justice
When Ike Durrel robs the bank at Arrow Bend and kidnaps the banker's daughter, Jack Lane is unexpectedly thrown a lifeline to survival after he'd faced certain death. Despite the probability of failure against the outlaw Durrel, it's the only way out of Jack's financial trouble. Faced with an uprising in Indian country, and Ike Durrel and his brother, Ned, he must rescue Emily Watts. Surprisingly, Lane's mission is almost completed - until he is suddenly pitched into deadly danger...

Owen G. Irons - Six Days To Sundown
When his horse is shot dead, Casey Storm is forced to brave a high plains blizzard. Stumbling upon a wagon train of Montana settlers, he helps them to fight their way toward the new settlement of Sundown. But gunmen hired by a land-hungry madman follow. Now the wagon train's progress seems thwarted by their pursuers and the approaching winter. With only six bloody days to reach Sundown, will Casey's determination win through to let them claim their land?

Jim Lawless - Saratoga
Pinkerton operative Temple Bywater arrives in Saratoga, Wyoming facing a mystery: who murdered Senator Andrew Stone? Was it his successor, Nathan Wedge? Or were lawyers Forrest and Millard Jackson, and Marshal Tom Gaines involved? Bywater, along with his sidekick Clarence Sugg, and Texas Jack Logan, faces gunmen whose allegiances are unknown. The showdown comes in Saratoga. Will he come out on top in a bloody gun fight against an adversary who is not only tough, but also completely unforeseen?

Chap O'keefe - Peace At Any Price
Jim Hunter and Matt Harrison's Double H ranch thrived...till their crew marched away to war's glory, and outlaws destroyed everything and murdered oldster Walt Burridge. When the war ended, the two Hs started over. However, for Jim, war had wrought changes beyond endurance. So Jim rode out and into the arms of his wartime love, the gun-running adventuress Lena-Marie Baptiste. Now, trapped by his vow to avenge Old Walt, he must choose between enmity and love, life and death.

Corba Sunman - Hell's Courtyard
Indian Territory, popularly called Hell's Courtyard, was where bad men fled to escape the law. Buck Rogan, a deputy marshal hunting the killer Jed Calder, found the trail leading into Hell's Courtyard and went after his quarry, finding every man's hand against him. Rogan was also searching for the hideout of Jake Yaris, an outlaw running most of the lawlessness directed at Kansas and Arkansas. Single-minded and capable, Rogan would fight the bad men to the last desperate shot.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Bestsellers at the Book Depository - 20 April

And the chart-tastic news this week is that Ross Morton's latest The $300 Man has blasted its way in from nowhere to number 2 while The Tarnished Star is this week's oater-pickers favorite.

1. The Tarnished Star - Jack Martin

2. The $300 Man - Ross Morton

3. Nightmare Pass - Lance Howard

4. Last Chance Saloon - Ross Morton

5. All Guns Blazing - Douglas Thorne

6. Draw Down the Lightning - Ben Bridges

7. Death at Bethesda Falls - Ross Morton

8. Return to Black Rock - Scott Connor

9. Silver Galore - John Dyson

10. Meredith's Gold - Philip Harbottle

All books available at where worldwide postage is free.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Mastermind 7:30 pm BBC2

BHW author Gillian F. Taylor will be in the semi-finals of British tv quiz show Mastermind tonight answering questions on her specialist subject Blakes 7.

Update and a video at Tainted Archive

April's Dales Westerns

Jim Bowden - Roaring Valley
(Apparently not a BHW reprint. Original from 1962)
On his way home from New Mexico, Dan McCoy, Sheriff of Red Springs, comes to the rescue of Pat Goddard, only to find he has interfered in a domestic affair. Later, when she tries to get a message to him, Dan's curiosity is aroused and he finds himself helping to solve the murder of the owner of Roaring Valley. Russ Stanton, boss of the neighbouring Broken C, wants to gain full control of the whole range and Roaring Valley plays a key part in his plans. Double crossing, rustling and murder are all part of the malicious schemes Dan uncovers.

Daniel Rockfern - Manhunt In Quemado
Nix was a gun-runner and a killer. He turned Angel's sidekick loose - naked and unarmed - into the Valley of Death. Nix promised to come after him some time. Angel's mission was to find his friend's killer - but history repeated itself, and it was Angel who was alone in the desert. The hunter became the hunted.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Review of Saddletramp by John Brand

Review at Joanne Walpole

BHW reprint

News on Chap O'Keefe's A Gunfight Too Many selling out along with a teaser of news to come at The Tainted Archive

Review of Utah Hit by Charles Langley Hayes

Review at Western Fiction Review

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Monday, 13 April 2009

Bestsellers on

Please note this is the list on the .com site and not the site. I'm posting this in the spirit of providing a bit of weekly variety, but I don't think many people buy their BHWs from there.

1. Brogan: Blood Money by L.D. Tetlow
2. Call Me Ringo by Hank J Kirby
3. Massacre at Bluff Point by I.J. Parnham
4. Dakota Wolf by Clayton Nash
5. Gunsmoke Mountain by Owen G. Irons
6. The Crooked Sheriff by John Dyson
7. The Left-Hand Path by Jack Gallagher
8. Hells Canyon by John Hunt
9. Guns of the Pony Express by T.M. Dolan
10. Incident at Butler's Station by Richard Wyler

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

BHW production to increase

Report on the news of a change to the number of BHWs published each month at Tainted archive

Monday, 6 April 2009

Exchange rates help U.S. BHW fans

In the last year the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the U.K. pound has changed significantly meaning that the cost of a new BHW has dropped from around $26 this time last year to less than $18 now. With free delivery being available there's never been a better time for U.S. buyers.

Use this already programmed link to search for latest BHWs.

Bestselling Linford Westerns on - 6 April

1. The Gambling Man by John Dyson
4 Used & new from £2.51

2. Smoking Star by B.J. Holmes
7 Used & new from £1.37

3. Lobo Apache by John Brand
5 Used & new from £9.99

4.Comes the Reaper by B.J. Holmes
Buy new: £8.99, 8 Used & new from £8.98

5. McAllister and Cheyenne Death by Matt Chisholm
1 Used & new from £52.34

6. Johnny Vengeance by Frank Gruber
4 Used & new from £7.50

7. Last-chance Range by Dean Owen
Buy new: £8.50, 7 Used & new from £8.50

8. Arizona Saddles by Brett Austin
4 Used & new from £2.32

9. The Haunting Wind by D.J. Richards
13 Used & new from £3.85

10. Saddletramp by John Brand
1 Used & new from £5.00

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Poll

April's poll has been added in the top left hand corner.

March's poll concluded that readers are split equally between those who read BHWs by borrowing from the library, those who buy secondhand, and those who buy new.