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Black Horse Westerns - November 2009

Rustler's Range by Billy Hall
Tad Strong had made a bold attempt to capture the outlaw king in his own domain. Everything had gone dreadfully wrong. Now he was pinned down, surrounded, and hopelessly outnumbered. Tad retreated to the wall, propping himself against it. He was suddenly overwhelmed with the constant barrage of bullets, splintering wood, shattering objects, pounding a relentless cacophony of his certain and impending doom. He realized with a rush the enormous stupidity of thinking he could slip into Bligh's stronghold, take him out, and escape. At least he would die thinking of Becky, and the feel of her lips against his. There was no further sense in even trying to prolong the inevitable. There were too many. Bligh was dead, but in everything else he had failed. He sighed in resignation, leaned his head back against the wall, and waited for the bullet that would end it.

McRae's Last Trail by Terry Murphy
With the relentless bounty hunter Durell close behind, the badly wounded outlaw Maury McRae reaches the small town of Gray's Flat. Nursed back from the verge of death by the beautiful Heather Cordell, McRae discovers what life could have been. In need of money, his fast gun brings an offer of work from the ruthless rancher Max Nelson. Learning that his new job involves a serious threat to Heather and her brother is a dilemma for McRae. Trapped in a hopeless set of circumstances, yet still hoping to begin a new life, McRae sees that dream fading away as a highly dangerous situation develops.

Waiting for the Hangman by Carlton Youngblood
James Buckley Armstrong, called Buck by most people who knew him, couldn't turn Professor Fish down when he was asked to take on the job of protecting the girl sitting on the bench of the rocking stagecoach across from him. What neither of them knew was the man they were on their way to visit, her Uncle Clarence, was in jail waiting for the hangman. Clarence had not denied he was once part of the Henry Plummer gang and when the hangman arrived he'd pay the price. But before that happened, he wanted Buck to help the girl find Plummer's hidden stash of stolen gold. Buck didn't want her to have the memory of his hanging to take home and he wasn't sure about the gold, either. But others wanted both the hanging and the gold.

Always the Guns by Matt James
A murder charge followed by desperate flight and pursuit halfway across the West for two innocent young ranchers - could fate be more brutal? Darien Pell and Slim Carroway are soon to find out during an odyssey which takes them from the once-peaceful East to the wilds of old Texas...with a vengeful posse in pursuit. Is it simple bad luck that they fall in with flamboyant old Mack and his gans of wild desperadoes? Or might it prove to be their one hope of dodging the hangman's noose?

Take Me to Texas by Ryan Bodie
Carmody was once a respected lawman. Even now, when he is running from the law with his gang of desperadoes and is wanted in three counties for jailbreak and robbery, he can hardly believe how much things have changed. He cannot forgive his former friend, Sheriff Reece Chandler for putting him in once he has pulled off the biggest robbery in Whiplock's history and before he flees to exile in Mexico, he vows to have his revenge.

Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty
When Rafe Morgan rides into a Wyoming town called Twisted Oak he gets into a saloon brawl and horribly disfigures an outlaw named Dutch Williams. Vowing revenge, Dutch and his men pillage the town and take two hostages, including the marshal's daughter. Rafe joins Deputy U.S. Marshal Ethan O'Hara and a small posse in the hunt for Dutch, but they soon realize that Dutch didn't take hostages to negotiate, he took them as bait. Dutch won't be satisfied with stolen money, he wants blood, and he'll stop at nothing until Rafe and the posse are destroyed. Following the outlaw's trail, the posse now find themselves in a desperate struggle for their very lives.

Revenge by Fire by Bill Williams
Steve Ross has been forced to give up the struggle to keep his small ranch going during the Arizona's worst drought in living memory. He intends to leave town in the morning, but events result in him being given an unusual ultimatum. He must face the prospect of hanging for killing a man, or becoming the Deputy Marshal of Craigy Plains. Ross has never owned or fired a pistol, but following his appointment as a lawman he is taught how to handle a weapon by an old gunfighter. His prowess with a gun is soon given a severe test. He is drawn into the tragic events that put his own life in the greatest danger.

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Linford Westerns - November 2009

The Gun Hand by Robert Anderson
Johnny Royal had lived on his wits and his gun after leaving home following a foolish argument. Returning home, however, he finds the neighbourhood is threatened by rustlers and outlaws. He meets a local rancher, the beautiful Sarah, whose uncle's past criminal deeds have returned to haunt them. Now, Johnny, Sarah and the ranch foreman must blaze a path of destruction against the forces searching for her uncle's ill-gotten gains, in the teeth of the outlaw's meanest gunslingers.

Trail To Fort Laramie by Jack Edwardes
Jack Latimer has been sheriff of Beaver Creek for ten years. He's content collecting taxes and throwing drunken cowboys out of the saloon on Saturday nights. His Navy Colt is used only to win the annual shooting contest. Then, when the bridge on the trail to Fort Laramie is closed, Beaver Creek explodes into violence as hired killers arrive and ruthless men target Latimer. To survive he'll need to think fast and shoot straight.

Dakota Death by Billy Hall
Cotton Lang, astride his horse, knew it could be suicide to ride across the open stretch of ground. Yet his promised bride was in great peril from the twisted love of an insane suitor. Could he yet save her? Braced against the expected volley of bullets, he spurred his mount on. Now dangerously exposed and riding low and fast, nothing less than a miracle would let him survive to even learn his sweetheart's fate.

Wildcats by Tyler Hatch
He'd lived among whites for thirty years, yet there was a lot of Indian in Jim Santee. His gunspeed and ready fists made him a good and loyal friend - or bodyguard. Governor Burdin blessed the day he hired him. That was until Santee failed a crucial assignment. To make amends, Santee tore the Territory apart and ran the killer down, but shock developments raised serious doubts...and no gunfighter should reach for his guns if he's unsure of his target.

Hot Lead, Cold Heart by Matthew P. Mayo
His Honor Newland Pontiff III, late of Exeter Territorial Prison, presides over Cayuse Falls and his vast tract of land. He has ambitious plans for the town, but a demon from his past looms on the horizon... Mason, mankiller and vigilante hero, has come to settle one last score with the man who'd wronged the famous 'killer of killers'. Nothing will stop him from seeing this last mission through to its end - an end he knows he won't survive.

Rawhide Rider by Dale Mike Rogers
Seasoned gunfighter Rawhide Jones quits working for Diamond Jim Brady to start a new life as a lawman, far from Laredo, in the border town of Santa Maria. But Brady sets his gunmen on Jones's trail to kill him: nobody quits Diamond Jim Brady and lives to tell the tale. Can Rawhide Jones turn the tables on his evil boss? With the help of Marshal Ethan Parker and his two sons, Jones tries to do the impossible and live.

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Bestsellers at The Book Depository - 23 November

This week the Lance Howard, sorry, bestseller chart is from The Book Depository. Please note that at the moment pre-ordered titles have a 25% discount.

1. Nightmare Pass by Lance Howard

2. Savage's Quest by Sydney Bounds

3. Hell Pass by Lance Howard

4. Haunted Pass by Lance Howard

5. Overland Stage by Logan Winters

6. Blood Creek by Lance Howard

7. Winters' War by Matthew Mayo

8. Last Chance Saloon by Ross Morton

9. Draw Down the Lightning by Ben Bridges

10. Death at Bethesda Falls by Ross Morton

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Dales Westerns - November 2009

All Guns Blazing by Doug Thorne
Cal Hennessy was on his way to meet up with old friend Billy Dixon at Adobe Walls. The plan was to catch up on each other's news over a beer or three, but before he got there he ran into two dead men and a bunch of blood-hungry Comaches. Trouble was brewing on the staked plains of Texas and Hennessey, who was no stranger to it, quickly found himself right in the middle of a full-scale Indian war. Gun-swift as he was, would even he survive the killing to come?

Desperate Men by Corba Sunman
Deputy Sheriff Matt Cameron was worried as he rode back to town after unsuccessfully hunting rustlers. Lawlessness was on the increase, and Matt had heard that his brother Buck was riding with Eli Kimber's gang. He had warned Buck off years earlier and his brother had dropped out of sight. Now it seemed Buck was back on the crooked trail. Matt also had a showdown looming in the shape of Hulk Grayson, the bullying town slaughterman. Trouble piled up when he found Ben Turner, the liveryman, murdered, and when he caught up with Buck. Now it would all flare into deadly action.

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 16 November

This week the chart is for pre-orders only.

1. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

2. Brazos Fugitive by Tyler Hatch (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

3. Confederate Paydirt by Robert Anderson (Hardcover - 26 Feb 2010)

4. The Devil's Gold by M. Duggan (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

5. Guns of Ponderosa by Chuck Tyrell (Hardcover - 26 Feb 2010)

6. The Judas Metal by Gillian F. Taylor (Hardcover - 26 Feb 2010)

7. Kincaid and the Barton Gang by Alan Irwin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

8. The Legend of Tornado Tess by Terrell L. Bowers (Hardcover - 26 Feb 2010)

9. A Man Named Shonto by Ryan Bodie (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

10. Rough Justice by Jackson Davis (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 9 November

For variety, this week the bestseller list is for books published after January 2009.

1. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

2. A Coffin for Santa Rosa by Steve Hayes (Hardcover - 30 Oct 2009)

3. Packing Iron by Steve Hayes (Hardcover - 31 Aug 2009)

4. The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 30 Jun 2009)

5. Comanche Country by Greg Mitchell (Hardcover - 30 April 2009)

6. Hangtown by Logan Winters (Hardcover - 30 Oct 2009)

7. On the Great Plains by Logan Winters (Hardcover - 30 April 2009)

8. Rio Bonito by Caleb Rand (Hardcover - 31 Jul 2009)

9. Iron Eyes Makes War by Rory Black (Hardcover - 30 Oct 2009)

10. Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty (Hardcover - 30 Nov 2009)

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Bestsellers on Amazon - 2 November

1. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 31 Mar 2010)

2. Shannon by Dempsey Clay (Hardcover - Nov 2003)

3. Lobo Apache by John Brand (Hardcover - 30 April 1999)

4. The Border Crossing by Clint Custer (Hardcover - 29 Mar 1996)

5. The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin (Hardcover - 30 Jun 2009)

6. The Frontiersmen by Elliot Conway (Hardcover - 29 Oct 2004)

7. The Legend Lives on by Alan C. Porter (Hardcover - 31 Oct 2000)

8. Count Your Bullets by Hank J. Kirby (Hardcover - 31 Jan 2003)

9. Kinsella's Revenge by Mark Falcon (Hardcover - 30 Sep 2004)

10. Comanche Country by Greg Mitchell (Hardcover - 30 April 2009)

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