Sunday, 25 October 2009

Linford Westerns - October 2009

Last Mile To Nogales by Ryan Bodie
Nogales was a hell town, in the heart of the desert. Its single claim to fame was its band of deadly guns-for-hire who lived there, especially Ryan Coder, whom some saw as the gun king. Yet Coder found his life on the line when he hired out to the king of Chad Valley and was pitted against Holly, the youngest and deadliest gunslinger of them all. Would Coder end up just another notch on Holly's gun?

The Buffalo Gun by Ken Brompton
Arrow Ridge is a cattle town, its ranges owned by Clay Glandon, ruthless boss of the Big Three outfit. Homesteaders are driven off their land by his men. Only Tom Cardigan's outfit, the TT, will fight for what is theirs. Then, armed with a powerful buffalo gun, Will Keever arrives in town. His reputation as a gunslinger brings unease to those fearing retribution... Keever's on a mission - and that mission will bring him into deadly conflict with Glandon.

The Devil's Rider by Lance Howard
When vicious outlaw Jeremy Trask escapes the hangman's noose, he rides into Baton Ridge on a mission of revenge and bloodlust. It had been a year since he'd murdered manhunter Jim Darrow's brother in cold blood. Now, along with the sole survivor of the massacre, a young homeless widow named Spring Treller, Darrow vows to hunt down the outlaw - this time to finish him for good. But will he survive the deadly reception the outlaw has waiting?

Showdown At Painted Rock by Walt Masterson
When a wagon train is trapped by armed men in Painted Desert, mountain man Obadiah Peabody helps out. He believes they are all just another bunch of pilgrims aiming for California. But among the innocent travellers are the Driscoll brothers - the meanest bunch of owlhoots. Obadiah realises he's got a tiger by the tail when the brothers turn on their rescuer and kidnap his adopted granddaughter. Can Obadiah succeed against seemingly impossible odds? Can he even survive?

Misfit Lil Cleans Up by Chap O'keefe
A senseless killing prevents scout and guide Jackson Farraday from investigating an odd situation in the Black Dog mining settlement. So he tricks Lilian Goodnight into spying at the High Meadows cattle ranch. Lil discovers range boss Liam O'Grady running a haywire outfit, crewed by deep-dyed misfits. She then finds she must rescue an ex-British army officer, Albert Fitzcuthbert, from renegade Indians. And Lil faces ever more problems that only her savvy, daring and guns can settle!

Rangeland Ruckus by Randall Sawka
Chet Mitchell's dream was to raise cattle, near the town of Tanning, in a seemingly inaccessible valley. However, landowner Dave Tanning didn't want strangers to ranch land that he felt belonged to his family. And people laughed at Chet's plan to access the valley, which was surrounded by mountains and enormous rock walls. Many had tried, and died. But when Mitchell unveiled his surprise, Dave Tanning had to face a man who knew how to use his head and his guns...


Chap O'Keefe said...

Thanks, Ian, for the link to the extract from Faith and a Fast Gun. A sample chapter from Misfit Lil Cleans Up is also available at the same new site, which replaces my old GeoCities one. Yahoo is closing their GeoCities service from today., which hosts and /bhefai, emailed me today: "Congrats - Your site with username chapokeefe is in the Top 1% of all sites created this week!"

Thank you, Ian, and everyone else whose links have helped achieve this result.

Howard said...

The Linford covers are very nice this month. While the one for my Devil's Rider is not one of my favorites (I think it is the border color and font that puts me off a little) it is nice to see a woman on the cover of a book with a female lead! Bodie's cover is very nice as well. I especially like the one for Rangeland Ruckus.