Sunday, 21 February 2010

Linford Westerns - February 2010

Daughter Of Evil by H.H. Cody
ISBN: 9781444800128
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 216 Pages
Price - £8.99

When Jake Probyn hauls up outside the Circle F ranch, he's looking for work, not trouble. But he finds trouble in the shape of the boss's daughters and the foreman, Ransome. Things get worse when the old man dies leaving the ranch to his daughters. Then there are back shootings, range fires and one daughter goes missing...and while the Drowned Valley on Circle F land has its own eerie story to tell, there's trouble galore waiting for Jake...

Anderson's War by Jackson Davis
ISBN: 9781444800135
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 248 Pages
Price - £8.99

Drifter Hank Anderson plans to go straight as the new town marshal in Abilene. But troubles begin when town reporter Jane Cox probes his dark and secretive past. Then a young lad called Newt turns up claiming to be Hank's nephew, and fast-shooting killers rob the town bank. Hank's dilemma, as he and Newt chase them into Indian territory, is whether to return with the stolen cash to Jane in Abilene, or head for a new life in California...

Brand 8: Devil's Gold by Neil Hunter
ISBN: 9781444800142
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 272 Pages
Price - £8.99

Jason Brand's new assignment has him pitched against Kwo Han, Chinese Tong Master, in a struggle to gain control of Confederate gold, lost for over twenty years. Brand has to battle the odds, violence and betrayal as he moves from New Mexico to Yucatan, gaining a new partner and facing blazing action. In his return to duty Brand brings his own justice to the lawbreakers - and they are no match for his deadly skills!

Paths Of Death by P. Mccormac
ISBN: 9781444800159
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 304 Pages
Price - £8.99

He had done with killing. That was all in the past. Zacchaeus Wolfe was a peaceful dirt farmer. But the Lazy K didn't like sodbusters. The Kerfoots owned the range...and the law. His little farm did not fit into their plans. So old man Barrett Kerfoot and his five sons, backed by a full complement of cowboys, began to push Zacchaeus. But they'd find out the hard way what it was to have a curly wolf by the tail...

The Guns Of Caleb Jones by Alan C. Porter
ISBN: 9781444800166
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 240 Pages
Price - £8.99

Caleb Jones rode into Desert Bluffs to make peace with his daughter whom he had not seen in twenty years. But Aguilar's raiders, from across the Mexican border, denied him the opportunity, killing her and taking his granddaughters. Then as Caleb rode in to get them back, guns blazing, it seemed that this explosive rescue mission into Mexico was doomed from the start. But Caleb wouldn't accept defeat lying down. When his guns spoke, men listened or died...

Sharpshooters In The Hills by Ron Watkins
ISBN: 9781444800173
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 200 Pages
Price - £8.99

When map-maker Roger Stone disappears in the Black Hills, Indian territory, sharpshooters McGee and Salmon search for him, seeking a reward. But Stone has been murdered and an Indian attacks McGee. Then Dan the whiskey man and his daughter, Daisy, arrive in Caraton with a mysterious order of whiskey. This could inflame the Indians, resentful of their enforced removal to the reservation. An uprising looms and the duo need all their sharp-shooting skills to survive the gun battles ahead.

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