Sunday, 30 May 2010

Black Horse Westerns - May 2010

A Bullet for Ben McCabe by Peter Wilson

Gunned down and left for dead, Ben McCabe is nursed back to health only to learn that he is wanted for murder and robbery. He has no memory of his past but he sets out in search of the truth, gradually putting together the events that led to his shooting. As his memory slowly returns, he tracks down the real killers - but his problems are by no means over. Lurking in the shadows is a man who still has the bullet he has saved for Ben McCabe...

The Sunset Kid by Michael D. George

There were many bounty hunters roaming the West but Johnny Sunset was one of the most deadly...After killing two of the outlaw Bower brothers, he heads to Silver City in order to collect the reward money. Upon his arrival, though, he discovers that every cent has been stolen from the bank by Moss Carver and his gang. In order to collect his blood money Sunset must follow them to a place called Deadman's Draw. As the bounty hunter tracks down his prey he has no idea that two more of the Bower boys are trailing him with vengeance burning in their hearts. Soon the Sunset Kid will face his greatest challenge ever...

Big Trouble at Flat Rock by Elliot Long

It was with a near-broken heart and a deep hatred that Jim McKendry looked down at his father lying dead in his coffin. He could barely look at the lifeless face and the silk wrapping that covered the ghastly wound across his father's throat. Jim swore that someone would pay for his father's death and no matter what it took the killer would be brought to justice - alive or dead.

The Legacy by Logan Winters

There was nothing special about the J-Bar ranch in Colorado...except that it had thirty-five thousand acres of prime land and its previous owner had just been murdered leaving $50,000 and hidden gold. The whole territory joins the hunt for the missing fortune and violence and murder become commonplace, but it is only when three heirs arrive from the East that true chaos erupts...

Fightback by Joseph John McGraw

When Tom Harker gets shot at, there's nothing personal about it - but when he shoots back, things change...Walter Viall, the cattle king of Tate Country, is a man with a murky past and he doesn't take kindly to strangers meddling in his affairs. He has used intimidation and violence to get the law-abiding town of Laureston exactly where he wants it and he has no intention of letting anyone get in his way. He remains unchallenged...until Tom Harker leads the fightback...

Raiders of the Mission San Juan by Scott Connor

Marshal Lincoln Hawk is on the trail of the Shannon gang when he learns to his surprise that they have already been killed. He alone believes that the dead outlaws have been incorrectly identified, so he continues on the owlhoot trail...His search leads him to the Mission San Juan where he finds the gang still very much alive as they prepare to claim a stash of Mexican gold. They will stop at nothing to protect their alibi and no help is forthcoming from the peaceful mission padres. Can Lincoln hold his own when faced with an army of gun-toting raiders?

Ransom by Owen G. Irons

Banker Amos Fillmore's life is shattered by the brazen kidnapping of his pretty daughter, Anita. The kidnappers, led by the notorious gunman Earl Weathers, demand a ransom payment that can only be raised if Fillmore raids the assets of his Crater, Arizona bank. In the end, though, even that payment is not enough. Duplicity and violence rage while Anita remains hostage in a cave carved deep into the hills of the desert wilderness. Her safety is secondary to avarice, and even those tasked with upholding justice are inept and overcome with greed. It seems as though neither Anita nor her ransom will ever be recovered from the grip of the desert. That is until the territory's top gun, Laredo, steps in...

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