Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Black Horse Westerns - June 2010

The Hunting of Lope Gamboa by Jack Sheriff

Texas Rangers Jack Carson and Eddie Brand have been hunting outlaw Lope Gamboa for some time without success, but when they ride into Yuma it seems their luck has changed. An assignment of US gold is to be transported along the Oxbow route by Conestoga wagon and the Rangers are convinced that Gamboa will attempt to steal the gold. As all factions close in on the lumbering Conestoga wagon, the trail leads inexorably to a bloody climax in the Gila desert...

Hell in the Mesquites by Daniel Rockfern

The name he gave was Green. If you didn't look carefully, you might have written him off as just another drifting puncher, no better or worse than a thousand others. But there was something about him that made you look again...look and notice the latent power of the whipcord frame, the eyes that could change to icy menace in seconds, and the matched Colts in the tied-down holsters, their butts smooth with much use. A capable man, maybe a dangerous one. The kind of man you were glad to have on your side. A man who looked like he would know what to do in a tight spot and would do it - in a flash.

Prairie Wolves by Corba Sunman

When Bender County, Kansas, becomes the target of a callous gang of range thieves, deputy sheriff Brad Harper finds himself at the forefront of the action. Upon learning that his friend is missing, Harper rides out to his ranch to look for clues and finds the place ablaze. Harper's troubles do not end here, though, and much blood will be shed before justice is done.

The Treasure of Santa Maria by J. William Allen

To his dying day, Monte Crawford never understood why he had saved Grover Lang's life. It was one of those unfathomable things - since it certainly wasn't in his nature to help others. Whatever the reasons, Crawford's uncharacteristic act of kindness leads to all kinds of unforeseen consequences: blood, mayhem and death, as the perilous journey to the legendary treasure of Santa Maria begins...

Creeback by A. Dorman Leishman

When former soldier Jim Rennie finds a dead body at the bottom of Sandy Creek, he realises that his quiet life in Creeback valley is over. Reluctantly, he begins to investigate. The dead boy was not one of the settlers nor a cattleman; nor was he part of their bitter land dispute. Nevertheless, Rennie suspects that the boy's death is central to the feud. Settlers homes are being burned and Tom Rutherford, the man responsible, seems too powerful to be stopped. But Jim Rennie knows he must find a way...

Gideon's Guns by Jake Douglas

Gideon Kirk had lived on the edge of the Law for ten years, both above and below the Rio. When he returns to Texas to take over his ailing father's freight business, he truly believes that this is the deal he needs to shake off his past for good. But old enemies follow him and new foes appear. Soon Gideon is forced to face his past head on.

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