Saturday, 31 July 2010

Black Horse Westerns - July 2010

The Broken Horseshoe by Billy Hall

Coleman Black is stumped by a string of murders and robberies near the boom town of Deadwood. His best friend, hired to transport money from a cattle sale, is among the victims. Cole is desperate to find answers but, with no clues to go by, the killer could be anyone. When Cole decides to take some inspired advice from a new friend, he has no idea that he is being led directly into the line of fire. Meanwhile, the killer smiles as he silently waits in the cover of timber, his rifle already aimed at Cole's heart...

Hideout at Mender's Crossing by John Glasby

The ghost town of Mender's Crossing was the ideal base for a gang of outlaws to operate from without interference. Then, a group of soldiers are killed defending a gold-train and the army calls upon special operator Steve Landers to investigate. Now, Landers must face not only the gang but land baron Hal Clegg, whose hired mercenaries are driving independent ranchers off their land. He will need nerves of steel if he is to succeed when he is so heavily outnumbered. Can he cheat the odds and win?

Rangeland Justice by Rob Hill

When Jack Just, weary from long days on the trail, rides into an isolated cattle town on the Texas Panhandle, he discovers that the greedy and powerful Clovis Blacklake has the whole town in his pocket. But when Jack discovers that Blacklake has cheated the town's most downtrodden inhabitant out of his rightful property, he decides to make a stand. It takes a real man to fight the ruthless Blacklake and when Jack does: the tables finally begin to turn...

Loner with a Gun by Ryan Bodie

Hank Masters was a good man, a gentle man who wouldn't have hurt a fly, so when he was framed and then hanged for a crime he didn't commit his son Flint swore revenge. Now Flint Masters must leave his life as a gun-guard in Durango to travel to Jaramillo, where his father's life was taken. He will avenge himself on the lying, cheating town of Jaramillo until he has done justice to his father's memory. And woe betide anyone who stands in his way...

Return to Lonesome by Brendan Fagan

After Jim Starret was framed by for a robbery he didn't commit, he decided it was time to learn how to shoot... and when he got out of jail, he went looking for the robber who had caused all his woes. But Starret's problems were far from over when he gained his freedom. Somebody from his past still wanted him dead.

Trailing Wing by Abe Dancer

With the tough cattle drive from Colorado to Wyoming finally over, Jubal Lorde looked forward to buying some land and settling down in the peaceful town of Pitchfork...until someone stole his herd and killed his friend Billy. Suddenly, Jubal had a new reason for staying in town. Now he must pit himself against the tough, influential businessman Kingsley Post and his mercenary henchman, Grif Bartow...but will the desire for revenge prove worthwhile when it comes to the final showdown?

Robbery in Savage Pass by D.M. Harrison

When a Pinkerton agent offers Soames Ho the job of taking gold from Marysville to a Californian bank he accepts. The stagecoach carrying the gold travels through Savage Pass with a nervous driver and a greenhorn shotgun rider. Waiting up ahead are three men intent on robbery. The Pinkerton agent has deliberately set it up so that no one with guts or real fire power escorts the stagecoach, but he got Soames Ho all wrong. Soames believes in justice and, whatever the cost, he is determined to find the gold and the outlaws.


Joanne Walpole/Terry James said...

An interesting mix.

Steve M said...

Hi Ian, you're missing two July releases.

Trailing Wing by Abe Dancer
Robbery in Savage Pass by D.M. Harrison

For some reason Amazon has messed up and have books listed in wrong months and, sometimes, you need to search for them by author as they don't appear in the western lists at all. Frustrating if you're the author or a reader that particularly wants a specific book.

Hale are still releasing seven BHW a month.

I.J. Parnham said...

Thanks, Steve. Amazon appear to have made plenty of mistakes recently. I assumed 5 this month was to compensate for 7 last month.

Chap O'Keefe said...

The Amazon lists for the Linford releases have also been "hit and miss" lately.

I try to run a quarterly list of BHWs at Black Horse Extra for anyone who wants to make a quick check. The list on the current "page" of the Extra is for May, June and July, the last seven of the 21 titles being the July ones.

The 21 BHW titles scheduled by Hale for August, September and October are listed in the next Extra, which will go online mid-August, dated September-November.

Hope this helps.