Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Black Horse Westerns - August 2010

Bonito Deputy by Jack Slade

Pacifying the wild streets of Bonito would have been a challenge for any man, but when the lawman chosen to undertake the task was yet to turn twenty-one, the inhabitants of the hell-town had good reason to be afraid. Rick Dannecker knew what the townsfolk were thinking...but he also knew that the man brave enough to take on the impossible could see his name become legend...

The Last Gundown by Matt James

A town without mercy, a land without heart or soul: that was what Shacklock confronted during that endless blazing summer. Even the handful of men who supported him gave him no chance of surviving that murderous summer of hate. They had already given him up for dead when he faced the last gundown...

Dead Man Riding by Lance Howard

Two years before, Logan Priest had left the woman he loved in the hope of sheltering her from the dangers of his profession...but he made a terrible mistake. When a vicious outlaw whom he brought to justice escapes prison, he seeks revenge on the very woman that Priest once sought to protect. Logan has no desire to return to the manhunting trail until he receives the outlaw's grisly calling-card. Can he gather his wits in time to meet the challenge or will he become the killer's next victim?

Vengeance Rides the River by Hugh Martin

The murder of Dave Lockheart's wife by a set of desperados who plague the Red River country of Texas leads him to a desperate mission for revenge. Though he was once a soldier, Lockheart is no natural killer, but his quest for revenge becomes marked by murder, bullets and gun-smoke, and brings him face to face with deadly men. Then he meets Helen, who must overcome difficulties that few women ever face. Now she must teach Lockhart that there can be a world of difference between vengeance and justice...

Railroad to Redemption by I. J. Parnham

The influx of railroad men looking to build a new track to Redemption brings plenty of trouble for Sheriff Cassidy Yates. However, things seem to be looking up when Dayton Fisher, down on his luck and looking for work, arrives in town. Dayton's bravery persuades Luther to hire him as a bodyguard but the job turns sour when Luther hires six ruthless gunslingers to cause mayhem about town. Worse is yet to come and when Luther is killed the repercussions force Dayton to pit himself against his friend Cassidy. Can the two men put aside their differences for long enough to defeat the gunslingers?

Renegade's Legacy by Rick Dalmas

The mystery man rode into town the day that they buried Big A1 McCord. He called himself 'Brett' - but some people had good cause to suspect he was really 'Dan McCord', a runaway kid returning after almost 20 years - all grown-up and out for vengeance. His arrival shook the town to its foundations; it brought turmoil and gunsmoke to the rangeland and it caused panic and desperate moves among corrupt officials and folk with a bad conscience. But Brett had his own agenda - and when they found out what it was, that part of Dakota would never be the same again.

Death Rider by Boyd Cassidy

When mountain man Rufas Kane stumbles across the body of a harmless cowboy on a hillside overlooking the spirited town of Death, the question everybody is asking themselves is: why would anyone want to kill Dan Cooper? When one of Gene Adams' cowboys is killed in a gunfight with the ruthless Trey Skinner, it becomes apparent that Skinner is the man responsible for Cooper's untimely death. But all is not as it seems. As the night goes on, an alarming spate of killings shake the town to its foundations, but Gene Adams vows to find the answer and the killer before dawn or die in the attempt.

The Vengeance Trail by J. D. Kincaid

After saloon girl Kitty O'Hara shoots Billy Tranter in self-defence, she flees town in terror of the consequences and heads north out of Texas. Kitty is pursued by Billy's elder brother, Captain Johnnie Tranter of the Texas Rangers, who is determined to exact revenge for Billy's death. Johnnie's plans are thwarted, however, when Wolf Brennan's gang hold up Kitty's stagecoach and she escapes with the outlaws. Meanwhile, the famous Kentuckian gunfighter, Jack Stone, is on the case. It might take all of his courage and resourcefulness to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion...but they don't come tougher or deadlier than Jack Stone.


Dirk said...

Who is behind the name Jack Slade, since (another?) Jack Slade wrote the Lassiter serial (well known in Germany).

Anonymous said...

And what do you think about the - what seams to me - computer generated cover art work? I have nothing against artwork made on computers, but some of these covers seem to have been made in a rush (and have a very cheap outlook).

I.J. Parnham said...

Obviously it'd be great if someone like Muriana could supply even more pictures, but to be honest I've very rarely seen a BHW cover that doesn't have something interesting about it. On the other hand I've very rarely seen covers to other westerns that are interesting enough to look at.

So, yeah, I guess not all the artwork will appeal to everyone, but even so I like it that they try to provide variety.