Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Black Horse Westerns - November 2010

Iron Eyes is Dead by Rory Black

The town of Desert Springs lay on the edge of a vast ocean of sand - an oasis which had started to draw the dregs of Texas down into its profitable boundaries. Yet none of the ruthless characters who had been gathering there was anything when judged against the infamous bounty hunter, Iron Eyes, who had trailed a dangerous outlaw into the midst of the remote settlement. But Iron Eyes was wounded. He had battled his way through a band of Apaches in his quest to reach this place. With an arrow through his chest and a bullet hole in his leg, he had lost more blood than most men could afford to lose. As the town's doctor fought to save his life a call went out: 'Iron Eyes is Dead!'. But is this truly the end for the legend known as Iron Eyes?

Take the Oregon Trail by Eugene Clifton

Thousands of men took the trail to the west looking for a new beginning. Quite a few of them didn't make it - drowning, starving or just taking sick and not making it through. When Adam Trant set out on the Oregon Trail it wasn't a new start he was looking for but an old enemy. The hunt took him to a savage wilderness few white men ever saw, and matched him against ruthless marauders who would shoot a man dead on a whim. Adam was ready to die - as long as he succeeded in what he'd set out to do, death didn't matter. However, he was faced with the love of a woman, the one unpredictable force he wasn't prepared for.

Blood Feud by John Dyson

When a young Japanese railroad worker, Higo, kills two rapist guards and escapes into Utah's canyonlands, Cal Mitchell goes after him - and not just for the $500 reward...Dark secrets beckon Cal towards his homeland amid the soaring mountains of Zion. Not only is he still under the spell of his tempestuous passion for Modesty but he also seeks vengeance against the five fiery brothers of the Granger clan. Blood flows and bullets fly as Cal steps back into his murky past. Can he find peace when the odds are stacked against him?

The Fighting Man by Alan Irwin

Young Rob Sinclair, the son of a homesteader from the Wyoming Territory, has never handled a shotgun in his life, but when his parents are killed by the Nolan gang, he is determined to bring the culprits to justice. Everyone knows that only a real fighting man would stand a chance of defeating the Nolans but Rob doesn't plan to give up that easily. He persuades a retired bounty hunter to pass on some of his own fighting skills and then he sets out on his search for the killers. His journey takes him all the way to the Texas Panhandle but what awaits him there? And can he complete such a perilous mission alone?

Hombre's Vengeance by Toots J. Johnson

Fifteen-year old Zachariah Smith has been growing up fast ever since he witnessed the murder of his father at the hands of brutal cattle baron, Dale Bryant. At first, avenging his father's death isn't at the forefront in his mind as he struggles with the harsh reality of surviving alone...but then he meets two of Bryant's other victims and he realises that he must join the fight for justice. Although Zac knows that lead will fly and he will probably die trying to stop Bryant, he is determined. Zac is back, no longer a wronged boy, but a man. Now is the time for the hombre's vengeance!

Savidge by Sean Kennedy

Joe Savidge has revenge in his heart. But having been beaten to within an inch of his life following some dirty dealings in a lawless small town, he ends up in Pioche, Nevada, with little more than the shirt on his back- to say nothing of the tools required to make revenge a reality. Then he meets a woman who is down on her luck - just like him, but with a lucrative connection to a mysterious Frenchman. For Savidge, playing along means the opportunity to purchase guns and horses: necessities for a man hell-bent on retribution. After that, all Savidge has to do is lie in wait for destiny to arrive...

Blood on the Sand by Lee Lejeune

Mav is on his way west from Tennessee when he encounters a gang of desperadoes about to kill a young Apache brave. When he intervenes to save the victim, he stirs up a lot of bad blood - but he also forges an unusual partnership when a band of Comanche comes to his aid. He rides on to the small town of Cimarron where he hopes to find some rest...but he soon discovers that there are a few surprises left in store for him yet...

Hell Fire in Paradise by Chuck Tyrell

Laurel Baker lost her husband and her two boys on the same day. Then, as if that wasn't enough, logging magnate Robert Dunn came riding to her ranch on Paradise Creek with gunmen at his side and a cold sneer on his face, offering to buy her out. Naturally, Laurel refuses to sell the place where her loved ones lay buried, but Dunn won't take no for an answer and he soon turns to shooting to get his way. Laurel has the help of her loyal friends but will that be enough when Dunn brings ten deadly gunmen along for the final battle for her land? Can she live through hell-fire in Paradise?

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