Monday, 28 February 2011

Black Horse Westerns - February 2011

Coyote Falls by Colin Bainbridge

When Pat Calhoun rides into town, he steps straight into the line of fire - and from that point onwards things only seem to get worse. Why has a gang of owlhoots gathered to cause trouble? Is there a connection to the Civil War and the man who betrayed him? Pat's only way of finding out is to ride straight into the outlaw nest...Events build to an epic showdown as Calhoun comes face to face with his past above the raging Coyote Falls.

Raking Hell by Lee Clinton

A body is found wrapped in a bloodstained horse-blanket and a farmer admits to the gruesome crime. But this was not an act of brutality - the farmer's motives were pure. Now the sheriff has to decide, does he arrest or protect the guilty man when eight men come looking to settle the score? And how will this impact on the town the sheriff has taken an oath to protect? This is a gritty story of judgment, consequence and the promise of retribution. It is the story of one man - Sheriff Will Price - who is prepared to go raking hell to fulfil his pledge...

Tyrell's Guns by Ben Coady

When Sam Tyrell arrives in the valley with the intention of expanding the boundaries of Circle T ranch, he won't let anyone get in his way. If it comes down to using gunfire to get his way, he won't hesitate - as everyone knows only too well. Then one man, Hank Carty, steps into the breach. He boldly opposes Tyrell's plans and is determined to stand his ground. Is he brave or simply foolish? Only the final showdown in the valley will tell...

Deadly Double-Cross by Kevin McCarthy

On his return home from delivering a herd of mustangs to the army, Carlos Williams is asked to lead a rescue mission. His task is to find the kidnapped wife and children of one of the local ranchers and bring them home safely. This will be no mean feat - especially as the band of Comancheros who have captured them are most likely preparing to sell them in Mexico City, into a life of slavery or worse. But good-hearted Carlos agrees to the mission, knowing nothing of the tragedies that will befall him along the way. He is determined to find his charges, whatever it takes, and as it turns out, this mission is going to take everything he has...

The Vengeance of Boon Helm by Henry Remington

A handsome young Texan, Boon Helm, rides bravely into Mexico's heart of darkness, which is ruled by ruthless killers. He is joined at the border hotel by a voluptuous lady who is looking for an unforgettable night of love. Boon just hopes that her gun toting husband won't turn up! Now Boon must risk being beaten, tortured and imprisoned as he seeks to avenge his best friend's murder. As explosions crash out and the body count spirals, can he fight through? And will he be taking one of his many women along for the ride?

Outlaw Canyon by Jack Sheriff

Going home is not always as easy as it sounds, as Rafe and Seth Laramie discover when they fall foul of an angry posse. Mistaken for a pair of bank robbers, they are forced to flee a hail of bullets and hide out in the town of Greybull. There, they encounter the enigmatic Mort Sangster and use his cunning to slip away from the posse unseen. But all is not as it seems. When the Laramie brothers follow Sangster to his cabin, they find themselves amongst outlaws who are plotting an elaborate crime. The outlaws invite the brothers into the fold...but what bloody battles lie ahead if they choose to go along for the ride?

The Snake River Bounty by Bill Shields

As a young man, Ben Hollinger hunted down and killed the outlaw gang who murdered his family. He now lives a very different life as the marshal of a sleepy cattle town. But his hopes for a peaceful future are shattered when he kills a young troublemaker who has forced him into a gun fight. The boy's father, Nate Thornton, owns the biggest ranch in the territory and he puts a bounty on Hollinger's head. Violence sweeps the town as every local gun-hand tries to hunt Hollinger down to claim Thornton's ransom. His only hope for survival is an alliance with the rancher's daughter, Cordelia, but will she really be prepared to side with the man who killed her brother?

Good Son, Bad Son by Bill Williams

Seth Grainger always hoped that his sons, Scott and Leo would inherit the ranch he dedicated his life to, making it one of the biggest in Wyoming. However, his dreams are shattered when Scott becomes the prime suspect in a murder, following an argument over a beautiful woman. Leo Grainger sets out in search of his brother, but his motives are unclear. Is he really the good son to Scott's bad son, or are things more complicated than they first appear? One thing is for sure - there is drama ahead for the Grainger family. Seth Grainger faces the prospect of a double tragedy and a dilemma of unimaginable consequences as he struggles to keep his family together.


Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I think the covers are getting better and better

ChuckTyrell said...

Sam Tyrell is a distant cousin. You can count on him for adventure of the highest order.