Thursday, 31 March 2011

Black Horse Westerns - March 2011

The Skull of Iron Eyes by Rory Black

In a remote forested valley six miners, led by the once famous magician Will Hayes, strike pay dirt. As it turns out, a fortune in golden nuggets is hidden throughout the length of the dense landscape, waiting to be gathered up and taken back to civilization. A small isolated tribe of natives are the miners' only obstacle but Hayes has a dastardly plan. All goes well for Hayes and his ruthless followers until they make the mistake of killing a child and casting her body into the river. What none of the miners realize is that the body will be found by the infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes. He vows to discover who killed the little girl and he won't stop until he sees justice done.

Strangers Move On by Ryan Bodie

It was mid-summer in Colorado when gunfighter Clay Bodie rode into town with the sunrise, searching for peace.

But wild Big Ben was not a peaceful town - until Bodie chose to stay on and make it so - not matter what it cost in gunsmoke....

Stand-Off at Copper Town by Scott Connor

When Nathan Palmer and Jeff Morgan save Patrick Hilton's life, the delighted old prospector lets them join him on a mission to reclaim a gold nugget he left buried in an abandoned mine tunnel. But their quest goes awry when they reach the location only to find that it is now in the middle of bustling mine at Copper Town. The three men are already facing a race against time to find the gold before the tunnel re-opens, and their situation worsens when a gunslinger arrives to stake his claim for the nugget with hot lead. Now a stand-off develops - one in which the victors' prize will be the gold and the losers' fate will be a trip to Boot Hill...

Valley of the Guns by Rick Dalmas

Zack Clay was a quiet man looking for a quiet life. He hadn't reckoned on Dutch Haas, Burt Helidon and sundry gunfighters brought in by these two range-grabbers coming to hassle him. Clay met fists and boots with the same, gunsmoke with gunsmoke. In the end, they hung a badge on him. That was when things really hotted up in Benbow. But they all made the same mistake, these hustlers, gunslingers, and wild trail-men - these townsmen who put dollars before citizens. They found out the hard way that Zack Clay was also stubborn - and he would never go down without a fight.

Killer Chase by John Davage

It was supposed to be a simple bank robbery until a nervous member of Wolf Cotton's gang shot the bank manager, thereby rousing half the people of Suta Springs. Wolf and Ab Cooper were killed during the getaway while Curtis Jordan managed to disappear into the back streets. But Drew Hudson, the trigger-happy gang's newest member, got away clean - and with the loot! When Drew doesn't bring the money he owes the others to their pre-arranged meeting-point, an enraged Curtis vows to find and kill him. Meanwhile, Deputy Danny Ridge is more interested in discovering the identity of the person who gave Wolf Cotton the key to the bank's back door. Who will get their comeuppance first? One thing's for sure: the chase is on.

The Long Hunt by Alan Irwin

Texas Ranger Dan Kennedy is in Amarillo when he hears that his young nephew, Jamie, has been kidnapped from the Rocking K Ranch owned by Dan's father. When the culprits turn out to be the Morgan gang, Dan vows to hunt them down and bring Jamie safely home. He heads south with ex-ranger and expert tracker Josh Brennan but the Morgan gang soon become aware of their pursuers, leaving Dan and Josh vulnerable to attack. Can they survive this formidable threat and bring Jamie home alive?

Hard Road to Holford by by Greg Mitchell

The stagecoach run from Muddy Creek to Holford should have been an easy one. But since one of the passengers is being hunted by a Mexican revolutionary colonel who was swindled in an arms deal, things are unlikely to be that simple. - Forced to abandon their coach, the travellers must experience many dangers before they reach their destination - and even then their safety is by no means guaranteed.

Last Reckoning for the Presidio Kid by Emmett Stone

A stagecoach robbery and a train explosion announce the sudden return of the elusive Presidio Kid. Hardly anything is known about the Kid and what triggered these events remains a mystery. In an isolated mountain cabin, Clugh Bendix is nursing a gun wound to the leg, vowing to find out who shot him and why. His journey takes him to the volatile Texas borderlands: right to the heart of the mystery of the Presidio Kid. For Bendix, the mystery becomes a battle and he must rely on his wits and his guns to survive. Long-buried secrets and an unexpected romance are revealed, but what will his fate be when the explosive showdown arrives?

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