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Black Horse Westerns - April 2011

Ghost Riders at Shotgun Bluffs - Robert Anderson

Young Zak Carter was no more than a boy when the Ghost Riders arrived on the bluffs and hustled him out at gunpoint. Back then, he watched them shoot down his parents, but now he has returned for his inheritance - and he's not planning on running from anyone. Zak starts romancing the lovely Sarah Jo, who has also caught the eye of the renegade gang's sadistic leader. When she is kidnapped, Zak straps on his gun and sets out to find her without a moment's hesitation. Now the scene is set for battle. The outlaws' grip on the town must be broken - or Zac Carter must die in the attempt.

Dakota Rage - Jake Douglas

Chance Lawton lived with his best friend, Ishna-Kobay, amongst a Nakota Sioux tribe in the Black Hills of Dakota. They hunted and broke mustangs - until a fake army patrol ambushed them, stole their belongings and killed Ishna-Kobay. Lawton usually liked to steer clear of trouble, but avenging his friend's murder was no trouble: the way he saw it, it was his bounden duty. And if duty meant facing 'Captain' Brodie Hall's guns, then so be it.

Soft Soap for a Hard Case - Billy Hall

Sam Heller had been hit. It wasn't all that serious but blood persisted in running down his arm. That blood made his hand slick. He needed to get it bound up and get rid of the blood quickly, before he could draw his gun. Then, abruptly, it was too late. Lance Russell and his trusty sidekick stepped out from behind a shed. Beside Sam was a homesteader he didn't really know. It was two against two, but Sam knew he didn't have a chance. Even with a dry hand and a good grip, he would be hard pressed to out-draw both of them.

Back at the DK Bar ranch, Kate Bond waited, hoping against hope for the return of the man she had come to love. Sam knew he had no chance of surviving, but he was determined to go down fighting. Then Russell and his hired gunmen went for their guns.

Comanchero Kingdom - Matt James

Kill him! The fierce command ripped the desert night apart. For young Danny Ketchell, it was the most desperate moment of his life. As he raked his horse with spurs to crash his way headlong into the encircling Comancheros, his six gun roared and enemy rifles snarled back. Before there could be peace, first there must be blood.

Paytime for a Good Man - Joseph John McGraw

Todd Coulter was a good man, a family man, wanting nothing more than to make an honest living by honest toil. He abided by the laws of God and men but somebody or something up there just didn't like him - In the end, he lost his family, his home and everything he'd worked for. But then Hollis Clarke turned up from his past and showed him the error of his law-abiding ways. Hollis offers Todd a surefire way of making money. It's not honest or legal but Todd no longer cares. He knows that a man with money can stand on his own two feet. He can do what he wanted and go wherever he pleases. He can be free - But both men knew that the day of reckoning always comes - and when it does, it's paytime.

The Secret of Devil's Canyon - I.J. Parnham

When Mayor Maxwell and his daughter are brutally murdered, feelings in Bear Creek run high. Even when the killer is caught and sentenced to life in prison, the townsfolk demand a lynching. So Sheriff Bryce calls in Nathaniel McBain to spirit the killer away through Devil's Canyon to Beaver Ridge jail. At first, Nathaniel manages to stay one step ahead of the pursuing mob; but as he loses ground, he realises he faces an even bigger problem: his prisoner may be innocent after all - A dark secret about what really happened is buried in Devil's Canyon. Will Nathaniel be able to uncover the truth before the mob reaches him?

Violent Men - Corba Sunman

Hilt was furious when a nasty leg wound prevented him from resuming his hunt for the outlaw Buck Dunne. Now that his pursuit for the killer had been interrupted, Dunne was likely to be long gone before Hilt could get his hands on him. Hilt had thought that all the trouble in the county was over but, unbeknownst to him, there were more rotten apples in the barrel and big trouble was still on the horizon. A gun-crackling showdown with Buck Dunne would surely be on the cards again soon.

Cannon for Hire - Doug Thorne

It is the autumn of 1897, and men are flocking to the wild and woolly Yukon Territory in search of gold. But soldier-for-hire Tom Cannon has a different reason for making the hazardous trek north. The one-time cavalry officer has been hired to find Emmet Lawrence, a greenhorn who had gone to seek his fortune and then disappeared. Time and again, as Cannon searches the icy wastes and snow-capped mountains, he draws a blank. No-one remembers Lawrence or knows where to find him. Then, something happens that Cannon hasn't allowed for. Emmet Lawrence comes looking for him...

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