Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Black Horse Westerns - May 2011

The Lost Trail by Logan Winters

John Tanner is returning home after serving two years in prison for shooting a man - but he pleaded guilty only to protect the young and pretty Becky Canasta, whose finger actually pulled the trigger. Now John arrives home to find that his father has had his safe looted and all of his savings taken. Moreover, the robbers have taken Becky! Desperate to find her, John begins his quest in pursuit of the outlaws. News is out about the lost treasure and dozens of men are on the trail, battling with John to be the first to the riches. But for John there is something much greater at stake - the treasure is his only clue to Becky's whereabouts and her part in the robbery. Treachery and violence do not deter John - he will follow the trail to Hell if that is what it takes...

Blind Justice at Wedlock by Ross Morton

When Clint Brennan interrupts two men kidnapping his wife Belle, he is shot and left for dead. But he recovers his senses and finds that his wife is gone and he has been blinded. Most men would have given up, but not Clint. Astride his donkey, he sets out with his faithful dog Mutt on the trail of his wife's abductors. Belle, meanwhile, believes her husband is dead, and when a rich saviour comes to her rescue, the people around her suggest it's time to start again - A tale of violence, betrayal and lies - it will all end at Wedlock, amidst flames and bullets.

Shadow of the Noose by Peter Wilson

When he learns that the young man who saved his life is to hang for murder, Ben McCabe knows that the only way he can rescue Tommy Kane from the hangman's noose and prove his innocence is to arrange a jail-break. Then he must go in search of the real killer. Time is against him as he comes into conflict with the powerful Dexter family, whose youngest son Kane is convicted of killing. McCabe runs into a veil of secrecy before coming face to face with the man who left him for dead.

Drive to Redemption by Mike Deane

Jim Boland, a drunkard and troublemaker, first rides into the notorious cow-town of Ellsworth with boozing on his mind. But, one year later, he is back, sober and looking forward to starting a new life with Lucy, the girl he has lost his heart to. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned. The marshal who promised Jim a job is dead and there's something about his replacement that Jim finds sinister. Jim's world is falling apart - until he gets help from the most unlikely source: Marshal Jake Bradman makes him his deputy. Will Jim turn a blind eye to Bradman's suspicious activities so that he can stay in Ellsworth, or will he take out his six-shooters and do some investigating of his own, even if means putting Lucy's life at risk?

The Star Riders by Roy Patterson

Marshal Hal Gunn had always been a solid character - so solid that it seemed nothing could get past his defences. Then, as he returned home to his small ranch on the edge of a vast prairie, his life changed forever - A ruthless band of Comancheros led by the infamous Tipah Porter had struck. Smoke billowed from the wreckage of his home but there was no sign of his family - only the stench of burning flesh amid the ashes. Then, just south of the ranch, Gunn caught a glimpse of two horsemen riding along as fast as their horses could carry them. Had the deadly Comancheros returned to finish the Star Riders? There was only one way to find out.

Bloodshed at the Broken Spur by Steven Gray

When Gordon Dugdale is murdered, his father, the wealthy owner of the Broken Spur ranch in Arizona, threatens to take the law into his own hands. Now it is up to Jeremiah Meade of the Governor's office to find the real killer before there is a lynching. Someone is out to get the Dugdale family - but who and why? And can Meade discover who is responsible before the plot for revenge succeeds and all the Dugdales are dead?

The Scattergun Gang by Hank J. Kirby

The Scattergun Gang were the worst bunch of killers that Texas had ever seen and they had Josh McCall's wife as a hostage. There were no definite clues, only a relentless trail through the Indian Territory, a place infested with outlaws on the run - all with an eye for a fast buck and all willing to put a bullet in your back if that was what it took. But McCall was ready to take them all on, even if he had to use his bare hands - Nothing would stop him getting Rosa back. Nothing.

The Predators by Owen G. Irons

Tombstone Jack and Thad Folger worked together at the Westfield railroads station, until Thad got fired for pilferage. Although he lost his livelihood it did not deter Folger from continuing down the road to crime with small-time thievery. He recruited the boozy Tombstone to help on a job with promises of a big take however what they find is much bigger than either could have anticipated. When the valuable shipment destined for the army at Fort Thomas shows up missing, the army is not the only one enraged at the discovery. A gang of murderous border thugs had been hired to intercept the shipment and when they find it missing there is bloody retribution. To find the stolen shipment two enemies, Lieutenant Calhoun and Killeen, the civilian scout must join forces when they are dispatched to track down the stolen goods and find the hideout of the notorious gang.

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