Thursday, 30 June 2011

Black Horse Westerns - June 2011

Shotgun Messenger by Colin Bainbridge

The outlaws' first mistake was shooting the dog. That dog belonged to Rhett Coulter and he wasn't a man to mess with, as Lorne Roberts and his gang of gunslicks would soon discover. Meanwhile, Coulter's friend's ranch, the Block H, is burned down and his woman barely escapes with her life. Now he has another reason to want to put Roberts out of business, quite apart from the little matter of his hoard of stolen bullion. As Coulter fights against overwhelming odds, events hurtle along like a runaway stagecoach towards the final, blistering showdown.

Showdown at Dirt Crossing by Jack Dakota

When Hal Kramer rode into Dirt Crossing, he found that many things had changed - even the name of the place. But why had the saloon been closed down? And what was the secret of those tracks he had seen in the snow? With the help of just one old-timer and his wife, Kramer prepares to take on local despot Zebulon King and his ruthless gang of hardcases. Hanging on the outcome are not only the lives of a group of outcasts taking refuge in the high mountains, but also the fate of the town itself. As Kramer battles his way against overwhelming odds, one final question remains: will anyone stand by him when it comes to the final climactic showdown?

Lonesone Range by Tyler Hatch

He had many names - but only one told who he really was - the fastest gun in Texas, Colorado or just about anywhere. Sometimes he was recognised, no matter what the name and then the challengers would come, guns would blaze and he'd ride away from yet another dead man. Then came the day where he'd killed one too many and the fastest gun had to swap his Colt for a sledge on the rockpile - for ten long tears. He wasn't ready to give up just yet though - and when a chance for freedom came along, he was prepared to grab it with both hands.

Ace High in Wilderness by Rob Hill

It has been seven years since the Civil War ended. Ex-sharpshooter John Wright has tried to forget the horrors of his incarceration in the Confederate POW camp at Andersonville, where he watched, powerless, as one of the guards murdered his childhood friend. Now, two ex-prisoners show up, telling John they have tracked down the murderous prison guard and need help bringing him in. They offer John a share of the reward. But all is not as it seems and John is about to find out that the road to justice is rocky indeed.

Wyoming Double-Cross by J.D. Kincaid

When the notorious Blair Wilton and his gang of outlaws decide to raid the bank at Medicine Bow, they send in Chicago confidence trickster Paul Springer to reconnoitre the town. Here a chance encounter with an old acquaintance from the windy city causes Springer to change his plans suddenly. To add to the outlaws' woes, Jack Stone, the famous Kentuckian gunfighter, enters into the fray and goes up against Wilton and his gang. Will it be Stone or Wilton who survive the final, deadly confrontation?

Smoking Barrels by John Ladd

When Steve Hardie arrives in Cripple Creek, he finds himself involved in a scuffle with a bunch of drunken cowpokes. He bravely saves the life of the local sheriff but accidentally kills one of the cowboys. Because nobody kills one of Hyram Slade's men and lives, Hardie saddles up and leaves town. However, the crazed Slade gathers up his hired henchmen and is in quick pursuit. Now only the death of the drifter will satisfy him. In a face-to-face confrontation with Slade death beckons Steve. Can he live to see another day?

Dalton's Vengeance by Ed Law

When rancher Cliff Sinclair offers the homesteaders of Two Forks three dollars for an acre of their land, Dalton thinks the deal is just too good to be true. But most of the townsfolk are delighted to take this apparently generous offer - Dalton and his friend Loren Steele are the only ones to say no. Sadly, Dalton discovers he was right to be suspicious when Cliff's hired gunslinger, Frank Kelley, kills Loren and runs Dalton out of town. So begins Dalton's quest for vengeance that will test his survival instincts and the speed of his gun-hand to the very limit.

Buzzard Point by Caleb Rand

After a street shooting in a Texas cow town, Jesse Tripp is forced to flee his family home. When, two years later, he makes a reluctant return, it is to find his father dead and his brother Owen in control of the family's Triple T ranch. Suddenly, there is much for Jesse to consider, and taking to the hills again isn't an option. Should he fight to retain what's rightfully his? Sparks are sure to fly before the dust settles on the Triple T ranch.

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