Friday, 30 September 2011

Black Horse Westerns - September 2011

Comanchero Trail by Jack Dakota

When Dean Kittredge is taken on as a hired gun by the Rafter W, the owner's wilful granddaughter, Miss Trashy, is only the first of his worries. He soon finds himself up against the notorious El Serpiente and his gang of Comanchero gunmen. Jensen Crudace, the sinister land and cattle agent, is intent on using the Comancheros to gain control of the territory. Together, Kittredge and ranch foreman Tad Sherman are involved in a desperate quest to track El Serpiente to his hidden base in the heart of a distant mesa. Will they succeed in stopping the ruthless gunmen?

Ghost Ranch by C.J. Sommers

The deserted ranch that Trinity and Billy Raglan crossed was a dead land. Nothing remained of it except lost dreams and broken spirits. The question was why anyone as wealthy as Boss Clark would want to buy it. Especially now when the few cattle the grim land had supported were being herded away by the former owner, Polly Travers. Waterless and unfit for livestock, it had triggered a deadly war for ownership. Boss Clark wanted it to add to his huge spread. Polly's greedy son demanded it. And the killer and escaped convict Calvin Dancer wanted it enough to kill anyone who got in his way. All Trinity could do was fight the seemingly futile fight and keep digging the graves for the dead.

The Way Station by Owen G. Irons

But Cameron soon realises it is never that easy to leave trouble behind. A stagecoach arrives at the way station. On it is an outlaw smuggling fifty thousand in gold and a young woman named Becky Grant, who is on the run from a rejected suitor. On their trail is Sheriff Beaton, Becky's wide-eyed suitor and rival bandits in pursuit of treasure. Now, as a menacing dust storm gathers that threatens to keep them captive in the way station, Cameron Black knows he must use his guns once more.

Encounter at Salvation Creek by Paxton Johns

When rich young Englishman, Born Gallant, arrives in America after the death of his father, he goes first to see family friend William Pinkerton. The boss of the famous detective agency at once gives him an assignment: the head of the Kansas City office has been murdered, there has been an attempt on Pinkerton's life, and he wants to know why. From that day on, Gallant finds himself embroiled in a fight to the death against gunmen hired by warring cattlemen fighting against reorganisation of their industry. Helped by young trainee lawyer, Melody Lake, and newspaperman, Stick McCrae, Gallant's fight to bring the killers to justice takes him from Kansas City to the hell-hole of Salvation Creek. Will he prevail in the final, bloody showdown?

The Killing Time by Logan Winters

Tom Dyce, a peace-loving man at heart, is deputy marshal of Rincon and the right-hand man to Town Marshal Joe Adderly. Knowing a thing or two about wielding a gun, Tom is the man Joe trusts when real trouble arises. However, Aurora Tyne, the woman Tom loves is in real trouble: her new foreman has taken to rustling her beeves. To make matters worse it is rumoured that he is in fact the notorious bank robber, Vance Wynn. Now Tom heads for the Thibido country to come to Aurora's aid, not wishing to use his guns, but knowing that there always comes a killing time...

Siege at Hope Wells by Scott Connor

When the plague came to Hope Wells, it took the weak and healthy, young and old, good and bad. Within a week the town had become a living hell, but for differing reasons some men still wanted to go there. Marshal Lincoln Hawk and Nick Mitchell went in search of the outlaw Marvin Sewell. Correspondent Kyle Portman sought a story for his newspaper and Peter Campbell wanted to rescue his wife. The least welcome visitor was Ward Dixon, who saw an opportunity to profit from the developing tragedy. In a desperate time that brought out the best and the worst in humanity, these men become embroiled in a conflict where even the might of the gun won't guarantee survival.

Three Trails by Abe Dancer

From the moment their trails first met, Joe Striker, Will Fawcett and Emer Sparrow face danger and trouble. To avoid gun fights and corruption they decide to head east and cross the border into Arizona. But there's no safe haven, and with prices on their heads, they turn south to Mexico. When bounty hunters and Arizona Rangers eventually draw close, they decide to head separate ways. But Ralph Finn, the crooked sheriff of Muletown is made of dogged stuff and has a family score to settle. When the chase finally ends, it's not only their lives that are at stake.

The Last Mann by Hank J Kirby

Jubal Mann was the closest he’d ever been to realizing a long-held dream. With all his experience following the wild and dangerous cattle trails, from the Rio to Canada, he figured he could start a new breed of cattle: Longhorn Cross with imported Angus Red. Mann was convinced that the best of the hardy, self-sufficient Longhorn combined with the meat-bearing quality of the Angus would put top-notch steaks on the plates of a nation, and dollars in his pocket. However his past came back to haunt him: just as he had his dream within reach, killers moved in and he found himself with his back to the wall, and a smoking gun in each hand.

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