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Black Horse Westerns - June 2012

Buffalo Falls by Robert B. McNeill

Northern Texas, July, 1878: ex-cavalrymen Amos Kane and Luke Fisher end a hard, three-day ride when they reach the frontier town of Buffalo Falls, where the Farmer's Mercantile Bank is expecting an unusually large and secret cash shipment: $50, 000. Kane and Fisher arrive hoping to get taken on as drovers, but are offered the positions of marshal and deputy marshal instead. They accept, unaware that a gang of ruthless outlaws led by Everett and Jeb Stark know about the payroll. Soon after the Starks ride into town, Kane and Fisher have a run-in with one of their gang. They then discover the real reason for the outlaws' visit ...and the stage is set for violent confrontation.

Ace of Bones by Clay Starner

When famed gunslinger, Reno Valance, rides out, the instructions are clear: collect his wife's relative and return home, fast. For the man, known as Ace, this task is not so simple as Uncle Gifford is dead - murdered! Soon a world of evil is unleashed; a psychopathic killer, two vicious quick-draws and a scheming kid. With this potent mix it's little wonder when all hell breaks loose and Reno is forced to make a decision - he's dealt the devil's card for over twenty years and now he'll have to do it once more. For a handful of proffered dollars he'll take up his Remington six-gun as the Ace of Bones.

Three Rode Together by Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

Jesse Glover was minding his own business when Ulysses S. Grant summoned him to Washington, asking him to quit the life of a cowboy and keep Arizona safe from the likes of Cochise and Geronimo. So Jesse saddled up and headed for Fort Bowie and its Indian-hating commanding officer, Major Nicholas Calloway. Along the way he saved a beautiful White Mountain Apache girl named Morning Star from a monstrous fate. And when he tangled with a ruthless gang who was determined to start a whole new Indian uprising, he found help in the shape of two unlikely allies - a Zulu warrior named Sam and a Chiricahua Apache named Goyahkla, who was better known as Geronimo.

Applejack by Emmett Stone

When old-timer, Applejack, disappears after claiming to have struck it rich, Marshal Rupe Cooley has more important things to take care of, like dealing with the vicious outlaw, Cage Drugget. When Applejack is recognized carrying out a bank robbery with Drugget's gang, Cooley saddles up and sets out after them. Meeting more of Drugget's victims along the way, his resolve to bring the gang boss down intensifies. Will he find the hideout in time? And what is the truth about Applejack's fortune?

The Ghosts of Poynter by Amos Carr

Chase Tyler is headed for the town of Poynter. An attempted ambush, the death of an innocent man, and a sheriff who won't play by the rules, added to a brother-in-law who can't be trusted, and a young man out for vengeance, all make for a pretty complicated visit. When Chase also meets a woman who bears more than a passing resemblance to Chase's lost love there is very little hope of him laying old ghosts to rest.

The Bloodstained Crossing By Matt Laidlaw

Late at night, close to the silver town of Tombstone, Arizona, a wagon rattles down to the Mexican border laden with heavy crates full of silver ore. Two weeks later, in the town of Rawton, a man's death coincides with John Probity's arrival. By the next day another person has died and Probity is in jail, accused of murder. Freed by the enigmatic town barber, Ulysses Court, Probity sets out to discover the truth. With the number of dead rising, Probity and Court witness the gunning-down of some Mexicans at the San Pedro river and from that moment they are fighting factions from both Tombstone and Rawton. Can they make their way to safety and stay one step ahead of the furious, gun-toting outlaws?

Gallows Bound by Ben Coady

Against the odds, having hunted down and cornered the notorious outlaw Frank Cuskin, Marshal Abe Ryan realizes that his problems are only just beginning. Lack of sleep, the desert, Indians, Cuskin's polecat kin, thirst and exhaustion are a combination which, on the long ride ahead, make it ever more likely that Ryan's mission will end in failure. When Cuskin gets the upper hand and leaves him for dead, a lesser man than Abe Ryan would have abandoned the task and traded the dangers of his mission for his previous easy life as town marshal. But Ryan is not a lesser man, and he will use every weapon in his arsenal to deliver the killer to the gallows.

Montaine's Revenge by Dale Graham

Two days before the end of the Civil War, Sergeant Cody Montaine is gunned down and left for dead by a bunch of deserters led by Butte Fresno. Even though he survives the vicious attack, Cody has lost his memory and, taking the name of Lucky Johnson, sets out to piece his life back together. Periodic recollections eventually lead Cody to the New Mexico town of Las Vegas where Fresno has assumed his identity using a stolen deed of inheritance. But will Cody get revenge and so exhume his old life? Turning the tables on the evil brigand is fraught with danger. Only with guile and the help of a beautiful woman will justice be served.

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