Tuesday, 31 July 2012

E-BHWs - July 2012

Meredith's Justice by Philip Harbottle


Raiders who seem intent on destroying every ranch in the valley are terrorizing the district of Mountain Peak in Arizona. When rancher David Meredith becomes their latest victim, it opens a new chapter in the violent and bloody history of the town of Mountain Peak. Caught up in the maelstrom of events is David's troubled younger brother, Bart Meredith. He is aided - and sometimes led - by his heavyweight father, who shows an amazing talent for ingenious stratagems, and Jane Talbot, a courageous young woman who herself becomes a target for the terrorists. Can the unlikely team of father and son avenge David Meredith and unmask his killer, or will they join him in death?

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Blood Gold by Scott Connor


When Patrick Grady and Rusty Anderton ride into Hangman's Gulch with a stash of gold filling their saddlebags the last person they want to see is the notorious bandit Jack Wolf. But their luck doesn't hold, and when Jack ambushes them their only consolation is that he doesn't take their lives too. Patrick and Rusty vow to retrieve the gold or die trying, but the news of their ill-fortune has spread and now every man within a hundred miles wants it for himself. One hell of a fight is coming and whoever survives it sure will have earned a slice of that gold!

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Tennesssee Renegade by Hank J. Kirby


Bucky Enderby was just sixteen when he had to flee his native Tennessee for killing three men. After going to war, he ran with outlaws, but soon he found himself riding the lonely trails again, looking for something he couldn't put a name to. Kim Preece had at least part of that 'something' and he tried to settle down. Then, the newly revived Texas Rangers beckoned and he crossed the Rio to find a wild kid worth thousands in reward money. There were men who aimed to claim that money - but first they would have to get past Enderby's guns.

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Town Tamer by Jack Holt


Trouble was brewing from the moment Dan Clancy rode into Watts Bend. His chance meeting and early friendship with Lance Roebuck is threatened by Clancy's instant rapport with Lucy Bracken, commonly seen as Roebuck's future wife. When Lucy rejects Roebuck's marriage proposal, Clancy, by definition a drifter, is warned off and slowly spirals into becoming the town drunk. Meanwhile, Roebuck has become the town hardcase with ambitions to control the entire range with the help of hired outlaws. Wrongly accused of murdering the town marshal and due to be hung, Clancy manages to break out of jail and head for the hills. Now, sober and with a future mapped out with Lucy, he must return to Watts Bend to settle old scores once and for all.

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The Goose Moon by Caleb Rand

Whilst in Canada buying livestock, Will Stryker kills a railroad gambler. The shooting was in self-defence, but fearing reprisal from the Mounties, Will escapes into the border snowline. That's where he finds Linny Jule who's fleeing from her cruel and sadistic father. Deciding that his daughter has been taken from him, Larris Jule trails the pair south to Polson where he settles on Will's small cattle ranch as payback. In an effort to regain his property, Will confronts Jule and his hired gunmen in the midst of a mighty blizzard that engulfs the town. Can Linny rely on Will to do the right thing? And is the deadly pursuit finally over?

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Raven's Feud by Corba Sunman


From Mexico, Raven heard of Beths enquiries, so he travelled to Texas to stop her. He had spent year searching for Stig Ivey before he tired of that life. Now he was back and Stig was soon to be back as well. Now with all his prowess with a gun Raven must face killers, lawmen and rustlers, but above all the outlaws that killed his kin.

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Dead Trouble by Jake Douglas


Deke Cutler served ten long, hard, years in the Texas Rangers and looked forward to his retirement. He aimed to join his old pard, Durango Spain, on the Red River ranch they had bought. But, recovering from a near-fatal shot in the back, Deke ran into a new kind of lawlessness along the Red and beyond, in the wild lands known as the Indian Territory. There were more than Indians to contend with: 'dead' men from Rio kept turning up and all of them had him in their sights. With his gunarm crippled, Deke knew he was in bigger trouble than any he had endured in the Rangers.

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Longhorn Country by Tyler Hatch

He was a man of two tribes and the Comanche blood that flowed in his veins was that of one of the most savage raiders of the south-west. But a white man had raised him and there was as much hate as duty mixed in with those years. They called him Blaine, a name known far and wide across Texas: a man who said little and who was willing to be judged by his actions. He worked hard and fought hard, essentially a loner with a void in his heart that could never be filled. Unless he killed the man who had raised him - a man to whom he owed everything. And Blaine always paid his debts.

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Vengeance Pass by Lance Howard


Johnny Laredo is a myth, a figment of a West hungry for legend, a name whispered around campfires - or so everyone thinks. Everyone but former manhunter Jim Hannigan. Drawn to the peaceful Colorado town of Castigo Pass in search of the outlaw responsible for the murder of a banker's daughter, Hannigan stumbles into an ever-deepening mystery. Promptly jailed as a suspect in the disappearance of a young woman, his troubles don't end there. Concealed shooters, brutal hardcases and constant danger stalk him at every turn - not to mention a fiery young woman bent on revenge.

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Darrow's Badge by Gillian F Taylor


Sapphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds: to Sir Hugh Keating, English aristocrat and Govan town deputy, the jewellery is the dowry for his future wife. To Black Elliott and his gang, however, the jewellery means money and prestige. So, when the gems are stolen, it means a lot of trouble for Sheriff Darrow. Somehow he must prevent the jewellery from being smuggled out of Govan and he and his men are stretched to their limits as they guard the trails and search the town. Meanwhile, Black Elliott must stay one jump ahead of the law as he fights to keep his men under control. Darrow's right to wear his badge is under threat and as time runs out for both men, the battle of wits will finish in a cloud of gunsmoke.

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