Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A discussion about Bowie of the Alamo by John Glasby

The Alamo discussion forum are currently exchanging views on the prolific John Glasby's novel:

I hope the book is better than the cover art. "Bowie Of The Alamo", originally released as a paperback Western in 1964, was rereleased in 2002 by A Black Horse Western, London, England. The copy I just received today in the mail was a library discard from East Lothian Library in Haddington, Scotland.

The story begins with Bowie and a fictional companion running slaves with Jean LaFitte through the bayous of Louisiana. After a scuffle with some thugs, they arrive in New Orleans to turn over the slaves to a purchaser named Travis! Why? I don't know. Of all the names the author could've come up with, he chooses Travis. And then, Colonel Travis shows up later in the novel at the Alamo and there is no distinction made that he is not the same Travis as at the beginning of the book. Oh well, as the book is only 150 pages, I should be able to get through it for the answer....  

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