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Black Horse Westerns - November 2012

Kendrick's Quest by J. D. Ryder

ISBN-10: 0709099630
ISBN-13: 978-0709099635

The Civil War may be over but a lot of trouble remains. A shipment of California gold, collected to help the federal government's financial predicament, is ready for shipment to Washington D.C. Former Union officer, Matt Kendrick, is sent to investigate the top-secret arrangements for shipping the gold and learns the hard way that someone has talked. With Kendrick now a target, he needs to contact whoever is carrying the information, but when murder piles on top of murder it's a tricky and deadly mission. That much gold helps to smoke out the greedy, but can Kendrick stop this attempt to help the South rise from the ashes of defeat?

The Lonesome Death of Joe Savage by C. J. Sommers  

ISBN-10: 0709098510
ISBN-13: 978-0709098515

A sense of family duty led Tracy Keyes to search for his cousin, the notorious Wyoming bad man, Joe Savage. His mother wished to know if he was dead or alive - and so did half the lawmen and bounty hunters in the North County. Tracy hadn't seen Savage since they were boys and wasn't sure he'd even recognize his criminal cousin if they met face to face. Carrying the onus of being related to the infamous Savage made things no easier for him, nor did the bounty hunters who dogged his trail, believing that Tracy could lead them to the outlaw. By the end of the long journey Tracy was convinced that he was only following Joe Savage into his own grave...

Teal's Gold by Abe Dancer  

ISBN-10: 0709099649
ISBN-13: 978-0709099642

In the bed of a remote New Mexico creek, Austin Teal strikes gold. But when the old placer miner gets shot dead in a Calido Run gunfight, he's only managed to disclose a few cryptic words about its exact location to his young son. Five years on, Wesley Teal sets out to solve the riddle, tracking down the source of his pa's gold. But he's been watched, and trailed. Unscrupulous hardcases follow him; men like Grover Garve who will stop at nothing where the prospect of a golden fortune is concerned. So, with the help of Amy Chard, Wes has to fight them off, first in the bars and streets, then out across the gruelling terrain.

The Hanging of Red Cavanagh by Jim Lawless  

ISBN-10: 0719805023
ISBN-13: 978-0719805028

As a young man Red Cavanagh awoke one morning to find his father dead - murdered by members of the old Willis Walton gang. Setting off in pursuit he stopped in Bald Hills to secure himself a rifle, but didn't succeed. Then within hours, a grave is discovered in a clearing, covered with a crude wooden cross bearing the name Red Cavanagh...Four years on and Bald Hills is in deep trouble. The transcontinental railroad is likely to be routed to the north of the town, and a greedy local rancher is seizing property and land aided by gunman Chet Warrener. There seems no hope for the ordinary townspeople. Until, one day, a stranger rides into town...

Whispering Skull by Dead Edwards  

ISBN-10: 0709099959
ISBN-13: 978-0709099956

In search of work, cow-puncher Jeff Stewart, is heading south. Making his way through the strange, untamed landscape that fringes the arid desert, Stewart is riding up into the maze of canyons when there is distant gunfire and a massive explosion. With the sound of bullets ringing in his ears, the naive cowboy has no idea that the savage Barton gang are en route to the notorious prison Fort Addams, to free their leader. And that soon the gang, and Jeff Stewart will be on a deadly collision course...

El Diablo by Steve Hayes  

ISBN-10: 0709098413
ISBN-13: 978-0709098416

Following a Comanchero raid led by El Carcinero - the Butcher - young Emily Mercer has lost just about everything: her folks, her home and her future. But she'd damned if she was going to lose her beloved stallion, El Diablo, as well. With the stallion already sold to Stillman J. Stadtlander - the ruling rancher of Santa Rosa - Emily faces a ruthless opponent, who has the enigmatic gunfighter Latigo Rawlins on his payroll. But she has an ace of her own: a man, known only as Drifter, is backing her every step of the way. And if Emily doesn't get El Diablo back there'll be hell to pay.

Blood and Gold by Pete Fordham  

ISBN-10: 0709095848
ISBN-13: 978-0709095842

When retired US Marshal Tom Stafford sets out for a new life, the past and future collide. A night stop in the town of Stratton is the prelude to mayhem, where there is love - in the form of the feisty Ella Farrell - murder, and simmering tension. But when Stafford gets wind that the man who ordered the deaths of his wife and child is close, he faces the prospect of confronting a lawless thug. Before long, aching for revenge and the hand of Ella, Stafford swears an oath: he'll take up his law badge again and eliminate his demons.

The Outlaw Life by Owen G. Irons

ISBN-10: 0709095694
ISBN-13: 978-0709095699

When Chase Carver dragged himself into Mammoth Springs he was cold, hungry and exhausted and any man in that condition will gratefully accept the help of a stranger. But the stranger led him to an outlaw stronghold, filled with cut-throats, thieves and gunmen. After joining the outlaws on a bank job, and earning himself the name 'Mad Dog' Carver, both the county sheriff and the army are now hot on his tail. And by rescuing two young women from the ruthless Bandolero he has committed a crime against criminals and faces the entire outlaw contingent, who are ready to take up arms against him. The outlaw life had been easy to fall into but there is going to be a fight to the death to try and crawl back out of it...

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