Saturday, 1 June 2013

Black Horse Westerns - March 2013

The Prisoner of Gun Hill by Owen G. Irons  


Luke Walsh makes the biggest mistake of his young life: he falls for the beautiful Dee Dee Bright and she tricks him into killing the town marshal of Tuscon, Arizona. There iss nothing for it but to take to the desert. But when his pony founders he finds himself afoot and alone on the long land. Saved from death by some passing men, he is taken to a lonely outpost in the hills and set to work doing slave labour in a gold mine. Worse, Luke soon discovers that the place is an outlaw sanctuary. When Dee Dee Bright shows up again, it is on the arm of her boyfriend, the gunman Virgil Sly. As more armed men arrive, Luke is left with two choices: to try and escape the outlaws and their killing guns, or return to the desert where his pursuers await him with a hanging noose.

Genesis Gunplay by John Davage  


Cody McCade rides into Genesis looking to uncover the truth about the sudden disappearance of the town's previous sheriff and the mystery of a young man's homestead, razed to the ground just before his wedding. But when up against local thugs and the powerful but deadly Shaw family he realizes it will take more than asking around to get any answers. And the townsfolk have another mystery on their hands: just who is Cody McCade and what brings him to Genesis?

Navajo Suprise by Ethan Flagg


For the last three years Bearclaw Bat Madison has been searching for his wife, after her abduction by Indians from their isolated cabin near Snowflake, Arizona, Bat keeps his ears to the ground for any mention of a captured white woman. His latest attempt to find his wife takes him into the Navajo homelands, but he soon discovers it is not his wife who is the captive. And this lady has a substantial reward on her head, offered by her fiancee for her safe return. Running into an old buddy from the past spells trouble and when the guy realizes who Bat is escorting, sparks begin to fly...

Bull's Eye Stage Coach


Marshal Dwight Stern and his posse are overseeing the loading of a shipment of gold onto a heavily armoured stage coach when they are ambushed in a surprise attack. With Stern's fiancee held in the grip of one of the attackers and a double-barrelled shotgun pointing at her head, there's no time to play nice. With his hand on his gun and a prayer for the gunman to make a mistake and move the gun from Belinda's head, all he needs is a split second...

Latigo by Steve Hayes


Bounty hunter Latigo Rawlins was looking to start a whole new life with young Emily Mercer, but Stillman Stadtlander had other plans for him. Latigo had given evidence to prove that Stadtlander had paid to have some rival Mexican ranchers killed, and now Stadtlander intends to see him pay for his betrayal, at the end of a rope. It doesn't matter to Emily that Latigo is wanted for more than a dozen killings of his own. She is in love, and because of that she'll move heaven, earth and everything in between to save the life of the man she plans to marry...

Devil's Deal by Lee Walker


After barely surviving the Civil War, Confederate sharpshooter Ethan van Kirk just wants a quiet life on his homestead with his nine-year-old daughter, Lucy. But just when he thinks he has put those traumatic times behind him forever, a shadow from his past appears. Suddenly he is forced to use his deadly shooting skills again in a deal with the Devil. Ethan must kill an innocent man to save his daughter's life. And the clock is ticking...

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