Monday, 21 September 2009

Dales Westerns - September 2009

Drummond Takes a Hand
by Alan Irwin

When Sheriff Will Drummond's brother Clint is tortured and murdered by outlaw Luke Brent, Will quits his job and sets out to find the killer. Learning that Brent's father, Eli, owns a ranch in a valley in Wyoming, he rides there in the hope of finding his quarry. He discovers that Eli Brent is mounting an operation to force all the homesteaders to leave the valley to make room for more of his own cattle. Will decides to take a hand, but can he possibly succeed in his twofold task of lifting the threat to the homesteaders and bringing his brother's killer to justice?

Range Rustlers
By Greg Mitchell

Tom Connell is a deputy hired by the Cattlemen's Association to combat rustling on the open range, and Clifford Crossley-Hunt, a tough former soldier, works for the Diamond R ranch. Both men arrive in a district where suspected rustlers are lynched and stock thefts are alleged to be excessive. However they soon find that all is not as it is claimed to be. The matter is further complicated by an unknown gunman who starts killing men from a large local ranch. Tom and Clifford finally forge an alliance, which ends in a bloody battle to bring justice to a troubled range.

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