Saturday, 26 September 2009

Linford Westerns - September 2009

Kid Dynamite
by Michael D. George

Government agent Scott Taylor arrives in Adobe Wells to tackle the corruption which is rife. But Cody Carter has other plans. He's ruled Franklin County for years with an army of outlaws and Cheyenne warriors to do his killing for him. Forewarned of Taylor's mission, Carter sends out his top gunman to stop the agent. Scott doesn't know that Kid Dynamite is waiting to kill him in his own evil way and looks as if he is doomed.

Showdown at Dane's Bend
by Jack Holt

Sam Limbo, innocent but jailed for murder, is forced to remain in Dane's Bend, a powder-keg town. The townsfolk are awaiting the arrival of the notorious Donovan brothers, intent on avenging the killing of the youngest Donovan. The brothers have a big interest in the bank which, with a secret stash, has taken on hired private security. Limbo breaks out of jail, but returns, lured by the marshal's daughter. And it's Limbo who saves the town that wanted to hang him.

Saddle Tramps
by Owen G. Irons

Corey Keogh believes that when you work with a man, ride with him, eat the same food and even love the same woman, you stay loyal to him. But then his gun-happy partner, Andy Givens, turns killer and sets about robbing banks. Then he forces his attentions on Corey's one love, Marly Pierce, and the day of reckoning has arrived... Now friend must turn against friend, and it seems that only guns can sever the bond between them.

Blood on the Sky
by Elliot Long

Will Hopkirk is settled for good with Diaglito's White Mountain Apaches and his beautiful Apache wife Sonseray. But then Diaglito is devastated when Tobias Hatch kills his young son, Choate. And white man's justice outrages Diaglito when it finds Hatch not guilty. The war chief vows that white man's blood must spill to satisfy the wrong done to him and his people. Now Hopkirk must choose where his loyalties lie, as the frontier erupts into a rage of violence.

by Joseph John McGraw

Daco Ward is a drifter with just seventy cents when Bill Dodds offers him a job. But Dodds easily makes enemies. He bests Tucker Lankton at cards and Lankton, backed by his sidekick Ed Crants, vows to get even. Daco also felt that Dodds had made a fool of him. He had a score to settle. Now Daco would find himself in the middle of a deadly game of deceit and murder, the prize being the riches of Silveroo.

Sacred Hills Massacre
J.D. Ryder

Conroy and Kincade's dream was to build a ranch. Old Angus Newell took them into the Black Hills hoping they'd come back with gold enough for that ranch. Margaret Baldwin went into the Black Hills to find who killed her uncle. Bart Starkey guided her, but he wanted to get his hands on the gold. However, the Lakota Sioux warrior Blackhand was ready to kill white men whose presence violated the sacred land that the Indians call PAHA SAPA...

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