Thursday, 28 January 2010

Black Horse Westerns - January 2010

Faith and a Fast Gun by Chap O'Keefe

Riding into trouble was a habit with ex-Pinkerton detective Joshua Dillard and his sentimental journey to a mission graveyard in Texas proved no exception. Guns blazed and chips flew off the headstones as he intervened to save a girl called Faith from the clutches of Lyte Grumman and his gunhawks. Joshua learned that Grumman was a ruthless cattle baron who'd lost a thousand head of longhorns in what he reckoned was a rigged poker game. Grumman was intent on recouping his loss, whatever it took...Buying in on Faith's behalf, Joshua soon found his skills with a Colt Peacemaker to no avail against superior numbers and a deadly tangle of inopportune passions and double-cross. Then a grim past and a frightful present turned Faith's hand insanely against all men!

Sharpshooter McClure by IJ Parnham

Mike McClure had been a deputy sheriff for only a week when U.S. Marshal Jesse Cole recruited him for a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate the hired guns who were harassing the homesteaders of Harmony. But in a dreadful night of bloody carnage the mission ended in failure and with the marshal dead, Mike had to flee for his life. To escape from the gunslingers on his trail, Mike holed up with Brandon Webb's "Wild West Show" where he assumed a new identity. But no matter how successful he became in his new life, Mike could never forget the terrible events he had witnessed. One day he must return to Harmony and call upon all his gun skills to bring the guilty parties to grim justice.

Border Fury by Corba Sunman

Buck Starrett, Texas ranger, had a reputation for fast shooting and a determination to win against overwhelming odds. He was optimistic when he took a novice ranger to Adobe Flat on the Mexican border, but he was unaware that the grim set-up that awaited them would be his toughest challenge yet. When they plunged into an all-out war with Mexican rustlers operating on both sides of the border, Starrett discovered that this desperate situation was only half the problem facing him. He would have to shoot his way into the crooked situation enveloping Adobe Flat before he could even begin to overcome the criminal element and shoot his way out again.

Dead Man's Guns by Logan Winters

The killer Frank Lavender was dead, so how could it be that he was involved in a gunfight at Hoyt's Camp, a logging town along Wyoming's Snake River? Either Lavender had found a way to cheat Death or it was someone else using the gunman's name. Lyle Colbert didn't like it either way for Frank Lavender, or whoever it was, had come to town to destroy Lyle Colbert, supposedly out of love for the pretty Tess Bright. It wasn't certain if Tess reciprocated the gunman's love, but it did not matter for she would have no time to make up her mind. Colbert was determined to kill Frank Lavender. Again.

Quinn's Last Run by Owen G Irons

The stage to Yuma was down and the Jicarilla Apaches were attacking. The driver had been killed and only Tom Quinn now stood between the renegades and the young blonde woman travelling with him. The arrival of Sheriff Mike Hancock appears to ease the crisis but, in fact, complicates matters even further. Hancock is escorting a murderer to Yuma Prison and now Quinn must take him aboard the coach as well. Pressed into service, Quinn must drive the stagecoach across a hundred miles of dangerous country, rife with Indians, infested by border raiders and complicated by the arrival of the one particular passenger. This is no way to begin a career as a stage driver, and the question hovers ominously - is this to be Quinn's first run or his last?

To Die this Day by Clint Ryker

The rich and powerful Traffords are both proud and relieved when their eldest son, Tom, returns home safely to the family ranch after the war. When his wartime partner and hero, Clayton Grady, shows up too, the homecoming celebrations rock the county. How could veteran Grady know that this seemingly happy event would in time tear his family apart and lead to a nightmare of deceit, suspicion and bloody murder, as horrific as anything he had encountered during the war...

Dynamite Daze by Ethan Flagg

Outlaw Duke Santee stumbles across the opportunity of a lifetime when he meets a sacked railroad employee who wants to get even with the Company. Never one to pass up a golden opportunity, the gang boss offers to help him rob the Flagstaff Flyer. Unfortunately, the plan backfires as Santee has little experience of using the high explosives which destroy the train's express car as well as its payroll shipment. However, all is not lost, for a newspaper reveals that a dynamite man called Lee Jago is being transferred to Yuma prison by wagon. Santee wastes no time in organising a rescue mission, but that is only the beginning of the troubles that will ultimately bring Santee to justice.

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