Friday, 12 March 2010

Dales Westerns - March 2010

The Man From Cheyenne Wells by Floyd Rogers

ISBN: 9781842626986
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 224 Pages
Published - 01-03-2010
Price - £ 11.99

When 60,000 dollars are taken from the bank at Cheyenne Wells, two of the raiders are killed, and the third, Vance Brady, serves a prison sentence. However, the money was never recovered. On release from jail, Brady decides to go straight and to help the widows of the two dead men by sharing the money from Cheyenne Wells. During his search for the two women he finds a place to settle down but soon runs foul of a bounty hunter and men with designs on the money. Can Brady overcome his difficulties in going straight?

Comanche Country by Greg Mitchell

ISBN: 9781842627570
Large Print (Soft Cover) - 228 pages
Published - 01-03-2010
Price - £ 11.99

Joe Kelly has bought a half share in Travis Neal's ranch in an area reputed to be Comanche territory. While searching for his missing partner, Kelly encounters a Comanche war party, three former Confederate soldiers fleeing a killing in Mexico, the Mayne family and a renegade gang. The arrival of a self-promoting US marshal adds to their problems. Kelly and the Maynes must face hostile Indians, white murderers and a fanatical lawman before they can reclaim their respective ranches, and then another problem arises. Suddenly there is the danger that friends will fall out, and more lead will fly before the situation is resolved.

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David Cranmer said...

Will have to have. Marvelous sounding plots and cover art that's tops.