Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy Blogday

The Black Horse Express Blog started on 1 March 2009. So that makes us 1 year old!

When I started off in trying to provide a gateway for readers to explore all things Black Horse, I was unsure if a blog was the right vehicle. I didn't know if there would be enough new material out there to link to, but as it's turned out I needed have worried. New blogs are starting up all the time with fresh material and so in the last year there have been around 300 entries.

With over five thousand visits in the year, that means the blog is visited on average a hundred times a week, which I think is enough to mean it's worth keeping it going.


David Cranmer said...

A most worthy site and a must stop on the Blogger route. Happy b-day!

Nik said...

Happy blogday! May there be many more...