Monday, 19 April 2010

Bestsellers on The Book Depository - 19 April

1. Blood on the Sky by Elliot Long

2. Killer on the Loose by Elliot Long

3. Death Range by Elliot Long

4. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin

5. Trail of the Burned Man by Thomas McNulty

6. Wind Rider by Thomas McNulty

7. Hell Pass by Lance Howard

8. The Tarnished Star by Jack Martin

9. Doc Dryden, Gunslinger by Ted Rushgrove

10. Die This Day by Dempsey Clay


Craig Clarke said...

Any idea how Elliot Long got so popular so quickly? I've never heard of him before now.

I.J. Parnham said...

He's been writing for Hale for a long time with around 30 to 40 books. I've read a few and liked them.

The odd thing is suddenly he's high on the list at amazon too so someone out there appears to have just discovered him and liked what they found!