Friday, 30 April 2010

Black Horse Westerns - April 2010

Murdering Wells by Greg Mitchell

When a military deserter robs a mail contractor and leaves him to the mercy of Apache raiders in a remote corner of Arizona, the contractor's brother, Luke Adison, vows to track down those responsible. Soon, the tables turn, however, as Luke is captured by the deserters. Will he manage to escape and avenge his brother, or will he learn the true secret behind the sinisterly named Murdering Wells?

Between the Winds by M.M. Rowan

Kaid McEntyre hates his father with a vengeance and blames him for the life of drudgery the whole family has endured. Nevertheless, when his father is beaten half to death in Flat-Stone Creek, Kaid decides that he deserves some kind of justice. Unfortunately, Kaid must fight for justice alone. Lawman Ned Gorman and local hero Walt Gertz are determined to see Jerem McEntyre dead. But, Kaid decides that the time has come to find out why...

Doc Dryden, Gunslinger by Ted Rushgrove

Clay Dryden, a member of the band of outlaws known as the Sankey gang is challenged to a gunfight by the brother of the gang leader and kills him. But Sankey soon discovers that his brother hadn't any bullets in his revolver so he vows to avenge his brother's death. When Sankey catches up with Clay in the town of Crossville, he discovers that the former outlaw has set up a medical practice. But will the gang leader spare him? With the odds stacked against him, Clay's future as the town's doctor hangs very much in the balance...

Wind Rider by Thomas McNulty

His name is Hank Benteen, but the Sioux call him Wind Rider...When Benteen rides into a Wyoming valley, he saves a homesteader's life and that of his two children, but there's a range war brewing and some of the cowboys are hiding a murderous secret. Suddenly, Benteen finds himself involved in a deadly conflict as he resolves to help the homesteaders against impossible odds. Before long, Benteen finds himself the target of two greedy men intent on murder. Their dream of acquiring land by forcing out the homesteaders has turned into a deadly game and Benteen will need all of his skills as a gunman in order to survive...

By the Gun they Died by Matt James

With seven killers camped on his trail, big Blaize Morgan rode south into Weeping Woman valley. With his superior gun skills and horsemanship, Morgan expected to shake his pursuers quickly, but he soon realises he will be lucky to survive the next twenty-four hours... How can he possibly overcome such obstacles?

Gone to Texas by J.D. Ryder

Andy and Cletus, two young men wounded late in the Civil War, flee the battlefield and head for home...but things have changed. Yankee carpetbaggers have taken over. When Andy discovers that his family has been evicted from their ranch he turns to what he learned in the war: how to kill. This time, however, the enemies are Yankee politicians who came south to loot and plunder. With Wanted posters circulating, the two friends join a cattle drive going to Texas. One of the boys discovers how to make his mark by being quick with his Colt, whilst the other insists that the war hasn t changed him. In the end, though, the brutal past catches up with both men.

Unsigned Avenger by John Davage

When Will Cord is shot dead for the brutal killing of Ali Toombs, Joe Hayes and his two sons know that the real killer is still at large...Could it be Cole Sanderson, only recently arrived in Consolation? Saloon girl, Maggie Brown, knows he is not who he says he is. Or could it be Lew Rosen, long-time editor of the Gazette, who is himself suspicious of the Hayes brothers? As fear and suspicion spread faster than a prairie fire is anyone safe from accusation and violence?

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