Sunday, 31 July 2011

Black Horse Westerns - July 2011

No Quarter at Devil's Fork by Terrell L. Bowers

When a crazed outlaw named Chilly Lloyd instigates a heinous crime, it seals the fate of seven other men. Now two friends, Brett Jackson and Reggie Satterfield, put aside their journey to a peaceful life and set out to bring the killers to justice. Stella Burdette has never had much luck but hopes for better things when she agrees to run a chuck wagon for eight hunters, including Chilly Lloyd. Soon, though, she must run for her life. And then Brett and Reggie fall into a deadly trap and are doomed to discover there is No Quarter at Devil's Fork.

Count the Dead by Rick Dalmas

Dawson is thrown off a freight train, half-dead. Then, when he finally finds himself riding into a nearby town, he is on a stranger's horse with a dead man roped behind the cantle. Against all odds he finds himself a riding job with decent sidekicks. It looked good but trouble awaited him. Instead of tallying round-up steers he was forced to fight for his very life.

The Drummond Brand by William DuRey

Luther Drummond, owner of the Diamond-D ranch, the largest cattle spread around the Montana township of Bridger Butte, is buying up land vacated by settlers who have been forced out by a ruinous winter. Rumours abound, however, that many of the misfortunes suffered by the settlers are not the result of nature but are directly attributable to Luther's son, Dagg. Ethan Brodie, a Pinkerton detective, becomes embroiled in the affairs at Bridger Butte when he is accused of murder and stagecoach robbery. Teaming up with Claire Dumbril, the daughter of the dead stagecoach driver, Ethan vows to track down her father's killers. How will the brave duo fare and what perils await them along the way?

Outlaw Queen by Ethan Flagg

An outlaw gang known as the Starrbreakers has been causing mayhem in the territory of Wyoming. After each robbery, the bandits quickly vanish into the stronghold of the Big Horn Mountains through a mysterious gap known as Hole-in-the-Wall. The usual law authorities have been rendered powerless to hunt the Starrbreakers down so Special Agent Drew Henry has been hired to infiltrate the gang in the guise of an escaped convict. Bullets are set to fly when Drew Henry comes to town. Can he take on the Outlaw Queen and break the Starrbreakers' stranglehold?

The Ballad of Delta Rose by Jack Martin

After more than twenty years of living a life on the road, Delta Rose returns to the ranch he once owned with his fiancee, Etta James. A bullet wedged close to his heart has dealt Delta the dead man's hand. He soon discovers Etta has a secret: they have a son who, by now a young man, is in trouble. He is charged with both robbery and murder. Can Delta redeem himself for a past ill spent and save the life of the son he never knew he had?

Showdown at Snakebite Creek by Thomas McNulty

Seven years earlier Cole Tibb's father had been murdered alongside Rattlesnake Creek and now Cole wants justice. He returns to Raven Flats looking to settle the old grudge. But settling a grudge and surviving are two very different things. Soon he finds himself opposing a greedy landowner named Carleton Usher, his ruthless sons, and a merciless group of killers. The arrival of enigmatic US Marshal Maxfield Knight raises the stakes in a deadly game of survival. As the bodies begin stacking up like firewood Cole realises he has only two things in his favour - his ruthless determination to set things right and his ability with a gun.

Crooked Foot's Gold by Greg Mitchell

Jim and Barney are hot on the trail of a thief when they arrive at White Rock but they soon find themselves drawn into the mysterious community, which is claimed by white gold-seekers and restless tribes alike. Then, a dying renegade tells them the story of Crooked Foot's gold and the pair find themselves being hunted down without knowing why. Now they must venture into dangerous territory seeking answers - and who knows what perils await them?

Revenge for a Hanging by Richard Smith

Bush Creek's hardened Marshal Mason finds his life under threat in his own jail, but he is saved by a young fugitive he had arrested on charges of abduction, horse theft and murder. When the youngster confesses that he knifed an uncle who had brutally lynched his father, the marshal realizes that he also has a personal interest in settling the long-standing feud that was behind the hanging. Together, the marshal and his young rescuer seek retribution - but final justice can only come after further violence and more deaths.

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