Friday, 8 July 2011

Review of The Scattergun Gang by Hank J. Kirby

The Scattergun Gang were the worst bunch of killers that Texas had ever seen and they had Josh McCall's wife as a hostage. There were no definite clues, only a relentless trail through the Indian Territory, a place infested with outlaws on the run - all with an eye for a fast buck and all willing to put a bullet in your back if that was what it took. But McCall was ready to take them all on, even if he had to use his bare hands - Nothing would stop him getting Rosa back. Nothing.

Excellent western with just the right amount of bravado and recklessness that help you to identify with the hero, McCall, as he takes on the most notorious gang in Texas. Plenty of action and really sharp dialogue in the terrific yarn.

Review appeared originally in Books Monthly.

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