Sunday, 7 August 2011

Black Horse Extra #23 available now

The Black Horse Western line originated in 1986 when UK publisher Robert Hale Ltd introduced new, uniform branding of all its western fiction, which it had been producing for years as hardback books primarily for sale to public libraries. This year the series has its 25th anniversary. Congratulations on the BHW Silver Jubilee are in order from grateful western readers and writers everywhere.

BHWs pass the milestone with no fanfare, their appearance consistent as ever. The books' attractive look remains almost unchanged in times that have changed and continue to change. It takes close examination to distinguish between an early and late BHW. Clouds may have gathered over the future of "light fiction" in public libraries funded from the taxpayer's purse, but the company continues to publish eight new western titles a month, although for a spell they did issue as many as ten...

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