Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Black Horse Westerns - August 2011

Range War Hell by Ryan Bodie

For many in the war-torn county of Fort Such memories of the bloody feud between the mighty Doubletree and Rancho Antigua cattle country giants were re-awakened. This had caused many an honest settler to up stakes and move on, to be replaced in turn by those of the new breed. They called them gunfighters, but most were simply killers, lethal gunmen and drifters who could quickly convert any troubled territory into a graveyard. Yet the bloodshed and carnage also attracted a lone man with a gun whom Fort Such had all but forgotten over the years. His arrival brought the feud to explosion point.

The Mark of Trask by Michael D. George

The Largo gang had found one of the few places in the West where no one seemed to own a gun. The ruthless outlaws were quick to take full advantage of that fact. Mohawk Flats was a peaceful town set in a fertile valley and had never required weaponry of any sort in all its time. People along the valley had grown wealthy and a little naive. They knew little of the outside world and were not prepared for the horror the five deadly outlaws brought with them. Grant Largo and his followers imagined they had discovered an Eden ripe and ready for the taking. What none of them knew was that the famed gunfighter known as Trask was hot on their trail. Although ill, Trask knew what had to be done. Soon the Largo gang would know why Trask was feared by all who faced him.

In Need of Hanging by Billy Hall

For months Thad Palmer had been on Vince Long's trail - a trial littered with raped, beaten women and people killed in cold blood. Now Thad's hunt led him into the very valley where his own sweetheart awaited his return. He knew with certainty that she was the object of his quarry's intent and his heart was already racing at the prospect of being with Coralee. But as he emerged into sunlight again bent on reaching the budding settlement, he didn't even see the rifle barrel aimed at the centre of his forehead. Can Thad save himself and the life of the ones he holds dear?

Kato's Army by D.M. Harrison

Wells Fargo Agent, Jay Kato, didn't want the job of taking a consignment of gold to Green River Springs. The town held too many memories - bad ones. His cousin, Duke Heeley, had threatened to kill him if he ever came back to town, but he put aside his misgivings when he was offered a generous bonus. After all, he only had to deliver the money to the marshal. However, when the time came to step off the train, a hail of bullets greeted him. Kato knew then he'd have to raise an army to fight them all.

Battle at Gun Barrel Canyon by Wolf Lundgren

There is only one law in Gunbarrel Valley out in the wilds of Montana: the law of the gun. Old frontiersman, Joshua Vincent, is incensed that his fence wire is being cut and his stock rustled. Chief suspect is his northern neighbour, the young rancher, Matthew Saunders. So, he sends assassins to kill him and range war threatens to erupt. Meanwhile, pretty Polly Vincent is being held prisoner at her uncle's ranch, subjected to the lascivious attentions of her cousin, Grat, who vows to make her his wife. As bullets fly Matthew buckles on his trusty peacemaker. Can he rescue Polly? Can Matthew fight back against Vincent's overwhelming firepower?

The Prairie Man by I.J. Parnham

Tales about the spectre of the night known as the Prairie Man were told to frighten children, but one day those tales nearly led to a tragic accident for Temple Kennedy. His friend Hank Pierce saved his life, Temple vowed that one day he would return the favour. Fifteen years later the two friends grew up to lead different lives: Hank is a respected citizen while Temple is an outlaw. But, when Hank is wrongly accused of murder, Temple is given a chance for redemption. He vows to save Hank or die in the attempt. However, in seeking to unmask the real culprit his investigation leads to a man who isn't even supposed to exist: the Prairie Man.

Colorado Clean-Up by Corba Sunman

Provost Captain Slade Moran sets out from Fort Benson, Colorado, to investigate the disappearance of an army pay roll and its military escort. The grim trail brings them to the empty roll coach and a murdered escort, with one soldier mysteriously missing. Captain Moran is led to Moundville where he is confronted by desperate men plotting to steal a gold mine. In this story of double-cross and mayhem Moran fears he will fail in his duty. Against all odds can he succeed?

Ryan's Legacy by Bill Williams

Ryan Buchanan is given his father's pistol on the day of his eighteenth birthday, unaware of his legacy and the tragic events that lie ahead. Ryan refuses to sell his land to his neighbour and is soon faced with a death sentence for killing a man even though he cannot remember the fight that witnesses say took place. With his life in danger he uncovers secret details from the past that could cost him his life...

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