Sunday, 30 October 2011

Black Horse Westerns - October 2011

Captain Talbot's Reckoning by A. Doran Leishman

Captain Nathan Talbot lost just about everything in the late Civil War, including his self respect and his honour. But he had begun to think that his days of notoriety were over, his life in a quiet backwater unremarked until an unexpected bequest brought him to the Saville ranch, to a family in deep trouble. But they were a family who had already suffered a crippling loss because of Nathan Talbot and it seemed only a matter of time before they found out who he really was. And the closer Talbot gets to the truth about who is trying to destroy Saville, the closer he comes to his own personal reckoning.

Cut-Price Lawman by Tyler Hatch

They wanted a sheriff they could control, to run the town their way. Chris Cade seemed to fit the bill - a drifter, drunk, stupid with toothache, and broke. It was easy to pin a badge on him. However, after that it got harder. Cade has his own agenda, his own set of rules, a pair of hard fists and a fast gun. They figured they'd got him for a cut-rate, but the price they had to pay put them deep in the red - and the well-turned soil of Boot Hill.

The Shadow of Iron Eyes by Rory Black

Blinded after an accident the infamous bounty hunter known as Iron Eyes roams south aimlessly hoping his sight might return when his instinct leads him to the scene of brutal murder. Flames lick the sky as bodies burn within the confines of a small cattle ranch. As Iron Eyes dismounts and tries to learn more, he hears and feels rifle fire. Wounded, he falls, and then lies helpless as someone attempts to finish the job. What happens next leads the injured bounty hunter further south to a place where only the Devil would feel at home. A place where the law has never ventured, a place where Iron Eyes will kill anyone who stands in his way.

The Hired Ace by Clay Starmer

For seasoned gunslinger Reno Valance, trouble is a trade. It's just as well when he reaches White Falls. This place seethes, and soon mayhem reigns. With bullets flying, Reno must act. He'll take a sheriff's oath and his Remington six-gun. Add twenty years delivering the cards of death to bad men, is it enough? Murder, bank robbery and carnage - Reno must battle all. Amid all this, evil killers kidnap the woman he loves. Can Reno restore order? Can he rescue Anna May? Over two decades he's known only victory. Can he prove again that hell is in the hand of The Hired Ace?

Ghosts of Bluewater Creek by Terry James

Josh McCabe is a man hunter with one thing on his mind; to bring in Abe Lawton, the last and most vicious member of a gang who killed his wife and son. Now that time has arrived, but what Josh doesn't count on is a smart-mouthed kid out for revenge and a girl in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the showdown comes it's quick but far from decisive and leaves all three facing a new, more dangerous future.

Payback at Valley Forge by Emmett Stone

John Mitchum arrives in Sagegrease straight into a heap of trouble. Someone is stalking him. To get some answers he must ride the long trail to Black Valley and towards his own past. The race is on. Who will get there first? Mitchum must contend all the way with Turkey Joe Mulligan and his vicious gang of outlaws. But there are others with a stake in the eventual outcome: the rich owner of the Quarter Circle and the mysterious stranger Challoner. It's payback time for somebody, but who?

Fort Revenge by Ralph Hayes

When buffalo hunter O'Brien is wrongly accused of rustling by ranch hands and has to kill the rancher's son to defend himself from hanging, he thought his life had already taken a bad turn. However, within a day's ride from that violent scene, he happens upon Sarah Carter. Together they follow the dangerous road to Fort Revenge, where Sarah is due to wed Jake Latimer. It becomes clear that Latimer is not the man for Sarah, but can O'Brien save Sarah as well as dealing with his own troubles from the past...

Let the Guns Decide by Shane Archer

Death comes to Macallister in the form of a milk-drinking baby-faced killer who leaves bodies in the dust. Lone Lee Kirby rides into a town desperate for help, but the body count grows as Kirby is forced to face his own demons.

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