Monday, 31 October 2011

New E-BHW available on Amazon.

Interestingly this week 2 of the top 4 spots in the amazon bestseller charts (see below) are Kindle titles, these being the only two E-BHWs Hale have released so far.

The latest release is The Kansas Fast Gun by Arthur Kent and it's available on and at the competitive price of £3.19 and $5.09.

The book was released in hardback in Dec 2009, although the title itself was published originally in 1958.

Dave Frome was a man with a secret past, which only a few friends knew. Holding himself responsible for the death of his family, he had vowed never to carry a gun again. He wanted to be left alone to raise cattle on his Broken Arrow spread, but mining interests were in the hills, contaminating the water which brought life to Frome's cattle.

Hesta Le Roy, daughter of a neighbouring rancher, was horrified when Frome refused to carry a gun against the miners who had, she thought, killed her own brother. It is not until he sees an innocent man brutally lynched that Frome buckles on his gun to battle with the bad men of both factions and eventually win the hand of the girl he loves.

I'll post the links to the many E-BHWs titles that'll be appearing over the next few months when they become available to purchase.

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I haven't heard this books, it sound interesting...