Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Black Horse Westerns - February 2012

Fugitive Run by Chet Cunningham

David West is a fugitive on the run. As an innocent man he leaves Boston and heads for Junction Springs, Colorado. In Junction Springs a one-woman detective agency needs help to discover the identity of her father's killer, and West is just the man for the job. After several shoot-outs, a kidnapping, and a high land-swindle scheme, the killer is nailed and brought to trial. With his new expertise, West returns to Boston to seek justice and find the man who killed his fiancee. Can West avenge her death and once more find love?

Gone to Blazes by Jackson Davies

In the Longhorn saloon in the rambunctious gold rush town of White Oaks, New Mexico, the beautiful Selina dances seductively for the miners. And it's love at first sight for the naive young sawyer, Vince. He's no fast gun, so what chance has he when Texan killer Cotton Bulloch muscles in on the saloon profits, kidnaps and rapes Selina and forces her to be his girl? Meanwhile the area is being flooded with forged greenbacks by a gang led by shady Jake Blackman. Can Sheriff Pat Garrett arrest both Bulloch and Blackman and his boys? Or, as the Longhorn erupts in a hail of bullets must Vince face the murderous Texan in single combat? Can his love for Selina be doomed?

Death on the Devil's Highway by Josh Lockwood

Sentenced to hang for a murder he didn't commit, mustang man Auggie Kellerman escapes from custody and heads back to the scene of the crime to clear his name. As an escaped prisoner, he is fair game for every lawman, bounty-hunter, and Indian-tracker in the Arizona Territory. And also a fast-moving target for Charlie Keogh, the so-called Copper King of Arizona, the one man who stands to lose everything if he makes it back alive. The only thing for it is a dangerous ride across the harshest stretch of trail known to mankind - is the Devil's Highway. Often enough in the West, a man's reputation is all he has and Kellerman's is badly in need of some six-gun justice.

A Message for McCleod by Emmett Stone

Tom McLeod, relentlessly pursued by three riders, learns that a young woman he once knew has disappeared. Where is Sandy Kruger? Riding with the outcast Cherokee George, McLeod sets out on the quest to find her. Can Sandy herself survive? She is one woman against the wilderness. And to make matters worse, she is being hunted by a merciless gang of gunslicks led by the owner of the Cinch Buckle, the very ranch from which she has escaped. McLeod will need his wits and his guns as the dangerous trail unwinds towards the final encounter. There are secrets to be revealed, but will McLeod find Sandy in time?

Hell and the High S by Clay Starmer

When retired US marshal John Durant goes in search of his friend Lucas Gray, he finds nothing but lies and simmering tensions. A dubious sheriff, two drunkard woodcutters and a group of ranch hands all share the same sinister secret. Fed the same official line, Durant won't be deterred. Aside from his growing feelings for Anne Slocum, his determination to learn the truth of Lucas's disappearance keeps the ex-marshal in the dying settlement of Cooper's Town. Soon, dying is the operative word. Hell breaks loose and war breaks out, as desperate men strive to hide their crimes. Durant sees very clearly that his battle for justice and truth lies through gun smoke and mayhem. He must go to Hell and the High S!

Shooting Stars by Dale Mike Rogers

Border marshal, Rafe Monrow, finds himself in the deadly El Diabolo desert fleeing from the ruthless Ford Cable and his cohorts. Desperate for water, the young lawman starts to hallucinate and relive the events which led to his being here, facing his death. Three days earlier the marshal had ridden into the seemingly peaceful town of Panhandle, thinking it would be like all the other border towns he had visited, but Panhandle is nothing like all the other towns. It is where a dangerous band of smugglers live. Before Monrow knows what is happening every gun is aimed at him. Staggering deeper and deeper into El Diabolo with his pursuers' bullets getting closer, the man with the tin star pinned to his vest fears for his survival. For his hunters like nothing more than shooting stars...

Sabinas Kid by Steve Ritchie

After receiving a four-month-old letter from his mother, in which she asks for his help, Caleb McConnell (the Sabinas Kid) leaves Old Mexico, heading home to Colorado. But along the trail, an attempt is made on his life and The Kid begins to understand something of his parents' troubles. His challenge is to discover why someone is after his folks' ranch, the Rafter MC, and who is behind it all. When Caleb finally reaches Del Norte, he encounters one surprise after another. Childhood friendships are renewed, old grudges are re-energized, and guns blaze across the Rio Grande Valley as the mystery unfolds.

Rogue's Run by Tyler Hatch

Johnny Richards was no gunfighter, in the true sense, but was considered the fastest gun alive. He learned his prowess with firearms, not in the badlands of Texas but in the Big Top of Farley's Frontier Circus. If anyone figured that put him at a disadvantage they were in for a mighty big surprise. Speed and accuracy were necessary in both callings, the only difference being that real life required real bullets - which meant real victims. And they began to pile up, fast...

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