Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Black Horse Westerns - January 2012

Pay Dirt by Lee Walker


Jim Payne, Sheriff of Cedar Springs, thinks nothing of it when he is asked by his Ma to deliver a letter to his estranged brother, Michael. However the trail leads him to Golden Gulch, a dangerous Californian boomtown, high on gold fever and in the tight grip of a the ruthless conman, Coleridge Craven, and his henchman, Kid Cassidy. When Jim hands over the letter, he thinks his job is done but it seems Golden Gulch just doesn't want to let him go. An old family feud, a miner's revolt and the murderous intentions of Craven and the Kid are just some of the trials he faces if he ever wants to leave Golden Gulch alive...

Sheriff of Vengeance by Rob Hill


Desperate to escape the burden of their failing farm and nightmare memories of what happened during the war, Clay Butterfield and his young wife, Rose Alice, plan to abandon their life in the East and join a wagon train bound for California. Trouble looms when a late fall of spring snow delays their departure and Clay receives word that a gunman has arrived in town, intent on killing him. Clay's first instinct is to run but in order to protect Rose Alice and make his new life secure he reconsiders and rides into town to confront the stranger who wants him dead.

The Sons of Casey O'Donnell by Scott Connor


When the outlaw Casey O'Donnell steals $10,000 from the railroad, the townsfolk of Prospect Creek turn against his honest sons, Ryan and Alexander. It takes an act of bravery by Ryan to prove they are their father's sons in name only. But even after Ryan is appointed deputy sheriff, they aren't allowed to enjoy their restored status for long. Casey returns claiming that even if most of the stories about his outlaw activities are true, he didn't steal the money. Ryan sets out to uncover the truth, but with the discredited railroad man Hudson Gilmore and a gun-toting US marshal on Casey's trail, the mission tests his loyalty to his family to the limit.

No Coward by Lee Clinton


When a man has nothing left to lose be careful, he can be dangerous, very dangerous - and Olford Tate is now such a man. At the end of a cattle drive from Texas to Missouri, a physician hands the young cowboy a death sentence. His dangerous state of mind results in the cold, calculated killing of a man in front of a room full of witnesses. When an ageing US marshal with a missing finger and hard-nosed approach to the law comes to his defence, it results in an odd and unlikely partnership. But is Henry being straight with young Olford or using him for his own purposes? What follows is a treacherous and unpredictable journey as their relationship is tested to the point where there is no room for a coward.

The Hellrakers by Owen G. Irons


Meeting the Van Connely gang was like coming face to face with hell. Skyler Lynch had hired them, along with his old friend Randy Staggs, to help him drive a herd of horses southward to the Pocono country, where he and his daughter, Kate, had a little ranch. Van Connely didn't take long to steal the herd and murder Lynch, before setting off on a rampage across the Southwest. He wasn't the kind of man to reflect on the past but perhaps he should have. After all, he had left Randy Staggs alive, and Randy had vowed to track him down even if he had to follow him to the ends of the earth.

Six Ways of Dying by Cody Wells


In his wildest dreams, Angelo never imagined he would forge such unusual partnership with an old man, two tough brothers, their hired gunmen - and a treasure map. Though it had started well, in less time than it takes to cock a Colt the whole deal was going bad. Determined to get even, Angelo sets out to track down the men who double-crossed him. Only this time, he is saddled with an arrogant cavalry officer, some raw recruits and a beautiful girl - with whom he has fallen helplessly in love. Upon meeting Ulzana, the Apache renegade, they find themselves outnumbered and exhausted. But Angelo doesn't give a damn about the odds. If he has to go down, he'll go down fighting.

Hell Stage to Lone Pine by Jack Dakota


Young Ben Brewer is looking to prove himself to owner of Lone Pine ranch, Morgan Hethridge, and his beautiful daughter, Josie. But trouble is brewing as Hethridge's rival is scheming to take over Lone Pine ranch. To protect the land Brewer must face the feared gun Hawk Calvin Choate. As the situation grows desperate, old timer Whipcrack Riley steps in. Will his expertise save the ranch - and Brewer - against the inevitable hail of lead?

Hell on Hoofs by Lance Howard


John Laramie rode into Lancerville, looking to escape his old life as a man-hunter, and settle down. But a life of serenity may not be on the cards. When a young woman seeks his help to get rid of a vicious outlaw, he's torn between the dark demons of his past and hope for a brighter future. Fate, however, makes the choice for him when the murderous Cross Gang attacks him and just misses the target - putting the life of the young woman in dire jeopardy. With Laramie forced into a deadly showdown, will it cost him more to win than it would to lose?

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