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Black Horse Westerns - March 2012

Range of Terror by Billy Hall


Pat Harmon, sometime lawman, sometime cowboy, pressed himself against the cliffs, in the dark night. Sweeping his gun, blindly, across the darkness he knew the 'Ghost Dog' terrorizing the region could leap out of the darkness at any moment to rip away his throat. He had been a fool to accept the job of ridding the county of an unseen but deadly menace that had left a trail of dead and mutilated people. Even now he wished he could saddle up and ride away, but he could not, it if meant leaving Callie Herbert. Suddenly, tiny sounds, impossible to identify, broke the stillness of the night, then pandemonium erupted without warning.

The Vinegar Peak Wars by Hugh Martin


Saddle tramps Cephas Dannehar and Slim Oskin drifted into the Vinegar Peak country of Arizona Territory, helped an old colleague out of trouble, were taken for hired gunmen and bucked the interest of the Black Eagle copper mine and scheming Nate Sturgis, the self-styled Boss of Vinegar Peak. In a lead-peppered struggle between their horse-ranching friends and Sturgis's toughs, known as the Peace Commission, bullets were soon flying and fires of destruction were lit. All part of the growing pains of a raw western territory, moulding its post-Civil War destiny. Dannehar and Oskin were no angels but throwing their guns in on the side of right they faced a war which could see Vinegar Peak become respectable or its violent citizenry, prodded by grasping ambitions, might make it an outlaw town ruled by thuggery and the lawless gun.

Mystery Herd by Logan Winters


There was big trouble on the Bates Family's Owl Ranch when Trinity reached it. The foreman had been lynched, and Vincent Battles had arrived to take his place along with his rough crew. A cattle drive to nearby Fort Bridger had been contracted but the animals still stood grazing on their home pastures. Russell Bates's sisters, the hot-blooded Holly and the beautiful, dark-haired Millicent had been unable to manage affairs on their own. Cow hands were quitting, men were being shot at - Trinity included. When the tough elder brother, Earl, arrives from Texas, he vows to take charge. When he and Vincent Battles lock horns, there is no way of separating them. And when Trinity manages to fit together the pieces of the puzzle of Owl's problems, the only solution his enemies can see is to try to kill him.

Dollar a Day by Chuck Tyrell


Gabriel Winston Lee, who goes by the name of Real, is a scion of an old Virginia family and fought as a cadet in the Civil War. Today, he's a gun for hire. Tom Easter enlists Real Lee for gun work protecting some Green Valley settlers, at the cowboy wages of a dollar a day. Real is reticent but accepts when he hears Wolf Wilder and Finn McBride are also involved. Joined by Brewster and Jaime Sparrow the six men ride for the new town of Respite. Trouble, however, lies in wait as Ben Seffleck, a nemesis from Real's past, and Lillian Whitehead, his former lover, stand between Lee, his companions and peace in Green Valley. Will a dollar a day do the job?

Last Man in Lazarus by Bill Shields


When a town marshal is murdered by five escaping prisoners and his new young bride is abducted, the killers think they have escaped the justice they deserve. But the marshal's older brother is Nathan Holly, a feared and relentless US marshal, who is more than happy to take up pursuit. Holly rides north with a one-man posse, a Paiute tracker called Tukwa. For years Tukwa has searched for the cavalry officer who mistakenly, but brutally, massacred his family. Both men will end their search amidst the winter snows of a mining town called Lazarus, in a storm of blood and vengeance which will turn the landscape red.

The Comanche's Revenge by D. M. Harrison


When looking into the ice-blue eyes of an Indian, Kit Bayfield's face was distorted by a myriad of emotions. The man standing before him was claiming to be his son, but he could see only a stranger. After believing his son dead for over twelve years, Kit struggled to make sense of the revelation. Russell and Tyler, his two other sons had been unable to find Mitch and yet here he was, calling himself the Comanche name of Broke. Kit reckoned folks, in their aptly named hometown of Hell, would find Broke's return difficult. Everyone should have played a part in searching for the boy and now his son's face was full of hatred and it looked like it wasn't only his brothers he had a quarrel with: the whole town was on his payback list.

Praise be to Silver by Ethan Flagg


Framed for the killing of an assay agent in the Colorado town of Green Ridge, Snakeskin Bob Petrie escapes the lethal attentions of a vigilante mob by the skin of his teeth. Assuming a new identity he heads south in the guise of Morgan Silver. But fate in the shape of the real killer appears to thwart his every move. Fortunately, Lady Luck steps in once again to aid the fugitive. He joins forces with ranch-owner Clay Bishop, whose ranch is plagued by dangerous rustlers and will need nerves of steel and a steady hand if Morgan Silver is to bring the culprits to justice and clear his name.

The Venom of Iron Eyes by Rory Black


The notorious gang led by Peg-Leg Grimes is headed to the remote and peaceful town of Cooperville to rob the bank of its recently obtained horde of golden eagles. On the way there one of the gang, Laredo Cole, slaughters a village of innocent Mexicans. Unknown to the gang the bounty hunter, Iron Eyes, is in town with Squirrel Sally to collect the reward on a gang of outlaws. When the bank explodes into matchwood Iron Eyes vows to get the money, and the outlaws, for Grimes has made one mistake; he has stolen Iron Eyes' prized Palamino stallion to make his escape...

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