Tuesday, 6 March 2012

E-BHWs - March 2012

Blood of Iron-Eyes by Rory Black

In the lawless wilds of Arizona Territory, infamous bounty hunter Iron Eyes dishes out his own brand of justice and adds another outlaw to his tally. Heading towards the nearest town of Hope to collect the reward money, he discovers the outlaw worked for Brewster Fontaine, who owns everything and everyone in the town - including the bank. But, Fontaine has no intention of paying out bounty money for having one of his own men killed. Summoning his hire guns back into town, he orders them to kill Iron Eyes if he tries to enter the bank. Unknown to Fontaine, this man is no ordinary bounty hunter who can be frightened like regular folk. Here, instead, is a man who will wage war no matter how many guns he must face.

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Broken Star by Terry Murphy

Divided loyalties cause Fallon Vejar to leave his outlaw band when its leader decides to rob the bank in Vejar’s hometown. Though having fled two years earlier after being accused of murder, his fears for Raya – the girl he left behind – make him return to Yancey.

Although discovering that Raya is to marry his old friend Sheriff George Harker, Vejar is prepared to help Harker repel the very outlaws he’d abandoned. But Vejar’s loyalties are again put to the test when the sheriff is shot and he is left to defend the hostile town on his own. Now he must head towards a final showdown with all the odds against him.

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Colorado Kid by Dale Mike Rogers

Ben Baker was the most powerful man in the remote Montana settlement of Silver Springs, but, even surrounded by a small army of hired guns, he was afraid. For Baker had many enemies and Brewster Doyle was one of the biggest. Learning that Doyle has sent the infamous gunfighter Frank McCready to kill him, Baker decides to have his men bushwhack the next rider into town. After all, he might not know what McCready looks like but he knows there is only one trail into Silver Springs. But the next rider to appear is the tall drifter known as the Colorado Kid. Fighting for his life in a battle not of his making, can he survive as Silver Springs is bathed in blood?

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Death Rides Alone by Dale Graham

When Bronco Travis rides into the mining town of Silverton in Colorado Territory, his only thought is to avenge the death of his father. Nobody recognises the young son of the part-time marshal who had been brutally murdered eight years before by Jack Bowdrie and his gang. It appeared straightforward enough: just slip into town and get the job done. But Bowdrie has taken over the town and has no intention of being ousted from his profitable roost. So when the bodies begin to pile up, the gang boss takes swift action that almost ends in Bronco’s own demise. He will need all his wits and a lethal gun-hand if his deadly nemesis is to be defeated.

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Miller's Ride by Caleb Rand

Travelling north from New Mexico, Chad Miller happens upon the small Colorado township of Hooper, where Perdi Bridge is vainly trying to protect her family and cattle business from Brig Porton. A one-time army commander and now the powerful owner of High Smoke, Porton is intent on wresting the Bridges’ property from them, taking their very lives if necessary.

From the outset Chad finds himself involved with the Bridges and he knows he cannot ride on and leave a family who has real need of his skill with fists and gun power. With the odds against him, can Chad shape up a fighting force before Porton and his mercenaries overwhelm them all?

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