Saturday, 28 April 2012

Review of Mystery Herd by Logan Winters

There was big trouble on the Bates Family's Owl Ranch when Trinity reached it. The foreman had been lynched, and Vincent Battles had arrived to take his place along with his rough crew. A cattle drive to nearby Fort Bridger had been contracted but the animals still stood grazing on their home pastures. Russell Bates's sisters, the hot-blooded Holly and the beautiful, dark-haired Millicent had been unable to manage affairs on their own. Cow hands were quitting, men were being shot at - Trinity included. When the tough elder brother, Earl, arrives from Texas, he vows to take charge. When he and Vincent Battles lock horns, there is no way of separating them. And when Trinity manages to fit together the pieces of the puzzle of Owl's problems, the only solution his enemies can see is to try to kill him.

B Western tale of ranchers pitted against each other - great characters, particularly the Bates sisters, and especially Millicent, who certainly has a mind of her own. Thoroughly enjoyable, with authentic and readable dialogue. First class - B westerns were a staple diet for us in the 1960s, and this in no way suggests something inferior - they were absolutely great, and this tale is really, really good too. I loved it.

Review appeared originally in Books Monthly.

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