Monday, 30 April 2012

Black Horse Westerns - April 2012

No Peace for a Rebel by Peter Wilson


The Civil War had been over for exactly one year when retired soldier Ethan Cole is persuaded to join a group led by his former major, Daniel Reno. Little does he realize that he is being drawn into a plot that could change the course of history. Ethan believes he owes Reno his life and reluctantly agrees to go along with the deluded major's plan to stage a gold bullion robbery to help finance a fresh uprising among some disillusioned Southerners. But the power-crazed Reno has a far more sinister goal in mind, and when Cole learns the terrifying truth behind the raids he finds himself, single-handedly, trying to prevent a war - and a vicious showdown with a former friend.

Blood Trail by Corba Sunman


Greg Bannock raised cattle with his father, Pete, until rustlers stole their herd and then their troubles worsened when an attempt was made on Pete's life. But, hiding behind a mask of respectability, there was a renegade at work. Assisting the rustlers Greg found himself caught up in the plot to kill the rustler gang boss and had to shoot his way out of trouble, still determined to retrieve his herd. When the gun smoke cleared there was a trail of blood through the county.

The Search for the Lone Star by I. J. Parnham


It had long been rumoured that the fabulous diamond known as the Lone Star had been buried somewhere near the town of Diamond Springs. Many men had died trying to claim it, but when Diamond Springs became a ghost town, the men who went there had many different aims. Tex Callahan had been paid to complete a mission, Rafferty Horn wanted to put right a past mistake, George Milligan thought he knew what had happened to the diamond, and Elias Sutherland wanted revenge. All were united by their hatred of Creswell Washington, a man who had cast a dark shadow over all their lives during his search for the diamond. Only after violent retribution will the truth be finally revealed about the Lone Star.

Sundown at Singing River by Ty Kirwan


Recognizing that the era of his profession has ended, gunfighter Jorje Katz rides into the town of Singing River to begin a new life. On arrival he discovers that the partner he had financed is long dead, and with no money to his name, his only option is to become a hired gun, in a war that is raging between two political factions in the town. Dragged back into his old ways but with a woman to remind him just how good life can be, he despairs until he is appointed Sheriff of Singing River. At last it seems that his dreams can finally be realized...

Derailed by Owen G. Irons


In an unimaginable turn of events an outlaw gang had kidnapped the Colorado & Eastern train, leaving the passengers afoot in an early winter blizzard. Tango and Ned Chambers are the men hired to prevent such things from happening. They are left alone on the frozen prairie with the wealthy and attractive widow Lady Simpson and a brother of the vice- president of the United States as their charges. Now all they have to do is recover the train, get through to Denver, and bring to justice those responsible for the outrage, without allowing harm to come to Lady Simpson and the politician.

Rider on the Wind by Vance Tillman


John Hauck and his Nez Perce wife are hired by the proprietor of the Wild West show, in which they have performed, to track down his kidnapped daughter. Their quest to find her takes them across the country from the settled East to the untamed mountains in the West, following a twisted trail of lies and deception, fighting all the way against the sinister Dement and his outlaw gang. On the journey they are joined by Hauck's old friend, the Sioux chief Otoktay, who leaves the Reservation to go on the warpath one last time. How will the old-timers deal with a changing world as they reprise former battles? The days of the Old West are numbered. What will be its legacy?

Old Guns by Ross Morton


July 1892 Whilst still recovering from the death of his old partner, Abner, Sam Ransom learns of a note, left by the dead man, warning that the infamous Meak twins are after Ransom's life after what happened at Bur Oak Springs almost two decades ago. Ransom knows he must alert the rest of his gang who were there. Bur Oak Springs was a ghost-town even then, but now Ransom's family is in jeopardy and their only hope of salvation is the gang's return to confront the Meak brothers in a battle fraught with a sense of deja-vu. It's going to be a bloody showdown: young guns against the old.

Silver Track by Caleb Rand


Having travelled to a wild frontier town, seeking the truth of his brother's death, Ben Jody finds himself in the middle of a bitter conflict between rival railroad companies. On discovering who is responsible for his brother's death, Ben decides to ride right into the face of danger, the work camp of Royston Poole.

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