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Black Horse Westerns - June 2013

A Storm in Montana by William DuRey


Clancy Jarrett possesses a quick and violent temper and the citizens of Brannigan are careful not to cross him. But when his stagecoach hold-up is thwarted by three trail-herders his rage cannot be contained and with revenge on his mind soon there are bodies piling up. For the cowboys, their status as heroes is short-lived and when Jarrett learns they are escorting Kate Jeavons, a dance-hall girl whose sister he has captive, to testify against him, they are firmly in his sights. Black clouds are forming overhead, but which storm will break first: the wild prairie rain, or the deadly guns of Jarrett and his crew?

The Comanche Fights Again by D. M. Harrison  


Mitch Bayfield, or Broke as he prefers, is kidnapped and raised as a Comanche. When, many years later, he looks for his kin he finds himself unable to settle in either world and turns his back on them all. Because a young white girl who still lives with the Comanche band is is still there, he is determined to go back for her. After a bloody confrontation with the Comanche warriors, Broke and Little Bluestem are allowed to flee. But it's just a game. And they know that capture means torture and death...

Midnight Showdown by Robb Hill 


Realizing that the Pinkertons' plan to raid Jesse James's home is ill-conceived, Agent Clem Greenwood counsels caution. When his advice is ignored, tragedy follows: innocent members of the outlaw's family are killed and maimed. Horrified at having been a part of this attack, Greenwood resigns from the Pinkerton Agency and heads home to find it is now a place where the strong bully the weak. While Clem goes to the aid of a childhood friend who is in danger, he gets word that Jesse James holds every Pinkerton equally responsible for the raid on his farm and is hell-bent on revenge. Greenwood's enemies have betrayed his whereabouts and Jesse James is coming for him...

The Scars of Iron Eyes by Rory Black


Hot on the trail of wanted outlaw Jacob 'Two Fingers' McGraw, the infamous bounty hunter, Iron Eyes realizes that he is headed into the forest where he grew to manhood. He arrives in the land of his youth to find that most of the forest has been felled and there is a war going on between two rival outfits for the millions of valuable trees. And now their guns are turned on him. Stuck in the middle of a deadly battle Eyes seeks refuge in what remains of the forest. But one of the gangs mistake him for a federal agent and soon his enemies are eager to add to his scars.

The Preacher's Legacy by Walter L. Bryant


Tom Deegan's fight for survival begins when he rescues a child from a burning stagecoach, held up by the murdering Preacher and his gang. The Preacher dies and Tom takes the loot and hides it. Years later three killers are looking for Tom, and the money. But protecting himself, and his adopted son Billy, is only made more difficult by the local rancher, whose hired guns want Tom dead. By using his fighting skills can he protect them both? And can he remain silent about the whereabouts of the cash?

There Comes an Evil Day by Paul Green  


Fugitive bank robber George Munro's dramatic escape from Yuma Prison was taken as a personal affront by his captor, Marshal Sean Barry. Having finally tracked his quarry down to the sleepy border town of San Tomas, Sean is disappointed to find only a grave. What is worse, the dead man's twin brother is a crusading priest determined to rid San Tomas of the ex-Confederate marauders who are now plundering the town of its wealth, led by the ruthless Colonel Silas Quinn. Can Sean help the cleric win his fight? Aided by Chiquita Sabatini, Quinn's downtrodden mistress, and the plucky Pedro Hernandez, Sean must battle against Apaches, bandits and Quinn's men to recover the money stolen from the people of San Tomas and free them from Quinn's rule.

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