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Black Horse Westerns - May 2013

Dust and Bullets by Vance Tillman


Dan Fogarty is falsely accused of the murder of his partner, Ben Arrowsmith. He escapes arrest and heads for cactus country to join his old Navajo friend, Ahiga. Dan suspects that the notorious outlaw, the Ocotillo Kid, is responsible for his partner's death, but when he and Ahiga set out to prove it, they find that things are not as straightforward as they imagined. Is the whole affair some kind of set up? What is the relationship between the Ocotillo Kid and local magnate Wes Baxter? The questions multiply as Dan makes himself a target to draw out the killer, but not till the final confrontation with the Octotillo Kid and his gang are they finally answered.

To Kill the Valko Kid by Michael D. George  


Retired marshal Clem Everett rides into Sioux City a few moments after the infamous bounty hunter Johnny Sunset arrived and it was not long before Clem discovers that the man known as the Sunset Kid is only there to claim the reward money on his old pal Valko. From an arrangement made way back, Clem knows Valko is due to appear in the city that night. The clock is ticking toward midnight and there is no way to warn his friend that the deadliest bounty hunter in the West is intent on gunning him down. Time is up for the Valko kid.

Rebel Raiders by John Dyson 


A gang of former Confederates are robbing and killing their way across Kansas and novice lawman, Cass Clacy, is sent out after them alone. But what chance does he have of outgunning such experienced fighters? When broken-nosed brawler, Sheriff Jim Clarke, joins young Cass in the chase, his main aim is a share of the rewards and together they penetrate deep into the heart of the Indian Nations. There Cass falls under the spell of an innocent girl, Audrey, but can he save her from the clutches of the notorious and dangerous Josiah Baines, the gang's second-in-command? And can he win this battle in the face of flying fists and bullets and in time to bring back the bank's cash?

North to Montana by Colin Bainbridge  


When Buck Nation rides into Gunsight, he little knows what trouble awaits him. He has been left an abandoned ranch, but did its former owner really die in an accident? Questions mount and Nation is bushwhacked. Is Selby Rackham, the owner of the biggest spread around, the Grab All, somehow involved? Nation's quest to discover the truth takes him on long ride from Wyoming, to Montana, with an old-timer, a woman, and a dog for company. On the way, it is not only Rackham's gunslicks they have to face, but the past with its buried secrets and hidden fears.

 The Devil's Work by Paul Bedford


It is December 1880 and snow covers the town of Devil's Lake in northern Dakota Territory, where there have recently been two connected killings on the outlying homesteads. Angie Sutter, the attractive young widow of one of the murdered men arrives in town, seeking help from local marshal Rance Toller. But having jailed a particularly menacing individual who appears out of place in such a quiet town Rance is reluctant to head out into the frozen wasteland, especially as there is only an ageing deputy to stand guard. On returning to Devil's Lake, Rance and Angie find the deputy dead and the prisoner gone -

The Homesteader's Daughter by Harriet Cade  


When fifteen-year-old Maybelle Cade and her family joined one of the last wagon trains heading West in 1875, their only aim was to establish a little homestead in Nebraska. They could not have known that they were heading into the middle of a vicious range war which would see them fighting against ruthless and violent men who are determined to drive them from their 160 acres upon which they have settled. So, when a series of confrontations between her father and a local landowner lead inexorably to a bloody climax, young Maybelle faces a notorious killer alone on the Nebraska plains.

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