Friday, 31 July 2009

Black Horse Westerns - July 2009

The Death Shadow Riders by Elliot Conway
Bank robber Jake Larribee, whilst looking for a suitable target, saves Blaze Morgan, a one-time amigo of William Bonney, from a cattleman's hanging. The youthful Blaze's handiness with his pistol lands them in deeper trouble. Now being beholden to a sutler and his daughter they take on Simpson, the biggest rancher in southern New Mexico, and his hard crew of the Slash Y ranch. Allied with three Mexican boys and their grandpappy, they, with both gun and knife, begin a guerrilla war against the Slash Y. It was all destined to end in one final bloodletting shoot-out.

Rio Bonito by Abe Dancer
Joe Kettle possessed the grit and fighting blood of his father, and his father before him. And he needed it, for Wilshaw Broome - once a loyal foreman of the Standing K ranch - was using hired gunmen in his effort to seize the Kettle domain. Supported by an ageing Hector Chaf and Ben McGovren, Joe sets out to win back his birthright. But each of the three men had his own special reason for going up against overwhelming opposition, and it wasn't all to do with property and livestock. To overcome Broome's force, they would play a waiting game, take advantage of the hidden trails and scrub thickets along the Rio Bonito. Then, when the time was right, they would not hesitate to meet force with force and guns with guns.

Riders of the Barren Plains by I.J. Parnham
Jeff Steed rode into Carmon looking for work, but when he got caught up in a bank raid he found himself running from both Sheriff Cassidy Yates and the bank raider Blake Kelly. To escape from the net that was inexorably closing in on him he assumed the identity of a dead man. But as that man was the leader of a supply convoy, he had to undertake a hazardous journey across the Barren Plains to the silver miners at Bleak Point. With the convoy being escorted by the lawman who had been trying to catch him and the bandit he double-crossed hiding out in the Barren Plains, can Jeff ever hope to survive?

The Short Creek Rustlers by J.D. Ryder
Someone is rustling livestock from two of the largest cattle operations in the Short Creek basin and everyone is busy pointing the finger at his neighbour. Elias Fagan, a drifting cowboy with experience working with the law, has agreed to look into the situation and quickly finds himself caught smack dab in the middle. It's swiftly made clear that catching the rustlers won't be easy. Nobody is supposed to know anything about Fagan but before he even reaches Short Creek someone tries to ambush him. Then in town no more than an hour, he is savagely beaten. To add to his troubles outlaw members of the old Hole-in-the-Wall gang turn up and recognise him. Maybe, he realises, there is more going on than just cattle theft.

Gunman's Walk by Clint Ryker
It was hard not to like young Kid Silk. Even Coder, the hard man of the gun, found the Kid good company on the trail, after riding to Mexico to bring him home. But the Kid's sister expected Coder to bring her brother back dead, and he knew he could die trying to prove her wrong. He was fated to follow a long, hard trail with many dangers on the way before he could accomplish his mission.

Ready for Trouble by Corba Sunman
When Clay Overman was shot at he suspected the worst for he had no idea who wanted him dead. Then the stream which watered the Bar O ranch ran dry, and that was when his troubles really began. Soon he was fighting for his life against several scheming men who were intent on robbing him and his father of their ranch and their lives. He fought for what was his in a lawless world where everyone with possessions had to fight to keep what they owned. When the shooting started it seemed it would never stop, and Clay's life was on the line until the very last shot despite the fact that he was ready for trouble.

Portrait of an Outlaw by J.D. Kincaid
Scotch John MacGregor has a burning ambition to become as famous an outlaw as his forbear, Rob Roy. And he is well on the way to achieving this aim as he and his gang rampage across the State of Colorado, robbing banks, holding up stagecoaches, and easily eluding the various law enforcement agencies. However, fate takes a hand when Pinkerton agent, Dave Lansom, meets up with the renowned Kentuckian gunfighter, Jack Stone, and together they combine to track down the outlaws. As Scotch John soon discovers, the pair make a formidable team.

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