Sunday, 19 July 2009

Dales Westerns - July 2009

Duel at Cheyenne by Daniel Rockfern
George Willowfield learned a long time ago that in life everything had to be paid for. You paid in money, or blood, or sweat or time, but you paid. For George, the easiest way was money. So he stole a train and asked the US government for $250,000 to get it back. That's when Frank Angel stepped in - to deliver the ransom and trail the guy who collected it - until he got the money or the guy. The government doesn't like to be held up and Frank was there to see the debt paid - one way or another!

Wolf Hole by Abe Dancer
Lew Cayne seeks revenge for a ruthless double-cross that put him in the Yuma Penitentiary for nearly ten years, but on his return to the town of Hackberry, he immediately becomes the major suspect in a vicious stage-coach robbery which arouses the interest of three state rangers. As happened once before, both the gold and the raiders disappear without a trace, and it takes all of the rangers' toughness and cunning before they can unravel the mystery that involves the old creek caves - but the rangers can only do so much. A gun-packed showdown now awaits Lew Cayne.

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