Thursday, 23 July 2009

Linford Westerns - July 2009

Killer's Creek by David Bingley
It was named Killer's Creek when a child was killed in a fire. Henry Walton took the blame, instead of Doctor Rudge's wayward son, Jerry. Henry, when he was forced to leave Stillwater, formed a travelling circus. But Jerry Rudge reappeared in Chaparral, Utah, bringing trouble... The fire destroyed the rolling stock and Henry had to sell out. He rode the vengeance trail to Stillwater. Nothing could stop this lethal clash, or prevent Killer's Creek claiming a second victim.

In The Name Of The Gun by Ryan Bodie
Nobody saw him appear, but suddenly he was there on the street, the rising sun at his back casting his shadow across the dust. 'Shiloh!' Either one man called his name or a dozen whispered it at once. That single word saw Cleveland Kain step from the alley, .45 glinting in the early light. 'Shiloh can't beat Kain,' gasped the judge. 'Nobody can.' 'Can and will!' Shakespeare Jones said loudly. Then whispered: 'If he doesn't this town is doomed!'

Montana Manhunt by Hank J. Kirby
Rush Bonner's horse is stolen in mighty wild country. But Bonner is tough: he recovers his mount and leaves the thieving rider for the coyotes. But this brings him more trouble. First, there is the head wound and the jail cell. Then the escape - with a dead sheriff left in his office, and ten thousand dollars missing. The posse hunting him has orders to 'Take him, dead or alive - preferably dead.' He surely wishes he'd stayed in Texas!

Wrong Town by Matthew P. Mayo
When Roamer is savaged by a grizzly, robbed by bandits and attacked by wolves, he just wants food and sleep. But, on reaching the Rocky Mountain town of Tall Pine, he is jailed for murder and a seething mob marks Roamer guilty. The soul of Tall Pines is blackened with lies and killings and twisted justice. Can Roamer stop the town being ripped apart by the mob and destroyed, or will they kill him first?

Last Man Riding by Clayton Nash
Too many dead men, too many posses, too many bullet wounds - so Brett McCabe decided to quit Tad Ripley's wild bunch. It should have been easy: Ripley was headed for certain death at the hands of Hank Bolan's posse. But, one good deed by McCabe nearly made it impossible. And, as always, the only way to settle things was in gunsmoke...

Misfit Lil Hides Out by Chap O'Keefe
Lieutenant-General George Hamilton Morgan has been sent by Washington to ensure the elimination of the Apache Angry-fist, and his delinquent bucks' reign of terror. Misfit Lil, believing his arrival to be a slur on Colonel Brook Lexborough and her friends at Fort Dennis, speaks her mind, little realising the consequence of her plain talking. Then as murder intervenes, and incriminating evidence is found in Lil's saddlebag, she heads for the hills - and into danger!

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