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Black Horse Westerns - August 2009

Packing Iron by Steve Hayes
Rebellious teenager Raven Bjorkman and her widowed mother, Ingrid, save the life of Gabriel Moonlight, an outlaw dying from gunshot wounds. While he's recuperating, they learn he was shot by the son of his enemy, a ruthless rancher named Stadtlander. By the time Gabriel rides off, Raven and Ingrid care deeply for him. But since they are moving to Old Calico, a California mining town, to live with Ingrid's rich brother, Reece, they don't expect to see Gabriel again. But fate decrees that they will be reunited and Gabriel find himself in a perilous situation where only his gun-skills will save the day.

Guntrail to Condor by John Glasby
For Seth Claybourne, still wearing the grey uniform of the defeated Confederates, there was no point in returning home, for his family had been forced to quit their land by carpetbaggers from the east. So now he was riding west. Crossing a desert he encountered a man who had been left for dead. But Jeb Dawson still lived, and when Seth saved the wounded man's life - driving off his returning attackers - the old man confided in him. Dawson had to reach Condor Peaks soon to validate his claim on valuable land, but was now unfit to travel. Vested interests wanted him dead. In agreeing to act as Dawson's proxy, Seth had put himself in the firing line!

Gunhawk by John Long
Jeff Rand, a feared and vengeful gunslinger since his family were murdered, is persuaded by Jim Miller to give up his gunning and join him in peaceful gold-mining. All goes well until one day Jeff returns to camp to find Miller murdered and the gold stolen. Jeff rides off in a black mood of revenge. But after a saloon fracas, he is forced by gunmen to take part in a bank raid. Then the raiders are ambushed, and though Jeff escapes with half the gang, they accuse him of informing and beat him up. Can Jeff extricate himself? Can he clear his name and can he bring the murderers to justice? Lead must fly before he can find the answers.

Gun Fury by Walt Keene
Veteran gunfighter Tom Dix and his pal Dan Shaw get a telegraph message from the remote border town of Gun Fury. Both men know that it must be serious for their friend Wild Bill Hickok to contact them. They saddle up and ride knowing that something perilous is brewing. Death awaits and greets them as soon as they reach Gun Fury. Within hours bodies start to pile up. And the curious thing is that the infamous Hickok claims he never sent for them. Trapped, Dix and Shaw have to fight for their lives in Gun Fury.

Gannon's Law by Peter Wilson
When Sheriff Jim Gannon's wife-to-be Kate is gunned down by a sniper it triggers off a chain of events that brings the lawman into a bitter conflict with bullying Jack Clayton and his sons. Gannon is drawn into a web of treachery, robbery and murder involving stolen Union gold and a mysterious renegade Confederate soldier - Clay McIntire. Only after tracking down the outlaw gang and learning of their secret past does Gannon realize that his life is in danger from friend and foe alike. But does the knowledge come too late?

Dragonfire Trail by Hank J. Kirby
You could call them 'blood brothers': they had shed plenty of their own blood during the savage battles of the War. And it had mingled more than once. Afterwards, they rode together, getting into and out of scrapes, watching each other's back, sidekicks and friends. Then that old enemy and infamous disrupter struck gold. Lots of it already tainted with blood. The only way it could be settled was over blazing guns.

Arizona Pay-off by Duke Patterson
When Tex Scarron, six foot of whipcord and steel, rode home to the Bar X in Arizona, he found Parson Dean and his gang working a lucrative 'protection' racket. Any rancher who failed to pay up had his cattle rustled, his homestead burnt about his ears and his cowhands shot in the back. Tex's earlier experience fighting hoodlums came in handy, and the gunplay was fast and furious before he rid the territory of the Parson, solved the mystery that lay behind the racket, and incidentally found happiness with the mysterious outlaw girl whose trail had so often crossed his own.

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