Friday, 21 August 2009

Linford Westerns - August 2009

The Killer's Brand by Terrell L. Bowers
Dace Kelly is released from prison on the condition that he helps the warden's sister save her ranch outside Tolerance, Colorado. He and the Professor, who is also being released, ride there together. But Dace faces problems aplenty: the warden's sister doesn't want Dace there, a gunman is after him and a powerful rancher is after the lady's ranch. Then there's someone intent on seeing the Professor dead... Maybe Dace would have been a whole lot safer staying in prison!

Lawmen by Jack Giles
Tom Ford, the sheriff of Stanton, was gunned down while trying to keep the peace between the hands of rival ranches. News of Tom Ford's death reaches his son, Chris, and Marshal Sam Ward while they are hunting down a killer. Chris returns home to face his past and to find his father's killer and for this he must take up his father's badge - only to discover that not everything is as it seems...

Blood Creek by Lance Howard
Fifteen years earlier five unruly sons had committed a heinous crime against a young Ute woman, and walked away unpunished. But now a ruthless killer is stalking those boys. Bent on revenge he's murdering their wives and, piece by piece, destroying their lives. After man-hunter Calin Travers is attacked, then lured to Sundown, Colorado, he discovers himself face to face with guilt from the past and a vengeful killer who has marked him for death.

Riders From Hell by Lee Lejeune
It is the 1880s. Tom and Marie Flint have moved to New Mexico and run a thriving cattle business. Then, in El Jango, two fleeing bank robbers murder Flint's elder son when they hold up the Santa Fe stage. The killers, intent on revenge for past events, call themselves The Regulators. They want to destroy the Flint family. Up against the so-called Regulators, Tom and his younger son Jason fight a desperate battle to the death. But whose death?

Last Chance Saloon by Ross Morton
The Bethesda Falls stage is robbed and Ruth Monroe, the stage depot owner, is being coerced into selling up by local tycoon, Zachary Smith. Meanwhile Daniel McAlister arrives to wed Virginia, the saloon's wheel-of-fortune operator. Daniel hits a winning streak but is bushwhacked and robbed. Virginia is determined to stand by Daniel - ducking flying bullets if necessary as she and Daniel side with Ruth against Smith and his gunslingers. A deadly showdown will end it, one way or another...

Kill Or Be Killed by Corba Sunman
Chet Walker returns to Kansas when his brother Burt faces trouble at the Flying W. Chet, after five years in Montana, accepts that Burt won the girl they both love, but he's unprepared for the trouble awaiting him. He becomes the target of gunfire as soon as he arrives. It seems that every man's hand is against him as he fights back. He must survive the mayhem and confront the crooks behind the plot to take over the range.

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